Episode # 226 – Bhagawan Narayana’s UNBELIEVABLE compassion towards elephant Gajendra stuns the world!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed a critical moment in elephant Gajendra’s life, as Bhagawan Narayana hurries his way from Vaikunta to Trikoota to save the poor elephant from the clutches of the crocodile. As elephant Gajendra gives up on all his attempts to save himself, he fervently calls upon his Bhagawan for help! He thus cries to Bhagawan Narayana seeking urgent relief. As Bhagawan hears the poor elephant’s cry, His heart melts in compassion and His urgency knows no bounds! Even as Mother Mahalakshmi and others ask Bhagawan as to where is He going so urgently, He just brushes everybody away, gets on to his “Garuda Vaahana” and instructs Garuda to take Him directly to Trikoota where the elephant is. Although initially Garuda did not understand the urgency of Bhagawan Vishnu, he eventually picks up a great speed and takes Him to Trikoota within a jiffy.

As Bhagawan is rushing with full speed, Sage Sukhaachaarya describes this very beautifully here – with the speed that Bhagawan is travelling, all His ornaments that He was wearing on His front portion, flew away to His back, His crown started flying away with the course of the wind and His hair was flying everywhere! Such was the urgency and great speed with which Bhagawan was rushing to save elephant Gajendra. As Bhagawan reaches the spot, He quickly employs his “Chakra” and destroys the crocodile within seconds. With this, elephant Gajendra is freed up! The clutches are gone and elephant Gajendra’s leg has gained independence from the wretched crocodile’s mouth! As this event unfolds, elephant Gajendra once again comes back to life.

However, as the crocodile had clutched the poor elephant’s legs for a thousand years, we can imagine what kind of injury it would have sustained! Thus, Bhagawan Narayana’s job doesn’t end in just destroying the crocodile and freeing up elephant Gajendra’s legs. Now comes His main duty – To cure the poor elephant of it’s injuries. Bhagawan thinks for a moment within Himself with all His compassion towards the poor elephant thus, “Oh no! This poor creature has been patiently waiting for all these years for me to come and save him. Now how can I leave this elephant in this state of misery? How will this elephant walk again with so much of injuries on its leg? Hence, let me sit by the side of it and try to cure all of its injuries, thus, bringing it back to normalcy!”

What level of compassion does Bhagawan have here? It’s so astounding and heart-touching isn’t it? Thinking thus, Bhagawan sits by the side of the poor elephant. At this moment, elephant Gajendra is still in a state of immense pain, and he doesn’t even realize that he has been freed from the crocodile! Moreover, since he had gone into an unconscious state because of the pain, he didn’t even realize that the person who is sitting beside him and curing all his injuries is none other than Bhagawan Narayana Himself! At this state, Bhagawan sits down beside the poor elephant, takes out a piece of His clothing, blows some hot air into it and slowly massages its legs!

As this is unfolding, there are many celestial beings watching this incident in awe! They couldn’t believe what Bhagawan Narayana is doing! Mother Mahalakshmi is also stunned beyond words! She thinks within Herself thus, “Oh wow! Till date, I’ve been thinking within myself that being a woman, I’m more compassionate than Him, but the story has changed today! I think His compassion has overpowered mine today! Just because an elephant had called Him for help, He could have easily sent someone else to save it. Rather, He himself had taken upon it to save the elephant! This is what real compassion is!”

Thus, as Bhagawan Narayana slowly tries to bring elephant Gajendra back to life, the situation gradually improves. Elephant Gajendra wakes up to consciousness after a while and he was dismayed upon seeing what he was seeing! Who was sitting and curing his leg? It was none other than Bhagawan Vishnu himself! Upon seeing this sight, elephant Gajendra couldn’t believe his eyes! He literally shrieked in shock and utter disbelief that Bhagawan Himself is sitting down on the floor and treating his legs! How gifted and fortuante elephant Gajendra was! Tears flowed down the elephant’s little eyes as he realized his fortune.

Upon seeing elephant Gajendra regaining consciousness, Bhagawan Narayana is also very happy that His ardent devotee is now completely saved and his life is no more in danger. Elephant Gajendra asks Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan! The embodiment of compassion! Is it at the behest of an animal afterall that you’ve come all the way to save me? Forget saving! Is it afterall for an elephant, you’re sitting on the ground and nursing my injuries? I don’t really have words to describe your compassion levels! How is this ever possible? On one hand you have ardent devotees like Prahlaada, Dhruva, etc. who are 24*7 thinking about you and praying to you non-stop! And here is this elephant Gajendra on the other hand, who doesn’t even know ‘ABC’ of “Bhakti” towards you! Is it at the behest of this elephant with zero knowledge about you, and with zero ‘Bhakti’ towards you, that you had come all the way in person? I really couldn’t believe what is happening here!”

As elephant Gajendra cries out thus, Bhagawan is going to give a very important reply here. This reply is going to send out an important message, not only to elephant Gajendra, but to all of us as well! Let’s wait till the next episode to witness this reply! Stay tuned! 😊

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