Episode # 118 – “Jada-Bharata-Upaakyaana” – Bharata saves a baby deer from a roaring lion!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Rishabha Deva’s final words of teaching to his disciples wherein he talks about bonding and relationships that we have in this birth. He explains how these so-called relationships and bonding with people around are temporary and is totally susceptible to change. Rishibha Deva invokes a beautiful analogy of few wooden blocks being allowed to float its way downstream the river Ganges. Just as how the blocks would keep changing their course of paths as per the obstacles that they encounter on their way, our people around us keep changing from time to time and from birth to birth.

This is what we emphasize even in today’s corporate world and we call it as “Change Management”. As per this important concept, everything in an organization is subjected to change at any moment and employees should be prepared to accept the change and move on with it. Of course, there might be resistance to change if it is perceived to be detrimental by the employees, but as a leader, we’ve to be in a position to clarify the doubts, create awareness amongst all of them and thus motivate people to move on with the change. This is exactly what Rishabha Deva is advising all of us too – He says that change in this world is inevitable and we’ve to keep moving on with it. There’s no point in getting attached to something and later being reluctant to leave it off due to various compelling circumstances.

Speaking thus, we come to the end of Rishabha Deva’s accord to his disciples. We’ve witnessed important points for our spiritual progress in this accord. To summarize all of it in a nutshell, we witnessed Rishabha  Deva talking about 1. Attaining mind control by being in service to a Mahatma, 2. More importantly, being in service to animals and other living beings apart from humans. 3. We’ve to understand the difference between our Atman and our physical body and should realize that our physical body is not permanent, but Atman is. 4. To attain quicker spiritual progress, we need to associate ourselves with a “Satsanga” or a “Saadhu-Samaagama”. We witnessed the benefits of such an association. 5. Importance of “Change Management” and how things in this world are susceptible to change at any moment in time, including people around us, family, bonding, etc. Thus, it is up to us now to take cues from what Rishabha Deva has spoken about and put them into practice in our daily lives!

Moving on thus, we shall continue with the family generation of Rishabha Deva. He eventually had a son by name Bharata. Now we’re going to witness yet another important section of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana from here on, called “Jada-Bharata-Upaakyaanam”. It is to be remembered that we’re in the fifth “Skandha” and the seventh Adhyaaya of the Shrimad Bhaagawadtha Puraana, which comes as the final section of the second-day “Paaraayana” (Recital). I hope readers remember that we have a practice of reciting this sacred text for seven continuous days (Saptaaham) and this section of “Jada-Bharata-Upaakyaanam” forms the final section of the second day recital!

As mentioned above, Bharata was born to Rishabha Deva, and he led a righteous life in line with his father. He was a great “Yogi” as well. One day as Bharata was sitting on the banks of river “Chakra” and doing deep penance, there was a female deer roaming around him. This female deer was pregnant at that point in time. This pregnant deer made its way to the riverbank to drink some water. At the same time there was a lion roaring its way through. Hearing the loud roar of the lion, the deer got scared. As the deer started running to save its life, it forgot for a moment that it was pregnant. As it started running thus, the deer delivered a baby because of the vibrations and physical strain. However, the baby deer was still alive and there was no threat to its life.

Upon understanding what had just happened, Bharata became scared as to what would happen to this baby deer’s life. The lion was approaching it and Bharata was concerned about the safety of the baby deer. Therefore he quickly got up from where he was sitting, ran towards the baby deer, took it in his hands, hugged it with him and took it away to safety. From then onwards, Bharata started taking good care of the little deer, fed it with adequate food and water, provided necessary shelter for it, etc. and grew it up. As time progressed, Bharata was so engrossed with the deer that he virtually started living all his life with it. It was in such a way that if the deer was not feeling well, even his penance came to a grinding halt. Bharata was totally attached to the deer in all ways!

Now what is going to happen next? Is Bharata going to continue this way all through his life? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out !! Stay tuned! 😊



















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