Episode # 192 – “SANTOSHA” – Importance of being “happy” and “smiling” at all times!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Sage Sukhaachaarya’s important accord in the various principles of “Dharma” that all of us should follow in our daily lives. In that way, we have so far discussed ten such principles, including the last five that we’ve been talking about in our few previous episodes, namely, “Ahimsa”,  “Brahmacharya”, “Thyaaga”, “Swaadhyaaya” and “Aarjavam”. Yesterday we had concluded the discussion on the last two principles – “Swaadhyaaya” and “Aarjavam” wherein we had explained that we’ve to somehow be “brutally honest” within ourselves, chant our “Mantras” or Bhagawan’s divine names, so as to attain Moksha. This is of prime importance because, at times we tend to get complacent with ourselves. Rather than meticulously following a routine, we start becoming lazy and gradually come out of the practice that we would have started enthusiastically. It is always the case that whenever we start some good spiritual practice, we would have all the motivation and rigor behind it and thus would make a “grand beginning”. However, as days, months, years pass by, our motivation levels would start coming down slowly and steadily, and at one point, we would even totally stop what we’re doing! For instance, many people have this habit of maintaining a “spiritual diary” – To note down all important spiritual practices we do every day. In fact, this is a good thing to do, so that we are on check every time. Initially when we start writing for the first few days, it would be very interesting and thrilling to do it. However, as days pass by, some of us might start feeling lethargic.

This is exactly why Sage Sukhaachaarya is warning us, that we should be “brutally honest” in our practices and come what may – We should never ever deviate from our path that we have selected. Of course, most of the time, it is we who voluntarily come forward to select a spiritual path, isn’t it? Nobody is pushing us to do anything, isn’t it? If we’re the ones who are selecting this path, isn’t it our responsibility to follow what we’ve selected? Thus, the point here is, we should be steadfast in our spiritual path and should be honest and sincere to ourselves when it comes to performing our spiritual practices.

Moving on thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya now talks about the next aspect of “Dharma”, which is also very important – “Santosha”. Here, Sage Sukhaachaarya beautifully explains that we’ve to happy and smiling at all times. This is why today too, we talk so much about having a “smile” on our face always. If we keep smiling, automatically we would find that we’re amidst lot of people. Some people are excellent in cracking instant jokes and making everybody laugh loud around them. This is what Sage Sukhaachaarya explains here – Only if we keep smiling and only if we maintain ourselves happy always, Bhagawan likes us. On the other hand, if we start crying for anything and everything in life, there is no end for this, isn’t it? At some point, we’ve to get contented with what we have and what Bhagawan has gifted us with. If we keep cribbing at what we don’t have in our lives, there is no end for it. For instance, a person was crying that he couldn’t buy a car that his neighbor or relative had. Over a period of time, he earned sufficient money, and was able to buy the same car as his neighbor. However, after a year or so, his neighbor sold his car and bought a more expensive car than the previous one! Upon seeing that, this person started crying thus, “Oh no! My neighbor has lot of money and he’s changing cars just like changing dresses! Unfortunately, I don’t have that much money and buying power to change cars like he does!” If we start comparing ourselves like this with others around us, there is no limit at all!

Moreover, what is the use of cribbing? Who is going to gain what? What is the use of sitting in a corner and sobbing endlessly? We’re not going to gain anything out of it. Life has to move on, isn’t it? For instance, if some close family member passes away or is seriously ill in the hospital, of course, we would feel bad. But does life stop there? No! Life has to move on, and we’ve to move on with whatever tasks and responsibilities we have. Instead, just because we’ve lost a near and a dear family member, how long can we sit and cry, leaving all our other work? Or, to go one step further, who on earth doesn’t have problems in life? Human life is all about sadness and happiness alternating with each other and we should have the maturity to take both happiness and sadness in the same way. In fact, Bhagawan Krishna Himself explains in His Bhagawad Gita, that we shouldn’t get scared or bogged down by anything in life. On the contrary, if we keep getting bogged down for anything and everything in life, it only implies that we’re not following Bhagawan’s words, isn’t it?

Thus, when we talk about “Santosha”, it not only means “happy”, but also, “contention” in life. We should be contented with whatever we have. Only if we’re contented, we would be able to enjoy happiness. Only if we’re happy, Bhagawan would like us. See how the chain goes here. Thus, if we’re having a house, a good family, sufficient amount of money to sustain a decent life, we should have the contention that this is enough for us. With whatever we have, we should not waste our time in going behind what we don’t have and rather, think about Bhagawan and implement all the other principles of “Dharma” that we’ve already discussed so far.

So for today, let us ponder over this important aspect of “Dharma” and we shall wait till the next episode to witness the next one! Stay tuned! 😊

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