Episode # 85 – Can technology be employed to spread awareness of our “Sanaathana Dharma”? An important discussion!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed two more important characteristics of a person who has gained an absolute control over his / her mind. In fact, we’ve witnessed eight out of the ten characteristics over the past three episodes that Sage Kapilaachaarya is listing out and today let us continue with the ninth and the last one. For our reference, we shall re-visit the important slokas that convey this message. Sage Kaplaachaarya says thus:

“Tithikshavaha kaarunikaaha sugruthaha sarva dehinaam!

Ajaatha shatravaha shaantaaha saadhavaha sadhu bhooshanaaha!!

Mayiananyena bhaavena bhaktim kurvanti ye dhrudaam!

Math krutetyakta karmaanaam tyakthah svajana baandhavaaha!!

Madaashrayaaha kathaa mrshtaaha shrunvanthee kathanyanvi cha!!”

So far we’ve witnessed brief explanations of the characteristics “Tithikshavaha”, “Kaarunikaaha”, “Sugruthaha sarva dehinaam”, “Ajaatha shatravaha”, “Shaantaaha”, “Saadhavaha”, Mayiananyena bhaavena bhaktim kurvanti ye dhrudaam” and “Tyakta karmaanaam”  . Today we shall move on to the next one in Sage Kapilaachaarya’s list. In fact, for our convenience and continuity, we shall witness both these last two characteristics together. Sage Kapilaachaarya says thus:

Madaashrayaaha kathaa mrshtaaha shrunvanthee kathanyanvi cha” – A person who is able to let go of his / her worldly pleasures completely and focus on listening and enjoying Bhagawan’s stories and the scriptures, is an indication of him / her having complete control over the mind! It is to be once again reminded that Sage Kapilaachaarya has said all of these during the Trethaa Yuga itself! In those days, the world was supposedly totally devoid of the kind of external disturbances and distractions that we have today. Even then, Sage Kapilaachaarya had his own concerns and says thus! If this is the case, we can really wonder what would have been the reaction of Sage Kapilaachaarya upon seeing all of us today in this Kali Yuga, if he was alive by chance! 🙂

So the point here is that, a person who has wrested control over his mind, does not go behind wordly pleasures, disturbances, distractions, etc. and is totally focused on Bhagawan only! This is the first point here. When we mention the words “worldly pleasures”, “disturbance”, “distraction”, etc. all of these words signify anything that is other than Bhagawan in this world. In simpler terms, any task or activity that pulls us away from spiritual growth and Bhagawan are considered as disturbances and distractions! Of course, in the present day scenario, I don’t even need to talk about disturbances and distractions that we are posed to, every passing day! We’re in the advent of the “technology era” and all we talk of today is “data”, “cloud”, “big data”, “social media”, etc. The world has shrunk in size and distances owing to robust technological growth in the present day! However having said that, the real question here is, are we using this technology in the right way, so as to improve our spiritual pursuit and increase our focus towards Bhagawan? The answer to this question is both a “Yes” and a “No”! For instance, whenever I log in to my social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m extremely happy to see innumerable “Groups” and “Pages” dedicated to our Sanaathana Dharma, wherein “Satsangs”, important messages from holy Spiritual Gurus, etc. are being shared. This is a great tool to create a mass awareness amongst our society and community and this serves to educate our people with the significance of our great religion called Hinduism. It is very heart-warming to see many people coming forward and voluntarily taking the initiative to start all these groups and run it efficiently. This indeed shows the commitment that our people have towards our Sanaathana Dharma.

Whereas on the other hand, the same technology tool is sadly being misused by many others as well! Every passing day we read and listen to the news saying that people are being abused, killed, and put to various kinds of torture by using the same social media and other technological advancements! This is the “pain” part here. Thus we should understand that technology is like having a knife in our hand. Just like how a knife can constructively be used for beautifully cutting vegetables, fruits, etc., technology should also be used constructively to spread awareness about our Sanaathana Dharma, so that it can aid more and more people in their spiritual progress. In fact, many people around the world are keen on making considerable spiritual progress in their lives, but unfortunately lack awareness and vital guidance. If we can spread this awareness to people like them by using technology in the right way, it would be a great service to the world! Similarly, just like how the same knife can used in a destructive way by stabbing people, technology can also be used in many bad ways, which would ultimately pave the way for total destruction of our human race! Hence, it is up to us to choose the right path!

Once we’re able to control our mind from going behind such worldly pleasures, disturbances and distractions, our mind would automatically start focusing on Bhagawan. This would lead us to gain interest in knowing more about Him and His “Leelas” (Divine Plays). The more we gain the interest to know about Bhagawan, we would automatically start liking our scriptural texts like the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Of course in our Bhaarata Desha (India), almost all of us have both the Ramayana and Mahabharata in our blood, as we are repeatedly exposed to these texts right from our childhood days. This interest should grow further and we should cultivate the keenness to dig deeper into these texts and analyze what messages that we can take for our present-day life from these important texts. Of course, we can never discard both the Ramayana and Mahabharata by saying that these are “olden day stuff”! In fact, many excerpts from the Bhagawad Gita for instance, are being examined by many Management experts and consultants worldwide and find extreme relevance to what is happening in today’s scenarios as well! Thus, the point here is that, the moment we start listening to Bhagawan’s divine incidents and tales, automatically we fall in line with our spiritual development agenda, which in turn melts Bhagawan’s heart!

So for today, let us ponder over these last two points put forward by Sage Kapilaachaarya and this marks the end of this phase of the discussion. In the upcoming episode, we shall commence the next discussion which Sage Kapilaachaarya is about to begin! Stay tuned! 🙂









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