Episode # 195 – Importance of “SEVA” – Service to mankind is service to Bhagawan!!!

Little Krishna

We had an extended discussion in the previous episode with regards to an important aspect of “Dharma” as narrated by Sage Sukaachaarya, which is “Samadhruk”. We witnessed the practical application of this aspect wherein we witnessed some important reasons as to why employees quit organizations. If we do not treat employees of our organization on par, it is going to result in serious catastrophic consequences in the long run, and this is one reason why some successful organizations around the world have failed. Thus, the point here is that, we should make sure that we treat all people equally without any sort of discrimination. As we mentioned this with respect to we, human beings, the same thing is applicable for animals as well. Just like how we have the right to live in this world and to lead a life as per our wish, we should realize that animals too have their own right to live their life. Hence, we are not supposed to harm them in any way or inflict any sort of pain to any animal, including insects and mosquitoes. Hence, let us try and put this important aspect of “Dharma” to practice.

Moving on thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya talks about the next important aspect of “Dharma”“SEVA”. This is yet another key aspect that is repeatedly spoken about in various contexts and at various places in our “Sanaathana Dharma” texts. This simply means, being of service to Bhagawan and Bhaagawathas (Devotees of Bhagawan). We should realize that Bhagawan has given us this physical body only for being in service to the world. If that is the case, we should not keep our physical body only for fulfilling our own needs and wants. Of course I’m not saying here that we should never employ our physical body and energy for our own self, but having said thus, we should also make sure that we are of help to our parents, peers, and various types of people whomever we come across in our daily lives.

In fact, when we were at our early inception stages of our blog, during our Ramayana episodes, we had witnessed the very purpose of incarnations of Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrugna. All of us know the purpose for which Bhagawan Rama was born. However, the purpose of incarnation of the other three brothers are extremely important for us to recollect and understand in this context here. Lakshmana was born in this world to illustrate the “Dharma” called “Sheshatva”. This means, being of service to Bhagawan at all times, right from birth till death. This is why we witness all through the Ramayana that Lakshmana was steadfast in his “Seva” towards Bhagawan Rama. He had sacrificed his personal life and luxuries at Ayodhya, went along with Bhagawan Rama and Mother Sita to the forest for fourteen long years, did all possible service to both of them at every point in time. Even when the battle with Ravana was unfolding, Lakshmana was at the doorstep of Bhagawan Rama for anything and everything. This is how one needs to be of service to Bhagawan at all times and Lakshmana was an excellent illustration of the same.

When we talk about Bharata, he is one step higher. Bharata represents another aspect of the “Dharma” of “Seva”, called “Paaratanthriya”. This means, being of service to Bhagawan, but according to Bhagawan’s wish. Bharata was an epitome of this aspect of “Seva”. How? When Bharata requested Bhagawan Rama to come back to Ayodhya from Chitrakoota, Bhagawan Rama replies to him thus, “Oh Bharata! I totally agree with what you’re requesting. However, I cannot come back to Ayodhya without completing my fourteen-year tenure. This is the promise that I’ve given to our father, King Dasaratha. So let me complete it and in the meanwhile, you keep ruling the kingdom till I come back!” As Bhagawan Rama says thus, Bharata didn’t talk a single word back! He blindly accepted Bhagawan Rama’s wish and executed it to the fullest of his abilities, until Bhagawan returned back to Ayodhya.

This is where the difference between Lakshmana and Bharata arises – If a similar situation would have reckoned Lakshmana, perhaps he might not have had this much of maturity to accept Bhagawan Rama’s words! For Lakshmana, his agenda was that he has to somehow be of service to Bhagawan. But Bharata was a notch higher than Lakshmana, wherein he was able to offer his services, but only according to Bhagawan’s wish and not according to his wishes. Thus it is said that “Paaratanthriya” is a step higher than “Seshatva”.

Now if we witness the purpose of incarnation of Shathrugna, we would see that he too was of service, just like his other two brothers – But not for Bhagawan Rama directly. Shathrugna performed all of his services to Bhagawan’s ardent devotee called Bharata! This is called “Bhaagawatha Seshatva” & “Bhaagawatha Paaratanthrya”. It is always said that Bhagawan becomes happier if one offers his/her services to His ardent devotees, rather than to Him directly! This is where Shathrugna specializes himself. His agenda was to perform all services whatever Bharata and Lakshmana did for Bhagawan Rama, to Bharata, who is Bhagawan Rama’s ardent devotee!

Thus, today we have witnessed and recalled a very important point here – The significance of “Seva” and why should we offer our services to Bhagawan and His ardent devotees. We shall continue this discussion further in the upcoming next episode as well! Stay tuned! 😊



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