Episode # 314 – Satyabhama desires for Indra’s attractive “Paarijaatha” plant!!!


In the previous episode, we had culminated the discussion on how Bhagawan Krishna killed the Raakshasa by name Narakaasura. We witnessed how Narakaasura was at one-point, torturing Indra and the other Devas and made them run for shelter! Finally, Indra couldn’t tolerate Narakaasura’s atrocities any longer and decided that he’s going to take the help of Bhagawan Krishna to destroy this Narakaasura. As requested, Bhagawan Krishna too accepts the challenges and wages a bitter battle against Mura and Narakaasura. Since Bhagawan Krishna neutralized the Raakshasa called Mura, He obtained the divine name called “Muraari”. Subsequently, Bhagawan Krishna neutralizes Narakaasura as well, and the day on which this conspired, is even today being celebrated as the famous “Deepaavali” festival with lot of grandeur. This is celebrated as an important day all over the country as a signature of the victory of good over evil.

As Bhagawan Krishna neutralizes Narakaasura, Indra calls Bhagawan Krishna for a grand feast, so as to honour His divine intervention. Although, Bhagawan Krishna’s divine act was to protect the entire world on the larger sense, He had undertaken the task on the pretext of protecting Indra and Co. Hence, it was Indra’s duty to offer a “thanksgiving” to Bhagawan Krishna for the important victory over Narakaasura. Thus, Indra calls Bhagawan Krishna to his “Svarga-Lokha” and accordingly, Bhagawan Krishna honours Indra’s invite. He takes Satyabhama along with Him to the Svarga Lokha for the treat. The feast went on very well and Indra had really done a good job in honouring Bhagawan Krishna! All of them were happy at the end, and while Bhagawan Krishna was returning back, He, along with Satyabhama were passing through some beautiful lawns, full of attractive trees and flowers. Upon traversing through all of them, Satyabhama came across a beautiful flower called “Paarijaatha”. It was extremely attractive in nature and was blooming with all it’s beauty. This Paarijaatha flower was so unique in nature and it caught the attention of Satyabhama.

Upon looking at it, Satyabhama was so moved and mesmerised. She turned towards her husband and said thus, “Oh Krishna! Look how beautiful and unique this flower is! How beautiful it would be if this would have been in our Dwaaraka? I’ve never seen such a beautiful plant and flower in my life till now!” As Bhagawan Krishna figured out that Satyabhama is desiring for something unwanted, He replies thus, “Oh Satyabhama! I know it looks very beautiful. However, we should not desire for something that is not ours, isn’t it? We’ve been called for a feast and we should not go and ask for something beyond what we’ve been called for. So come! Let’s go!”

As Bhagawan Krishna replies thus, Satyabhama isn’t very convinced. She replies thus, “Oh Krishna! What kind of a reply are you giving me? You’ve done a great favour for Indra and the Devas by saving their lives from the wrath of a treacherous Raakshasa. Won’t they gift even this small plant for you? Come on! Don’t be so mean. I’m sure Indra would give it to you if you ask.” As Bhagawan Krishna hears thus from Satyabhama, He again warns her thus, “Oh Satyabhama! You do not know how these Devas are. Until and unless someone is helping them, they would be very loyal and courteous. But once the help is over, they would treat you like as if they do not even know you! I’ve seen this Indra multiple times before. I know how selfish he is. As Bhagawan Krishna warns thus repeatedly, Satyabhama isn’t going to get convinced and hence, motivates her husband to go to Indra and ask for the “Paarijaatha” plant.

Accordingly, Bhagawan Krishna goes to Indra and asks him thus, “Oh Indra! This Paarijaatha plant and its flower looks so attractive and beautiful. Can I have this plant in Dwaaraka for some days? Satyabhama is asking for this, as she likes it very much! Hearing thus from Bhagawan, Indra answers arrogantly as expected! He says thus, “Oh Bhagawan Krishna! This plant is supposed to be only in the Svarga-Lokha. Ordinary people like you and Satyabhama aren’t supposed to have this plant in the “Manushya-Lokha”! You people do not deserve it. This is my property and I shall not be able to give it to ordinary people afterall!”

As Indra replies arrogantly thus, Bhagawan Krishna turns towards Satyabhama and says thus, “Oh Satyabhama! I told you, isn’t it? This Indra is an arrogant fellow and he would not give you anything. Why do you want to underestimate my words? These Devas aren’t ardent devotees like the Gopikas in Gokula. These people here are selfish in nature. They’ll take away everything from you and leave you empty-handed. So let us not waste time in all this!” Even after Bhagawan Krishna’s repeated advice, Satyabhama is not going to relent. Instead, her ego only increases – How can Indra insult her husband like this, if He had given His life to save the Devas? This Indra should be taught a lesson! Satyabhama gets furious on Indra thus, and replies back to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! This is totally unfair! How can Indra be so arrogant to Bhagawan like this? Afterall we’ve asked for a small plant and he’s behaving as if we’ve asked for his entire Svarga-Lokha! He cannot go scot-free like this! He should be taught a lesson. Hence, I firmly want this plant, and without this I’m not going anywhere!”

Upon seeing Satyabhama’s firm stance, Bhagawan Krishna thinks what to do! He knows that a woman’s thoughts are very firm in nature and it’s very difficult to change them! He had no other option but to somehow get the “Paarijaatha” plant. What does He do? How does He get it? An interesting accord awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊



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