Episode # 291 – Gokula town bids a tearful farewell to Little Krishna – Once & forever!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the final Raakshasa in the form of Kesi being destroyed by Little Krishna. Meanwhile, we also enjoyed the blissful experience that the Gopikas had with Little Krishna. We witnessed how they were so involved and immersed into “Bhakti” for their Bhagawan. In fact, we’ve repeatedly emphasized the point that the level of devotion that the Gopikas expressed towards Bhagawan Krishna is of the highest level. In fact, we’re going to witness in the coming episodes how Bhagawan Krishna Himself recalls all His golden moments that He had spent with the Gopikas, many years from now. At one stage, every night when Bhagawan Krishna goes to bed, He used to think of the Gopikas and shed tears for them! We can witness here, how Bhagawan responds to the ardent and selfless devotion exhibited by His devotees. We shall witness this important point again in detail when the time comes. But for now, Little Krishna gives a blissful experience to the Gopikas and this goes a long way in teaching us that ardent devotion is perhaps the easiest way to attain Bhagawan.

Moving on thus, as Kesi is neutralized, Kamsa started shaking with fear. He’s clearly running out of options and people to kill Little Krishna. So he came to a conclusion that rather than sending Raakshasa after Raakshasa to kill Krishna, he himself should shoulder the responsibility to take on his enemy head-on. There’s no use on depending upon someone else to kill him anymore. So he calls Akrura, one of his relatives, to go to Gokula and “invite” Krishna for a “Yagna” (Divine offering) that Kamsa is going to perform. Accordingly, Akrura sets out in his chariot with the eagerness of worshipping Bhagawan Krishna for the first time in ten years. It is to be noted that this Akrura was an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Krishna and during these ten years of time, he had listened to loads of “Krishna-Leela” episodes, just as how we’ve enjoyed it for the past one month or so! 😊 However, having heard all the “Krishna-Leela”, he hasn’t seen Little Krishna yet. So his heart was full of joy as he approached towards Gokula.

Finally, Akrura reaches Gokula and makes his way to Little Krishna’s home. Yashoda and Nandagopa offer him a warm reception and finally he was able to see his Bhagawan! Upon seeing Bhagawan Krishna, Akrura forgot about himself totally! He was moved to tears upon seeing the charming Little Krishna! Thus, Akrura had the divine darshan of Little Krishna from head to toe! How fortunate was Akrura to have this divine experience!

As Akrura worships Little Krishna thus, there is a long conversation between both of them. Akrura explains to Little Krishna that his uncle, Kamsa has invited Him to be part of a huge “Yagna” that he has arranged the next day. Accordingly, Little Krishna, along with His brother, Balarama accepted the invitation. Next day, Little Krishna had to leave Gokula to Mathura – Once and forever! In fact, after this fateful day, Bhagawan Krishna never ever came back to Gokula in His physical form! Even today, if we happen to visit Gokula and Vrindavan, we can see a place called “Akrura-Ghat”. It is only from this place, Little Krishna had bid farewell to everyone in Gokula.

As Little Krishna packed His bags to leave Gokula, the entire town gathered in front of His house! Yashoda and Nandagopa were devastated beyond words! So were the Gopikas! So were the kids who are Little Krishna’s friends! All of them gathered around Little Krishna and tried stopping Him from going away with Akrura! In fact, some of them even started to scold and insult Akrura very badly for “abducting” their Little Krishna away from them! This was a real sad moment for the entire Gokula town – A dark day indeed for all of them who have been immersed in love and devotion towards their Bhagawan, in the form of Little Krishna!

Thus, Little Krishna enters into the chariot and as Akrura drives Him away, the entire town follows the chariot with a tearful send-off! They’ve lost their Little Krishna forever in the physical form! How emotional these people would have been? In fact, even Bhagawan Krishna too felt the same, but He never showed it out. Being Bhagawan, born with a divine mission, obviously He could not stay at Gokula forever, isn’t it? He has other things to accomplish and thus, He had to move on! He thus assured all the people of Gokula that He’s always going to be in their hearts embedded forever!

As Akrura drives the chariot away, Little Krishna and Balarama were coming along with him. As the chariot reaches the banks of River Yamuna, Akrura stopped the chariot for sometime to perform his “Sandhyavandana”. He thus parked the chariot in a corner and went into the Yamuna river for his duties. As Akrura stepped into the Yamuna river, he had a thought in his mind that Little Krishna wasn’t going to follow him and that, He’s going to sit in the chariot only! Akrura had a thought in his mind that afterall, Little Krishna was just a kid! However, Little Krishna was well aware of Akrura’s thought process! He wanted to teach Akrura a lesson! What did Little Krishna do? How did Akrura realize that Little Krishna was not an ordinary kid as he had thought? Let’s wait eagerly till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊


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