Episode # 103 – While enjoying worldly pleasures, we totally forget Bhagawan & His divine presence!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an interesting and a strange story involving King Puranjana and Avignyaata and the in-depth meaning behind it. In a way, we are again revolving around the vicious birth-death cycle and how this prevents us from attaining our goal of Moksha. We compared King Puranjana to our vicious mind and Avignyaata to Bhagawan. Just as King Puranjana marries a strange girl and had to undergo innumerable sufferings in the worldly life, we as human beings in this world are thickly married to our mind, and as a result, undergo innumerable sufferings in this world as we go by the whims and fancies of our mind. At that particular moment, because of the temptations of our mind, we tend to commit ourselves into something that might be unwarranted, but later on, owing to the severe consequences that we might face for our actions, we would start repenting for our mistakes. This is where, King Puranjana also got into! As Avignyata warned him not to get married to this beautiful girl, Puranjana gave into his mind’s temptations and desires. Ultimately by committing himself to marriage, he had to undergo innumerable trials and tribulations, not only in this birth, but also for five more births in the future.

However, one important point that we need to discuss from this story is that, when we are immersed in the “Samsaara” (Worldly pleasures), we often tend to forget Bhagawan completely! As we’re enjoying ourselves in the newly-obtained pleasures, our focus is only on how to enjoy the pleasure and not on Bhagawan. This is what happened even in the Valmiki Ramayana, wherein Sugriva was caught up with his newly found pleasure! In the previous Ramayana project we’ve witnessed a situation wherein, Bhagawan Rama defeats and kills Vaali, who was Sugriva’s brother. Eventually after the war was over, Sugriva was coronated the king of Vaanaras and Sugriva started to rule the Vaanara kingdom. But prior to this, what was the agreement between Bhagawan Rama and Sugriva? The agreement is that, Bhagawan Rama will save Sugriva from his wicked brother Vaali and coronate him to the throne. In return, Sugriva would help Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana to trace the whereabouts of Mother Sita. However, as Sugriva ascended the throne, he got carried away with all the pleasures of being a king! He had many women around him, and was immersed in drinks and enjoying all the pleasures associated with it. Eventually, Sugriva forgot that there’s someone by name Rama waiting for him with all his agony to find out Mother Sita. Months passed by and Sugriva never turned up to see Rama! Upon realizing this, and upon looking at Bhagawan Rama’s pitiable condition, Lakshmana got angry with Sugriva! His immediate question to Bhagawan was this: “Oh Rama! I can’t see you in such a pathetic condition! Should I kill Sugriva for what he has done to us?” Bhagawan replies thus: “Oh Lakshmana! Please understand that it is harsh to blame Sugriva for what he’s doing! This is the nature of the world. When people find new pleasures in life, it is natural for them to forget everything else in the process. So, just go to the Vaanara palace and give a warning to Sugriva that if he’s not going to keep up his promise, he would meet the same end as that of his brother’s!”

Thus, here too we witness how Sugriva completely forgot Bhagawan Rama when he found solace with his new pleasures in life! If Sugriva himself has to get carried away with such things, where are we today in the Kali Yuga? So, this is bound to happen to all of us. Thus the point here is that, when we are getting into some pleasures in this world, we easily tend to forget Bhagawan and eventually this derails us from the path of Moksha! This incident of Sugriva and that of King Puranjana should be eye-openers for us to realize that when we’ve taken the spiritual path, we should try our best to be steadfast in it, without deviating from it unwantedly. This is where, when Avignyaata offered help to King Puranjana if he had problems in his married life, King Puranjana had totally forgotten the words of Avignyaata owing to his sheer ignorance! Had he called out Avignyaata even at a time when his problems weren’t mounting to such an extent, he would have been relieved and recovered long back! However, that wasn’t meant to be the case and King Puranjana had to undergo the suffering for five long births!

This is the same story with all of us as well – Whenever we’re at the peak of our pleasure and happiness in life, we tend to forget Bhagawan totally! However, when we get entangled into all sorts of problems in life, we tend to curse and blame Bhagawan for all our suffering! How unfair this can be? Is Bhagawan the cause of our suffering? Absolutely not! If we’re committing the mistakes and if we’re undergoing the suffering for it, how would Bhagawan be responsible for this? Ultimately, of course, all we can do is to pray to Bhagawan to pull us out of the suffering – Just like how King Puranjana called out for Avignyaata for help at the peak of his suffering! Having said and done, by listening to our ardent and fervent prayers, Bhagawan’s heart would certainly melt and He would rescue us somehow. So let us have this faith in us as we move ahead and let us realize that we should always have Bhagawan in our scheme of things as part of our everyday life routine. We should allocate time for our spiritual practices and for helping others who are in need. This would be the best possible way to reach Bhagawan, even though we might be entangled in the worldly life.

So for today, let us realize this and let us wait till tomorrow’s episode to move forward! Stay tuned! 😊









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