Episode # 292 – Akrura experiences Little Krishna’s divine “omni-presence”!!!


We’re at a sad juncture wherein Gokula town is bidding adieu to its darling Little Krishna! Mother Yashoda was devastated beyond words, and so was Father Nandagopa. However, as the instruction of Bhagawan Krishna’s departure has come directly from the king through Akrura, they weren’t able to talk a word beyond that. There is no other option but to let Little Krishna go along with Akrura. As Little Krishna packs His bags and sets out along with His brother Balarama, the entire town of Gokula, including the cows, cattle, etc. stand in unison in front of Him with tears in their eyes! This was an extreme sad moment for all of them. Little Krishna’s dearest Gopikas were also shattered upon Him leaving them forever! As the entire town gathers near Akrura’s chariot, Little Krishna assures all of them that they would be able to see Him as and when they would like to, through their “divine vision”. Little Krishna explains to all of them that He has a big mission to accomplish and that, His duties are compelling Him to leave Gokula. He also assures them that they would always remain evergreen and fresh in His heart!

It is thus, all of them got consoled and Little Krishna leaves Gokula in Akrura’s chariot. It is to be remembered that after this fateful and decisive day, Little Krishna never came back to Gokula in His physical form. Of course, He would have definitely visited His Gokula people through various other forms, as He has done in the past! We should remember how Little Krishna assumed multiple forms of the cows and His little friends, when Bhagawan Brahma abducted all the cattle for almost a year. In that way, Little Krishna is always omni-present at Gokula, even today! This is why we feel the divine vibrations when we visit Gokula, Vrindavan and Mathura city to this date. We should always remember this and should make it a point to visit these holy and sacred places to obtain the infinite blessings of our Little Krishna! 😊

With this concluding note thus, Little Krishna and Balarama make their way to Mathura city in Akrura’s chariot. As they near the banks of the Yamuna river, Akrura stops the chariot for a little while, so as to perform his regular “Sandhyavandanam” (Routine Spiritual practices). At this time, Akrura leaves both the children in the chariot itself and he goes into the water to perform his duties. At this time, Akrura wrongly underestimates Little Krishna as a normal child. Although we know that Akrura was a great devotee of Little Krishna – This is where the “Maya” (Illusion) takes over! In today’s scenario too, we worship Bhagawan Krishna in our prayer rooms and after that, our ego and illusion take over, isn’t it? As we’re in the prayer room, we would tell Bhagawan that He’s everything and He’s the one who’s protecting me! However, when we come out of the prayer area, our narrative totally changes! 😊 We now start saying that I’m the one who’s trying to safeguard myself in this world! This is where we lose the plot. At whatever situation we’re in our life, we should never underestimate Bhagawan. We should always have the thought that Bhagawan is supreme and it is He who’s protecting all of us in whatever situation we are.

This is exactly where Akrura too went haywire for a few minutes. The “Maya” got the better of him and Akrura started thinking too much about himself! It is at this time, Bhagawan Krishna decided to teach Akrura a lesson. As Akrura was doing his “Sandhyavandanam”, he suddenly saw Little Krishna in front of him amidst the water! Upon seeing the child in front of him standing in the water, Akrura was surprised! As he turns his head towards the chariot now, he sees Little Krishna sitting in the chariot with His brother Balarama! Again, Akrura turns towards the Yamuna river waters and again he sees Little Krishna standing there too! He turns to the opposite direction now, and again he sees Little Krishna standing there too! In short, wherever Akrura turns his head and in whichever direction, he was able to see Little Krishna standing there with all His beauty and handsome smile! 😊

This was indeed a miracle, isn’t it? Of course, this isn’t the first such instance that we’re witnessing with Little Krishna, but we should remember that this was Akrura’s first such experience! 😊 We’ve already seen that till date, for the past ten years or so, Akrura has never had the opportunity to spend time with Little Krishna. Seeing Little Krishna at multiple places at the same time thus, Akrura realizes his folly and straightaway runs towards Him, falls on His feet and seeks refuge! Akrura understands the fact that Little Krishna is not an ordinary child by any means!

Thus, as Akrura finishes his “Sandhyavandanm”, they proceed towards Mathura city. In the meanwhile, Akrura also understands that Kamsa’s enemy isn’t an ordinary person, and it is all but over for Kamsa in a short while from now. From this divine episode, our learning should be that we shouldn’t get carried away by the “Maya” that comes in front of us. This is where we should be able to use our discrimination and sort out which is important for us – Is Bhagawan important for us, or the worldly pleasures and affairs? If we’ve to select the first choice, we’ve to be really steadfast in our approach. “Maya” can take over at any point in time, and we should be extremely careful and watchful. In fact, this “Maya” itself is a “Leela” (Divine play) of Bhagawan, to test us whether we’re getting carried away by it, or are we able to throw it away and still approach Him!

So for today, let us realize this important point and let us wait till the next episode to witness how Little Krishna enjoyed the Mathura city! Stay tuned! 😊


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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