Episode # 299 – Bhagawan Krishna “runs” all the way to Dwaraka!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed Little Krishna and Balarama obtaining education at the Gurukula of Guru Saandeepani at Avantika city. Subsequent to that, we also witnessed Bhagawan Krishna taking over as the king of Mathura city after Kamsa’s demise. Eventually, as Bhagawan Krishna was ruling Mathura, Kamsa’s wives were extremely pained and saddened over their beloved husband’s death. They grieved over right from the day when Bhagawan Krishna killed Kamsa, and there came a time when these two women went to their father, Jaraasandha and complained! They projected to Jaraasandha that it was Bhagawan Krishna who had murdered their husband Kamsa, and because of that, they were lifeless after that. With this, they of course added their own stories too, that Bhagawan Krishna insulted them, etc. and made a case for themselves!

As Jaraasandha learns all these stories, he becomes furious. He decides to finish off Bhagawan Krishna once and for all! He thus invades Mathura city with his mighty army one fine day and fights a bitter battle with Bhagwan Krishna and Balarama. However, after a huge war, both Jaraasandha and Bhagawan Krishna weren’t able to win over each other! It should be noted that Jaraasandha was an extremely powerful person with some great boons that he had received because of his immense penance. He’s not a person who can be taken lightly by any chance. His strength was in such a way that even Bhagawan Krishna couldn’t win over him – Not once, but for seventeen times! Yes! Every time Jaraasandha got defeated in the hands of Bhagawan Krishna in the war, he goes back, and comes again with a huge army for a fight! This continued for seventeen times, non-stop! Even Bhagawan Krishna couldn’t find a way out to kill this Jaraasandha. Similarly, Jaraasandha too didn’t understand how to win over Bhagawan Krishna! The fight continued on and on without any result.

It is at this time, Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama talk with themselves about this. Bhagawan Krishna opines to Balarama thus, “Oh Balarama! I think this Jaraasandha is an invincible enemy and there’s no point fighting with him any further. Constant fights are only causing lot of inconvenience to our people and army. We’re wasting time and resources in fighting someone who is invincible. Hence, let us leave this place and go somewhere else for few years.” However, Balarama wasn’t very convinced with this idea. Normally the habit between the two of them is that, both will have opposite view points in everything – This was right from day one and we would be able to witness the same during the Mahabharata war too! When the epic battle was happening between Bhima and Duryodhana, Balarama appears out of nowhere and he openly starts taking Duryodhana’s side, knowing that he was an epitome of “Adharma”! It is because, Duryodhana was Balarama’s student, and he had taught the “Gadha” warfare to Duryodhana during his childhood days! Thus with that, Balarama had a huge soft-corner for Duryodhana! Thus, as the last phase of the battle was happening between Bhima and Duryodhana, Bhagawan Krishna had a tough time in convincing Balarama to stop supporting Duryodhana’s cause!

We’re witnessing a similar difference of opinion here too – When Bhagawan Krishna suggests that they should leave Mathura city and move to a new place, Balarama wasn’t ready! Thus, Bhagawan Krishna had to take the hard decision and literally “runs away” from Mathura city overnight! 😊 He eventually runs and runs for a long distance until He reached a place called “Dwaraka”, which we find today at the western Indian state of Gujarat! We can calculate the distance here – Mathura is somewhere in the north-Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, very close to Indraprastha (Today’s Delhi). From there, if we’ve to draw a line to Dwaraka, it would be around 1500 kilometers! 😊 We can imagine how much would have Bhagawan Krishna ran by foot!

So for today, let us stop at this point and I shall give a detailed description of Dwaraka city and how Bhagawan Krishna established it, in the next episode. It is going to be a marvelous place – Literally like a place in the dream! Let’s witness what conspired after this and how the Dwaraka city came up! Stay tuned for the interesting episode! 😊

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