Episode # 294 – Little Krishna and Balarama enter Kamsa’s palace!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Little Krishna and Balarama enter Mathura city for their first time ever since Vasudeva transferred Little Krishna to Gokula on the day when He incarnated! Upon seeing Mathura city, both the children were awestruck with its sprawling urban area and the people there. They saw how beautifully people were dressed in the city. Till date, the children spent all their time in a village and hence, they’ve not given so much importance to their attire and appearance. But now, since they’re entering a city, they felt that they should dress up on par with the Mathura city residents.

Accordingly, Little Krishna expressed His wish to Balarama thus, “Oh Balarama! Look how beautifully these people are dressed! Look at the parity between them and us with respect to the dressing. If we’re going to go with our current appearance to the palace, it’s not going to go well with the king and his people. Hence, we should find out someone who can dress up in a nice way and with a “contemporary look”! 😊 Upon hearing from his brother thus, Balarama too agreed and they collectively express their wish to Akrura, who was driving the chariot. As the little children wished thus, Akrura too felt that he has to fulfill them. Hence, he takes them to three people who can do some “beautification works” with respect to their “Vastra” (Dress), “Chandan” (Sandalwood paste) and “Pushpa” (Flowers). They were taken to a person by name Kubja, who gave them a nice bathing with fresh sandalwood paste. With that the two children were smelling fragrant! Next, the children went to a popular dhobi who was washing the clothes of people who resided in the palace of Kamsa. As the children approach him, they were asking for some nice dresses for them to wear. Initially the dhobi refused to give dresses to the kids, however, Balarama became furious with the dhobi’s arrogance and stabbed him straightaway! Thus, all the dresses that were in the dhobi’s possession became theirs! 😊

Third, they approached a person in a nearby street who was stitching nice garlands with fresh smelling flowers. Upon seeing Little Krishna approaching him for a garland, he was moved by the charming beauty of the child. He automatically put all the garlands that he had with him, around the necks of both the kids. He felt it as a great fortune in his entire life to submit all his garlands to Little Krishna and Balarama! Truly so, isn’t it? How fortunate was this flower vendor to garland Bhagawan Krishna in person? Thus, this flower vendor too got his wish fulfilled by Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama.

As all this “beautification process” comes to an end, they now decide to make their way to the palace wherein Kamsa was eagerly waiting for Little Krishna’s arrival. As the chariot nears the palace, Kamsa had tied a huge elephant at the entrance. This elephant was called by the name “Kuvalayaapeetha”. This elephant was fed with all possible food items that would make it run amuck. Kamsa’s idea is that, as Little Krishna tries to enter the palace, this elephant would stamp Him and kill Him then and there at the entrance itself! However, when the chariot made its way to the palace entrance, Akrura stopped it a few meters away and the kids got down from it. They walked towards the entrance door wherein this elephant was tied. The moment Little Krishna came to the vicinity of the elephant, it was untied from the pillar and it came towards Him. However, the elephant was moved to tears upon seeing Little Krishna and it prostrated in front of Him then and there!

We should remember that Gajendra is this same elephant, whom Bhagawan Vishnu had saved from the clutches of the crocodile. We’ve witnessed Elephant Gajendra’s story in our previous episodes and readers can go through it to refresh memories. Here too, the elephant remembers that it is that same Bhagawan Vsihnu who is walking towards him! Hence, rather than running amuck here and there, the elephant surrenders to Bhagawan Krishna’s feet! On His part, Bhagawan Krishna too blesses the elephant and makes sure that it doesn’t harm Him in any way. The elephant too allows Bhagawan Krishna to pass through without any hassles!

Upon entering the doors of the palace without any hiccups, Little Krishna and Balarama make their way to the main center, where Kamsa was sitting. He was supposed to arrange everything for the “Yaaga” (Spiritual offering), but Little Krishna didn’t find any. Rather, He found few people standing there who were experts in “kick-boxing”, waiting for Him! The ploy was very clear here – There was no “Yagna” or anything! Kamsa had called for Little Krishna to finish Him off then and there inside the palace itself. This is the reason for which Kamsa had tied a mad elephant at the entrance, and stationed the kick-boxing experts as the next shield of protection for himself.

Now Little Krishna and Balarama had to fight these kick-boxers and should win over them. The entire lot of people in the palace were gathering around the place, eager to see the epic battle between Little Krishna and the kick-boxers. Kamsa too was seated on his throne, watching all the proceedings. Initially of course, Kamsa couldn’t believe his eyes when Little Krishna was walking through into the palace! Kamsa was under the opinion that the elephant would have killed Him, but little did he realize that Little Krishna was smart enough to tame elephants too! 😊

It is now all up to the kickboxers now to tame Little Krishna and Balarama. They were six or seven in number and are gearing up to take on these two little kids! Kamsa still has the confidence that these kickboxers would be able to neutralize his perennial enemy, who now is standing right in front of him! What is going to happen next? Was Little Krishna able to tackle the wrath and intensity of the soaring and angry kickboxers? What was Balarama doing? Let us wait for the interesting battle till the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊




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