Episode # 121 – Jada-Bharata’s “conflicting” answers fumes King Rahuguna!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the events that unfolded in the case of Bharata. We had seen that Bharata ended his previous birth with deep thoughts and concerns for his deer, and hence he took birth as a deer in his subsequent birth. He had to undergo all what a deer had to undergo for the next seven years and finally after that, he once again had a human birth, thanks to his enormous level of spiritual wisdom and powers he had accumulated in his past human birth. This birth too, Bharata was a Yogi, but with a much stronger determination and rigidness. This time, he was not going to give up any form of his spiritual practices for anything or anybody, thus, he eventually became so immersed into his penance that he became like a non-living object (Jada). This is how he obtained the name “Jada-Bharata”.

Eventually one fine day, there was a king by name Rahugana, who was ruling the Sindh province, who wanted to obtain some spiritual knowledge and understanding. He thus wanted to get in touch with the great Sage Kapilaachaarya, who was very much alive at that time in this world. As King Rahuguna was getting himself ready for the journey to meet Sage Kapilaachaarya, he gets into his carriage, which is supposed to be lifted and carried by four people. As King Rahuguna was starting, he suddenly realized that there were only three people and needed a fourth person to lift his carriage. It was at this time that Jada-Bharata was passing through that place. As mentioned before, Jada-Bharata, due to his deep level of penance, was just like a non-living object, without getting bothered about what happened around him. As Jada-Bharata came close to the carriage, he was made the fourth person and was asked to lift the carriage, to carry the king. Unaware of what he was doing, Jada-Bharata was having one end of the carriage on his shoulder and was continuing his walk. Due to his deepness of penance, Jada-Bharata’s walking was very haphazard! He was swinging here and there, just like how a drunkard would walk his way through! Because of the crazy way in which Jada-Bharata walked, the carriage lost its balance and the king who was sitting inside, started feeling uncomfortable.

As this was happening, King Rahuguna instructed his people to stop the journey and keep the carriage down on the ground. The king got out from his carriage with all his anger and fury. He asked his carriers thus, “Who is that person making my journey uncomfortable? Who’s that person swaying the carriage in such a crazy manner?” Asking these questions with great fury, the king took a heavy stick in his hand and advanced towards the four people who were carrying his coach. As the king was approaching them, the three designated carriers together raised their hands to claim innocence and pointed at the fourth person for the fault. The three carriers replied to the king thus, “Oh King! This was not out fault! We were carrying the carriage in such a way that your journey is as smooth as possible! It is the fault of the person whom you had selected to be the fourth carrier! Ask him!”

As King Rahuguna heard the reply thus, he now questions the fourth person. The fourth person was none other than Jada-Bharata. The king asks thus, “Oh fool! Why don’t you carry my carriage in a proper and designated fashion? Why are you swaying the carriage here and there? You seem to be well built and well fed. You seem to be physically fine, without any problems. Yet, why do you do this?” Hearing this from the king angrily, Jada-Bharata was so calm and composed and replied back thus, “Oh King! I never carried you so far! Rather, I did not consume any food at all in my life!” Hearing a strange reply from this person, the king became more furious and yelled at him thus, “Oh wow! You seem to be an arrogant guy! You’re trying to give sarcastic answers to my questions! I think I need to give you a big punishment for trying to insult me with your sarcastic answers in front of others! I think you’ve been over-fed, which is making you talk rubbish like this! Your physical body needs to be punished for talking back arrogantly to a king!”

Saying thus, King Rahuguna approached Jada-Bharata to give him a nice whacking! As the king was about to do so, Jada-Bharata answered him back thus, “Oh King! You’ve totally mistaken my answers in a wrong sense! It is true that I didn’t carry you in my shoulder! It is very true that I didn’t eat anything as you think I had! I’m not doing any sort of sarcasm here! I’m trying to tell you the truth!”

These answers from Jada-Bharata puzzled King Rahughuna even more! He now slowly starts realizing that this fourth person that he had designated to carry his carriage, was no ordinary a person. He thus asks back to Jada-Bharata, “What do you mean by your answers then? Why are you giving all sorts of contradicting answers to my questions? If I ask you aren’t you well-fed, you say ‘No’! If I ask you why you carried me in a crazy fashion, you say that you never carried me! What does these mean?”

As King Rahuguna asks thus, Jada-Bharata gives important answers, which are worth understanding and appreciating as ardent spiritual aspirants. What are those answers? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊






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