Episode # 124 – “Our Atman uses the physical body to experience various feelings & emotions!” – Jada-Bharata’s important explanation!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important point, taking cues from Jada-Bharata’s message of co-existence of various beings in this world. We witnessed how co-existence should be understood in the today’s context wherein chaos is raging at various parts of the world. It is saddening to see high intensity violence across many places within our own country too and it is such a shame that some people believe only in inciting innocent people to turn violent. Little do we remember how we should co-exist peacefully with each other by adjusting ourselves to others’ needs and preferences. This is where Jada-Bharata’s message becomes so important here. As ardent followers of our Sanaathana Dharma, I once again appeal to all people who are reading through this blog – Please do not give into the false narratives of those cheap and crooked minded people who are trying to “incite” you into any form of violence. Let us not fall into the vicious campaign of such people. Let us always remember that violence, killing, vandalism, etc. are not the solutions for any kind of problem in this world. In fact, there is nothing substantial that is taking place, wherein we should vent out our frustration in such violent and unconstitutional ways. Hence, let us spare a thought for this important point today as we move on with the subsequent points of discussion.

With the important “relationship” explaining the phenomenon of co-existence, Jada-Bharata’s another key point here is the explanation on how we are immersed totally into the vast ocean called “Samsaara” and how we get “burnt” totally by it. By this statement, he does not mean that our physical body is directly going to get burnt! It is our Atman within our physical body which is going to be “burnt”. Readers must carefully note here that there is a “pun” on the word “burnt”. When we say “burning” in this context, it does not literally mean “burning on the fire”. The inner meaning to this is that, we get carried away by the intensity of our “Karma” that we keep accumulating more and more, because of our “Samsaara”. This is what Jada-Bharata refers to as “burning”. Now if we’ve to make sense of this narrative in a better way, Jada-Bharata is saying here that it is not our physical body that is going to take the brunt of our “Karma”. It is ultimately our “Atman” that is going to bear the brunt of all our actions, because, the Atman, being a permanent entity, has to take repeated births by getting encapsulated into various physical bodies over time! However, the physical body that we have at the present moment is just a temporary one and we use it only to accumulate more and more “Karma”.

Thus, whatever we undergo with this physical body – Happiness, sadness, any kinds of feelings, emotions, etc. must be experienced by the “Atman” and not the physical body. However, without the physical body, the Atman cannot experience anything! This might be a little confusing for readers and I shall explain this point with a small example – For instance, we get hurt on our hand or leg and we undergo lot of pain because of it. The physical body gets hurt and we see blood oozing out of the area where we have the damage. However, who experiences the pain and the sad emotion behind it? It is the “Atman” and not the body, isn’t it? Thus, we can see here that the “Atman” requires a “medium” called “Physical body” to experience various types of feelings such as happiness, sadness, etc., and these feelings are grossly due to the influence of our “Samsaara” at various points in time.

With this description thus, Jada-Bharata tries to make King Rahuguna understand the key difference between the “Atman” and our physical body. However, King Rahuguna couldn’t infer all these messages from Jada-Bharata’s seemingly blunt answers! Unable to figure out anything from Jada-Bharata’s answers, King Rahuguna replies thus, “Till today I’ve never had any sort of fear towards swords, arrows, bows, and even the “Chakra” of Bhagawan Vishnu! But your words are making me somewhat tremble with a kind of fear that I’m unable to explain and comprehend! Your words are sending shivers into my spine. I need more elaboration on what you’re trying to tell me!”

Normally, when people who are extremely knowledgeable and pious with principles of “Vedaanta” talk something, we would not be able to comprehend their words easily. In fact, on the lighter side, if someone talks a language that we don’t find it easy to understand or comprehend, we immediately brand them thus, “Oh! This person talks too much of Vedaanta!” 😊 Why so? It is only because we don’t have that much of knowledge or the acumen to understand what they’re trying to say. In fact, we should also understand one more thing here – Those people who are extremely sound with the knowledge of “Vedaanta” from our Sanaathana Dharma are also sound in the various aspects that pertain to the worldly life in which we live every passing day! We tend to have a wrong opinion that people with knowledge of Vedanta do not understand “Grihasta” or “Family” life! This is actually a myth! The only reason behind us not able to understand and comprehend Vedanta is that we don’t have the practice of either listening to it or following it in our lives.

This is exactly where King Rahuguna is also entangled into! Like all of us, he too has zero experience and practice of principles of Vedanta and this is the reason why he’s unable to comprehend Jada-Bharata’s words in a single attempt! Having said thus, what is going to be Jada-Bharata’s reply to the concerned King Rahuguna? Let’s wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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