Episode # 271 – Baby Krishna “KICKS” Sakatasura to death!!!


We had witnessed and experienced Baby Krishna’s first “Leela” in the previous episode, wherein Poothana bore the first brunt! Poothana was none other than Kamsa’s messenger and had come with a savage resolution to kill Baby Krishna. As per the instruction of Kamsa, Poothana disguised herself into the form of a beautiful woman and approached the house wherein Baby Krishna was with Yashoda and Nandagopa. As Poothana tried to push through with her agenda, Baby Krishna saw this as an opportunity and finished her off with least of His effort! Unable to bear the pain inflicted on her by Baby Krishna, Poothana fell to the ground dead! All this happens within minutes and upon seeing a huge Raakshasi dead at her house, Yashoda was totally stunned to bits! She realized that a great danger had come in the form of this disguised Raakshasi and that, “Bhagawan’s divine grace” had saved her little one from being killed! Little did she realize that her little one is none other than Bhagawan Himself, and it is He who had killed this fearful Poothana.

As Yashoda sees her little Baby Krishna, she feels that the child was scared to bits! 😊 Hence, she immediately brings a cow in front of the child and rotates its tail in a clockwise direction! This was an ancient practice that was followed to alleviate a baby’s fear. I do not know if we still have such practices existing in the present day! Perhaps it might still be existing in some corner of our Bhaarata Desha! Baby Krishna sees this and feels amused within Himself! He thinks within Himself thus, “Oh! What kind of love and affection does this Yashoda have on me? Isn’t this real devotion? I’m so moved by the way she is trying to protect me and ensure that nothing happens to me! Although I’m the leader of all the fourteen “Lokhas”, this Yashoda’s innocent and pure love and affection can never be compared to all what I do!” Thinking thus, Bhagawan Krishna was moved by his mother’s love and affection towards Him.

This is the important message that all of us should understand from this event – What is real “Bhakti”? Upon seeing Bhagawan, if our hearts melt by thinking, “Oh! Nothing should harm Bhagawan in any way!”, this is the feeling that pleases Bhagawan! This is exactly what Yashoda is doing here – Upon seeing Baby Krishna near the dead body of Poothana, she immediately takes Him in her arms, pampers Him, ensures that nothing has happened to Him and secures Him totally amidst her bosom. This is true “Bhakti” isn’t it? The motherly love and affection of Yashoda overwhelms Bhagawan Krishna to a great extent and with this, we come to the end of the “Poothana-Samhaara”.

Moving on thus, as Poothana breathes her last, this news reaches Kamsa in a jiffy. He now makes up his mind and thinks of another plan. Now the next “Raakshasa” to make his way to Gokula is going to be Sakatasura. As Baby Krishna was sitting in a corner and playing with some toys, there was a big wheel of a cart nearby. Nandagopa had brought it near Baby Krishna so that he can rotate that wheel and play with it. Sakatasura sees this as an opportunity – He crafts a plan here. The plan is that, he uses his “Maya-Shakti” (Illusionary power) to enter into the wheel, roll towards Baby Krishna with a great speed, dash upon Him and kill Him then and there! With this plan, Sakatasura enters into the wheel and rotates the wheel towards Baby Krishna with a great speed.

However at this point, to the bad luck of Sakatasura, Baby Krishna started to feel hungry. Even today we might see that if babies become hungry, they would start kicking their legs profusely, so as to communicate their hunger to their mother! This is exactly what Baby Krishna is doing here. He is now kicking His legs and starts crying for milk. It is at this time, Sakatasura is coming towards Him with great speed and with his head towards Baby Krishna’s kicking legs! In fact, Baby Krishna didn’t purposefully kick this fellow. It was Sakatasura who took his head into the “kicking radius” of Baby Krishna’s legs! 😊 Thus, as Sakatasura makes his way towards Baby Krishna, His kicking legs find Sakatasura’s head to perfection! Thus, unable to withstand the pressure, Sakatasura was kicked off to a great distance and he fell to the ground dead!

As this unfolds, there is a huge thud sound and people come running towards Baby Krishna! Yashoda too makes her way immediately to Baby Krishna’s vicinity and learns what had conspired! With this, she realizes that her new-born baby is not an ordinary one, and is a target of many Raakshasas one after the other! First it was Poothana and now it was Sakatasura. Yashoda immediately takes Baby Krishna in her arms and pulls Him away from that place. She again tries to alleviate the baby’s fear with all her “ways and means”, however, as we all know, it was Baby Krishna who is inducing more and more fear amidst the Raakshasas, including Kamsa!

So for today, let us enjoy and experience this miracle of Baby Krishna’s and let us wait till the next episode for more and more such miracles to unfold! Meanwhile, the news that Sakatasura has met the same fate as Poothana reaches Kamsa! What is he going to do next? What is going to be his plan? Stay tuned to find out! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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