Episode # 218 – Why should we consume ONLY home-cooked food? An important accord!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the next aspect of “Dharma” that every “Grihastha” should follow – Cooking at home and consuming the food only after offering it to Bhagawan. This is a mandatory aspect that all of us should follow at home every day. We should make sure that we cook “Sathvik” food (a balanced diet) at home with our own hands as far as possible. If we’re cooking for ourselves and our family, we would be very careful to cook good quality vegetables, rice, etc. isn’t it? Whereas, if we consume outside food, we never know the level of quality of raw materials used by the restaurants and cafeterias to cook. Moreover, cooking hygiene is very important. If we’re cooking at home, we would eventually ensure that cleanliness is maintained, whereas, in restaurants, cleanliness is not guaranteed. Recently there was a raid by the food safety department of the government in a reputed star hotel in India and it was found that the kitchen was full of cockroaches and filth, amidst which, food was being cooked for the customers! This might be alarming, but it is a fact. This is why we say that external food is to be avoided as much as possible.

Moreover, when it comes to food, there are lot of “invisible” and “intangible” aspects that are associated with it. Of course, we’ve witnessed yesterday with regards to the tangible aspects, which we’ve summarized just now. But apart from that, there are certain other factors too. For instance, the person who is cooking the food should be of a good and a positive mindset. It is only with this positive mindset and good vibrations, the food becomes “Sathvik” in nature. Whereas, if the person who is cooking the food is angry at that moment, the negative vibrations that are emitted out of the anger, weighs into the food that is being cooked. If someone consumes this food, not only the food is consumed, but also the negative vibrations along with it. This alters the character and the nature of the person who is consuming the food. This is why, when we cook food at home, it is advisable to listen to slokas, stories of Bhagawan, etc. The best way here is that, we should keep chanting our “Mantra” as we cook. All these activities, that is, listening to slokas, stories of Bhagawan, chanting of “Mantra”, etc. would ensure that all the good vibrations emitted by these practices would definitely weigh into the food that is cooked.

This can be possible only if we cook at home, isn’t it? Can we expect a chef in a restaurant to follow these practices? The answer is a big “No”! Perhaps one among thousand chefs might be this way, but there is no guarantee, isn’t it? If we go to a restaurant, will it be possible for us to go and meet the chef, judge what kind of a person he / she is, and then sit down to eat? 😊 This is why we emphasize time and again that it is always better to avoid consuming food outside of our homes as much as possible. Of course, given today’s circumstances and professional requirements, etc. it might not be possible for us to completely avoid consumption of food from outside, but, we should not take this as an excuse. By and large, we should ensure that we consume only home-cooked food and this is very important not only for our physical health, but also for our mental health as well. As we’ve discussed above, food determines lot of things in our everyday life. Many of these things are subtle in nature and we might not be able to understand them by the very look of it. But that doesn’t mean such things doesn’t exist. In fact, many research studies explain that the intelligence, shrewdness and smartness of a person directly correlate with the food that he / she consumes.

Hence, we should be very careful here. We should never underestimate the importance of food in our daily lives. We should definitely allocate some time of our day for consuming food, and we should totally be aware of what we’re consuming. This awareness that we develop over time would automatically increase our “Sathvik” character in us. Moreover, as mentioned in the yesterday’s episode too, we should offer the food to Bhagawan before we start consuming it. This is a very important step too – Even if there is some problem with the food, it can be rectified with Bhagawan’s divine grace, if we offer it to Him. As per Bhagawan Krishna’s excerpts from the Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan clearly points out that if we consume food without being offered to Bhagawan, it is equivalent of consuming truckloads of sins! Hence, we should be very careful in this aspect as well.

Thus, to summarize in a nutshell, firstly, we should make sure that we consume the right quality of home-cooked food, secondly we should ensure that while the food is cooked, we should be able to transfer positive vibrations into it, through the chanting of “Mantras”, or slokas, or whatever, thirdly, before we start consuming the food, we should offer it to Bhagawan. These are the three messages from today’s episode that all of us should understand. Hence, let us try to put these three messages into practice in our day-to-day routine life henceforth. I’m sure many of us are already doing it, but for many others, this might serve as a learning experience. Hence, let us all take this as an opportunity to follow what Sage Sukhaachaarya is explaining to us. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next aspect of “Dharma”! Stay tuned! 😊

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