Episode # 113 – There are no “shortcuts” to attain Moksha, EXCEPT to go through a Spiritual Master!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Rishabha Deva’s important point on why should we follow the footsteps of a Spiritual Master and to be under His / Her service so as to attain Moksha. We’ve witnessed over a series of episodes that the main purpose of being in service to a Spiritual Master is to bring our mind under control. In connection to this, we witnessed the answer for an important question that we had raised yesterday – Why can’t we go directly to Bhagawan and be of service, rather than being of service to a Spiritual Master, who is just another human being like us in this world? The answer for this question is that, if we ever get that “golden opportunity” of being in service directly to Bhagawan, our ego would shoot up beyond the roof and, instead of controlling our mind, we would rather let our mind go in a wrong direction more and more. In other words, our minds have not yet matured to that level, in a way that even if Bhagawan appears in front of us, we would be stable!

However, we’ve witnessed in the past episodes that little Dhruva was able to do that successfully – When Bhagawan manifested in front of him and requested him to ask for boons, Dhruva was so composed that he just wanted to witness Bhagawan’s beauty and that, he had achieved it with his severe austerity and penance. Beyond that he did not want anything else from Bhagawan! Now let us think ourselves in Dhruva’s shoes. If Bhagawan appears in front of us, what would be our reaction? Moreover, Bhagawan “tempts” us too, by giving the privilege to us of being granted boons! The moment Bhagawan gives us this choice of asking for boons, what would we ask? Are we mentally mature enough to reply to Bhagawan that it is only to worship Him that we ardently called him out! How many of us would have that calmness and composure to reply to Bhagawan in this way? Not many of us do! In fact, we would rather be waiting for Bhagawan to utter the sentence “Please feel free to ask for any boon”! 😊 The moment we hear the word “BOON”, we would immediately step in and start asking whatever we were denied of in our day-to-day life! Of course, Bhagawan is going to grant whatever we’re going to ask, but is this the purpose for which we called out for Bhagawan? Going by the flow of things, we would end up forgetting the very reason why Bhagawan came to us. Thus, except “Moksha”, we would end up asking anything and everything in this materialistic world! This is the reason why it is not advisable to directly reach out to Bhagawan for attaining our goal.

Whereas, if we go through a Mahatma (Spiritual Master), He / She is going to be extremely strict in what is going to be given / not given to us. In fact, even before that, not everybody can knock the doors of a Spiritual Master easily. Only if we have the right attitude and direction in our life, will a Spiritual Master even respond to us! Whereas, if it is Bhagawan, he responds to anybody and everybody! We’ve witnessed many Raakshasas going and asking for boons from Bhagawan and using them in all possible wrong ways, only for Bhagawan to destroy them after few years! If we go directly to Bhagawan, possibility is high that we would also end up in the same way as Ravana, Kumbakarna, etc. did! Hence, if we’ve to go through a Spiritual Master, our mind gets mended in the right way and we would attain Moksha in the right way. Whereas, if we take “shortcuts” of directly going to Bhagawan for it, we might have to face repercussions!

This is why in life, we always keep saying that there’s no shortcut to achieve anything! We’ve to put in our maximum effort to attain the goal. This is exactly the same when it comes to the goal of attaining Moksha as well. We’ve to go the hard yardsticks to make ourselves eligible to attain Moksha. This eligibility and maturity would only be possible to attain if we be of service to a Mahatma or a Spiritual Master. Thus, rather than taking the shortcut to attain Moksha by directly going to Bhagawan, we need to take the right effort of being of service to a Spiritual Master, thereby attaining the goal.

So for today, let us think and re-think this important point of Rishaba Deva. I’m stressing upon this point a lot, because this forms the crux of our entire Sanaathana Dharma. We’re spending three to four episodes in discussing this point in minute detail only because of this. We can witness the significance of a Guru or a Mahatma or a Spiritual Master in almost all Sanaathana Dharma texts – Maybe Ramayana, Mahaabhaarata, Bhaagawatha Puraana, Upanishads, etc. In Ramayana, we’ve witnessed the significance of Hanuman, who is the Spiritual Master. It is Hanuman who goes to Mother Sita, makes Her aware that Bhagawan Rama is waiting for her, and in turn, Mother Sita too conveys to Bhagawan through Hanuman, the Spiritual Master that she is also waiting to attain Him. In Mahaabhaarata, we witness multiple people playing the role of a Spiritual Master – Bhishma for both the Paandavas and the Kauravas. Over and above Bhishma, Vidura was a great Spiritual Master to King Dhirdiraashtra, educated him at critical times on what is “Dharma” and “Adharma”. In fact, Bhagawan Krishna Himself assumed the role of a Spiritual Master in giving golden pieces of advice to Arjuna in the battlefield!

Thus we witness here – Anybody who has to attain Moksha, must go through the Spiritual Master at some point in time and this is the rule that is prescribed by Bhagawan Himself! Thus, let us understand this point well today and we shall wait till the next episode to witness the next important point. Stay tuned! 😊











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