Episode # 116 – “Satsanga” – Associating ourselves with the right people!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Rishabha Deva’s important accord, wherein he talks about the significance of a “Satsanga” and a “Saadhu-Samaagama”. As seen yesterday, a “Satsanga” is an association or a group of two or more people who are spiritually oriented in the same manner as that of each other. Members of this “Satsanga” either discuss spiritual matters, sing in praise of Bhagawan together, or chant “shlokas” together, etc. The primary advantage of being a part of a “Satsanga” is that, we get an opportunity to interact with people who might possess excellent knowledge about our scriptures, so that we can learn a lot of new and important things from them. It also gives us a platform to talk about, discuss and even debate on certain important aspects of our scriptures, and through these activities, our doubts would get cleared and we would be able to focus into our spiritual progress in a deeper way. In addition to this, as I had mentioned yesterday, if we pray to Bhagawan as a group, the effects of the prayer and the positive vibrations emitted from it is manifold, as compared to an individual-level prayer. Of course, I’m not discounting the fact that we can offer prayers individually. That should always continue – Our “Nithya-Anushtaanas” (Daily routine prayers), offering “Pithru-Shraadhams” for our departed ancestors, etc. should continue unabated as per the normal routine. The group prayers should only be an addition to the individual prayers that we offer to Bhagawan. This is a very important point for all our readers to make note of.

Having said thus, we concluded yesterday’s episode with a series of questions: Although all said and done, is it a mandate that we should associate ourselves with a group? Why can’t I follow the principles of Sanaathana Dharma all by myself? Won’t there be unwanted politics and gossips if two or more people come together? Thus, rather than doing some constructive things, won’t we end up doing unwanted activities that would be counter-productive for us to reach Moksha?

Of course, these are very valid questions, especially in toady’s context. Even if we intend to form a good association, it depends on whether we associate ourselves with the right people. Many a times, we might end up in association with people who might be of detrimental effect to our spiritual growth. For instance, as we’re currently passing through the auspicious Tamil month of “Maargazhi”, if we try and start chanting “Thiruppavai” or “Thiruvembaavai”, certain people associated with us would start mocking thus, “Oh! Why’re you so old-fashioned in reciting all of these which are hundreds of years old? Why don’t you look at the latest trends that the world is going towards and update yourselves?” Or if we try and sing classical music these days, many do not like all of it now! People will immediately start commenting, “Oh! This is Carnatic music, which is so monotonous and boring! We’re now getting latest songs which are ‘peppy’ and modern!”

Unfortunately, with the advent of lot of new things in life, these are times wherein we fail to give importance for our traditional aspects. More than just not giving importance to our traditional aspects, people have even started mocking at them and try to demean them! For instance, when we had the annual solar eclipse two days ago, there were few people from a certain rotten community, mocking at the important rituals that we follow during the eclipse time period. According to our Sanaathana Dharma, it is advised not to consume any sort of food items or water and should refrain from using the washrooms during the time of the eclipse. This is said for a scientific reason, which certain fools “refuse” to understand. During the eclipse time, the earth’s gravitational forces undergo major changes, along with the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays penetrating the atmosphere’s ozone layer. This is considered to be harmful for the human body and in addition, spoils the food items that are being cooked or preserved during the eclipse time. This is the reason why it is advised not to cook or consume food during this time period. Moreover, if we already have some cooked food at home during this eclipse time, it is advisable to put one small “Dharba” stick” into the food, so that it doesn’t become stale!

Thus, all of this has a clear-cut logical and a scientific reasoning behind! However, unfortunately, there are certain groups of people who call themselves as “Atheists”, (Modern-day definition of an Atheist & Secularism in India: An “Aethist” or a “Secular” is a demeanor of Hinduism, but in full support of every other religion, no matter how third-class it might be!), who try every possible means and ways to demean Hinduism. In fact, there were groups of listless fools who organized a “feast” of having food in the streets, during the eclipse time! Thus, as ardent followers of Sanaathana Dharma, we should never pay heed to such anti-Hindu elements that are trying every trick in the trade to demean our great Sanaathana Dharma tradition.

Thus given all these challenges, it might seem right for us to be in unison and try to reach Bhagawan individually. However, having said thus, the problem here is that, we might not know the correct way through which we can attain Moksha, if we do things all by ourselves!

This is where we need to strike a balance – Getting associated with people is important (Satsanga), but at the same time, we should be very careful in choosing the right people to get associated with. (Saadhu Samaagama). This is exactly what Rishabha Deva explains too. Only if we get the right association, will we be able to progress spiritually and if on the contrary, we might get pulled down by people around us.

So for today, let us make this point very clear in our minds and let us do the needful! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Rishabha Deva’s next point of advice! Stay tuned! 😊


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