Episode # 146 – Why is it important for us to chant the Vishnu Sahasranaama every day?

Little Krishna

In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation of an interesting “War of words” between the Vishnu-Dhootas and the Yama-Dhootas, on the context of “Naama-Sankeertanam” and it’s importance. The Vishnu-Dhootas put forward their point that even if a person utters Bhagawan’s divine and sacred names by mistake, or for a different purpose other than Bhagawan, he / she would still be eligible for attaining Moksha! Even when a person uses Bhagawan’s divine names to make fun of others, or to demean others or for any other purpose too, all of theses count for the divine cause! Ultimately the point here is, irrespective of the purpose, if the name chanted is Bhagawan’s, he / she is eligible to attain Moksha!

Having said thus, the Yama-Dhootas aren’t in a position to accept the argument posed by the Vishnu-Dhootas! How can anyone and everyone attain Moksha, just like that? Wouldn’t it be unfair that everyone then carries out all possible Adharmic actions throughout his / her life time and finally chant Bhagawan’s name once and attain Moksha? If that is the case, everyone can attain Moksha very easily! How can the process of attaining Moksha become such an easy cake walk for everybody in this world? Moreover, if everyone attains Moksha, what is the purpose of having the “Naraka Lokhas”? We’ve discussed about not one or two, but twenty-five different categories of Naraka Lokha, isn’t it? If people are going to attain Moksha so easily, why at all should we have this twenty-five “Naraka Lokhas” then?

Answering the Yama-Dhootas for their valid point, the Vishnu-Dhootas claim thus, “Oh! How can you distinguish Bhagawan’s divine names as being chanted with or without focus? End of the day, what is being chanted is Bhagawan’s name, isn’t it? It’s like a child touching a flame without knowing that the flame is going to burn its finger. Just because the child is unaware of this fact, is the flame going to stop from burning the child’s finger? No, isn’t it? Similar is Bhagawan’s divine names as well – Irrespective of whether we chant them knowing their significance or not, the effect is still going to be the same!”

Although this might seem a better convincing answer from the side of the Vishnu-Dhootas, the Yama-Dhootas aren’t still satisfied! They query back thus, “Oh Vishnu-Dhootas! Your answer might be right, but not very convincing yet! This fellow, Ajaamila has committed sins after sins for the past 60-odd years! How can a chant of just one divine name of Bhagawan just once, remove off all his sins? In his case, for the 60 years of wrongful life that Ajaamila had led, he should suffer atleast for the next 2.5years! This only would do justice isn’t it?”

Here, readers should understand this question a bit more carefully – The Yama-Dhootas are posing the question that how a person can get liberated from the Naraka Lokha by just chanting one name of Bhagawan and that too just once! Is that one name of Bhagawan so powerful that if a person chants it just once in his whole lifetime and still can get away? Now the Vishnu-Dhootas counter the question thus: “Oh Yama-Dhootas! Just consider this example here – If you take a dirty piece of cloth which hasn’t been washed for some ten years or so and wash it now in the fast-flowing waters of the River Ganges, will a single piece of dirt stick on to the cloth anymore? Just because the dirt hasn’t been washed away for the past ten years or so, does it mean that it would stick on to the cloth for the next 7 or 10 washes? The moment this dirty cloth meets fast-flowing water, all dirt, irrespective of whether it is there in the cloth for the past 10 days or 10 years will get washed away isn’t it? Similarly, if you take a lighted lamp inside a tunnel full of darkness for so many years, can the darkness come and say that this light should not lit up the tunnel for the next 5 years or so, just because the darkness has been the order of the day for all these years? The moment a lamp is lit up in a dark tunnel, brightness is immediately going to dawn, and the darkness is immediately destroyed. So are our sins too! Irrespective of whether a person has committed a sin yesterday or ten years ago or 6o years ago, the moment he / she chants Bhagawan’s divine name, all the sins get washed away, irrespective of when they were committed!”

Thus we can see from all these accords for the past few episodes that Bhagawan’s divine sacred names have more significance than Bhagawan Himself! This is why we are advised to chant the Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalita Sahasranaama, etc. daily without fail! The reason is primarily what we have discussed so far. Bhagawan’s divine names are extremely sacred and significant in nature and today’s message is that, if we chant Bhagawan’s divine names with ardent devotion, even once, we can be assured of liberation from all our sins that we’ve committed in our lives so far till date! Of course, we see here that this is the same effect, even when we chant Bhagawan’s names unconsciously or unknowingly! But having said thus, and having now known the significance of Bhagawan’s divine names, why shouldn’t we chant them consciously and with all our devotion? Let us try doing that from today! We shall wait till the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 😊

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