Episode # 68 – Are Bhagawan’s incarnations (Avatars) in this world, only ten in number? An important discussion!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had commenced an important discussion on the huge family lineage of Svaayambhuya Manu. It is to be remembered by readers that it was this Svaayambhya Manu who was appointed and entrusted by Bhagawan Bramha for creating various living beings in this world. As Svaayambhuya Manu took over the job from Bramha, he had to encounter the wrath of the “Raakshasa” by name Hiranyaaksha and finally it was with the divine intervention of Bhagawan Vishnu in the incarnation of Bhagawan Varaaha to ultimately free the world from Hiranyaaksha.

As we moved on further, we had a sub-discussion on the parameter called “Time” and how this time is calculated as per our Sanaathana Dharma literature. This was an important discussion as Svaayambhuya Manu started creating more and more living beings on the world and this was the start point in “teaching” the living beings as to how to lead a life based on “Dharma” and how to utilize this lifetime on earth to attain Bhagawan Visnhu’s feet (Moksha) at the end of it.

Eventually, we witnessed in the last episode, the continuation of the discussion on the family lineage of Svaayambhya Manu. We’ve of course started this discussion much earlier, but now we shall continue it further. We’ve so far witnessed that he had two sons and three daughters. In the last episode we had witnessed the generations of his two sons, from which it continues till the birth of the famous Jada-Bharata, whose conversations we’re going to witness in the near future as we progress deeper into the Bhaagawatha Puraana text.

As we know that Svaayambhuya Manu had three daughters too – Devahooti, Aahooti and Prasooti. Devahooti gets married to Kardhama-Prajaapathi. For this couple, there are nine daughters who were born! These nine daughters were married to nine great sages. Thus, it is to be noted here that Svaayambhuya Manu had a phenomenal family background that consisted of great saints and great members in his lineage. However, Kardhama-Prajaapati was having a small wish. Although he had nine children, all of them were girls. However, he wanted to have a son. He prayed to Bhagawan Vishnu, and he was eventually blessed with a son, who was none other than Kapila. It is this person whom we often refer to as Kapilaachaarya. In fact, this Kapilaachaarya was another incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu Himself!

Here we need to discuss one important point. Many of us might be of the opinion that Bhagawan Vishnu had taken 9 incarnations (Avatars) till now, and the last one – Bhagawan Kalki is yet to be born in this Kali Yuga. Of course, we’ve witnessed under a different context that Bhagawan Vishnu will be taking the incarnation of Kalki at the end of this Kali Yuga, thus making the number of Bhagawan’s incarnations in this world as 10. But the real question here is that, are Bhagawan’s incarnations in this world, only restricted to these ten? The answer is “NO”! Bhagawan’s incarnations in this world are actually infinite in number. He incarnates in this world as and when it is required through various forms of people (Mahatmas) who are born in this world. Every incarnation has a definitive purpose and a deeper message to convey to mankind. But we talk mainly of the ten significant incarnations because our Maharishis (Sages) have compiled a list of these ten main incarnations just for the purpose of simplicity of our understanding. Of course, it is impossible for us to study into each of the thousands of incarnations that Bhagawan has taken in this world. This is why, we take the “Top 10” of the incarnations and try to understand them better! 🙂

Having said thus, out of the thousands of incarnations that Bhagawan has taken, Kapilaachaarya is also one among them. This is one point, we should always remember as we move forward.

“Mareechaye kalaam paadaath anasuyaam athhaathraye!

Shraddhaam angirase ayachhath pulasthyaaya havir bhuvam!!

Pulahaaya gathim yukthaam krathave cha kriyaam sathim!

Kyaathim cha brihave ayachhath vashishtaayaah arundathim!!

Atharvane adaachaanthim yayaayagnyo vitanyate!!”

In these couple of slokas that we had witnessed above, we can see that all the nine marriages of Kartama-Prajaapathi’s daughters are integrated into them! These slokas are extremely significant as it talks about nine marriages – Of course, these nine marriages aren’t just a joke! They are high-profile marriages as they involve great saints who were strong pillars of developing our Sanaathana Dharma and guiding it forward! If we think of these nine marriages every passing day, we can be sure that even in our houses and families, such high-profile marriages can take place, which would lead us towards the steady path of attaining the highest Moksha!

Thus as Kapilaachaarya was born, as expected, he was such a wise person with the highest level of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. In fact, Kapilaachaarya communicates to his own mother, the reason for which He was born on this world! Can we ever think of doing this today? 🙂 Or, do we even know the purpose for which we are born on this world? But Kapilaachaarya knows it, and this is where his significance lies! Kapilaachaarya is perhaps the only person in this world, who was able to enlighten his mother and drive her towards the path of Moksha!

Having said thus,  Kapilaachaarya now explains the very purpose of his birth. For this, let us wait till the next episode to witness! An extremely interesting accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂







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