Episode # 111 – Why do we need a GURU’s (Spiritual Master) guidance to control our mind? An important accord!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an interesting discussion that compares and contrasts the teachings of Sage Kapilaachaarya and Rishabha Deva. Sage Kapilaachaarya’s accord was that, if we’ve to reach Bhagawan, it can be done so by establishing absolute control over the mind. Whereas, Rishabha Deva asserted that if we’ve to reach Bhagawan, we’ve to be in ardent service to the Spiritual Master (Mahatma). Now how do we get to this stage of being in constant service to the Spiritual Master? Will it be possible if we’re not having control of mind? The answer is “Never”! This is where the link lies – Sage Kapilaachaarya’s teaching of “mind control” is essential for implementing Rishabha Deva’s teaching of being in service to a Mahatma. This is very much applicable in today’s scenario too – Given all the distractions and disturbances that we have into worldly attachments, it is very tough for us to get an association with a Spiritual Master. If at all we’re lucky to get such an association, will we be able to dedicate time and effort in offering service to the Spiritual Master 24*7? This is a tough question for many of us to answer! Thus we can witness here that if we’re really able to devote our life in service to a Spiritual Master, this according to Rishabha Deva is the ultimate path to attain the goal of Moksha.

To extend this point further, it needs to be emphasized that this kind of devotion to a Spiritual Master is not that easy! A Spiritual Master is one who would put us into innumerable tests and examinations time to time. Life beside a realized soul is extremely tough. However, if we’re able to withstand the tests, examinations and hardships in living beside a Spiritual Master, it simply means that we’re gaining control of our mind and letting go of our ego.

Once there was a professional moviemaker who came to meet a Spiritual Master at some place in India. This person had excellent photographic skills and video-making ability. He went to the Spiritual Master and wanted to be of some service to Her. The Spiritual Master acknowledged this person’s request and directed him to go into the cowshed, feed the cows every day, bathe the cows, clean the surrounding areas and dispose the dung, etc. Ultimately, the service allocated to this moviemaker was to maintain the cowshed!

We can imagine here – A professional moviemaker with extraordinary skills in photography and videography, put into the cowshed to clean cows! He had to do it constantly 24*7 without a break! What would have happened to this person’s mindset? From a plush and a luxurious way of life, he has been reduced to nothing! But having said thus, this person was steadfast in his attitude of service towards his Master. He obeyed each and every word that his Master has told him, with the supreme faith. He kept his ego aside and started executing the task that was given to him. Later on after many days, the Spiritual Master was overwhelmed with this moviemaker’s attitude of service and blessed him. However, the moviemaker was curious as to why did the Master allocate this task, instead of some professional service to the Ashram in terms of video-making, audio-recording, etc. When he asked the Master his question, the Master replies thus: “When I had asked you to go and clean the cowshed, I had put you to test! I knew that you were a great moviemaker, videographer, etc. and your life has so far revolved only around TV sets and cameras! This was an exercise to remove the ego from your mind! Once the ego gets washed away, the mind would automatically get under control. Once the mind gets controlled, every action that you do would automatically be dedicated to Bhagawan!”

Thus from this small story, we can understand and infer how important is it for all of us to control our mind. Whenever we try doing it, the ego comes in between and thrashes our attempt. However, with the guidance and grace from the Spiritual Master, the mind can be channelized by thrashing the ego into pieces. This is exactly what Rishabha Deva says too! If we’ve to control our mind by ourselves, it is not an easy task to do in this lifetime! It is only with the help of a Mahatma, would we be able to achieve this task and to attain Moksha henceforth. So for today, let us realize and understand this important point, and let us try to channelize ourselves with the support and grace of a Spiritual Master. We shall wait till the next episode to move on further! Stay tuned! 😊























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