Episode # 46 – Sage Sukhaachaarya initiates King Parikshit into penance – King Parikshit fails miserably!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very interesting point wherein, Sage Sukhaachaarya is trying to find a remedy for King Parikshit’s curse. He wants to reassure King Parikshit that seven days is not a small time at all, to attain Moksha. He cites the example of King Khatvaanga who just had 48 minutes, and he was able to attain Moksha with that small a time! Thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya motivates King Parikshit that all has not ended now. With this motivation, he tries out the first solution – He tries to initiate King Parikshit into deep penance. He gives the initial guidance to King Parikshit that he has to imagine Bhagawan in the form of this entire world. He gives instructions to King Parikshit accordingly. However when King Parikshit sits down to meditate, he is all in soup! He’s unable to focus on anything as Sage Sukhaachaarya had instructed him to do! He therefore runs back to Sage Sukhaachaarya saying thus: “Oh Sage! This is not going to work in any way! I don’t know how am I going to succeed in all this!” Saying thus, King Parikshit started getting more and more dejected!

Upon seeing this, Sage Sukhaachaarya says thus, “Oh Parikshit! Do not worry and do not get dejected! This is just one of the many ways to attain Moksha! If you’re unable to follow this path, it’s totally fine. I shall suggest you another way now!” Hearing this from Sage Sukhaachaarya, King Parikshit thinks within himself, “Oh! Why is he trying to test me like this? Doesn’t he already know that I’m not a Sage like him and I’m just a normal Kshatrya prince? Doesn’t he know that I’m not that spiritually advanced like him or other sages? Why didn’t he suggest the second method first, (if at all it might be easier to follow)?”

Here comes an important question – Why did Sage Sukhaachaarya do this? Why did he make King Parikshit feel the difficulty first and then initiate him into the easier ones? It is only because, he wanted King Parikshit to realize that nothing in this world can be got easily! He first made King Parikshit realize that attaining Moksha is not a very easy thing to do and a person should take a conscious effort forward, so as to attain it.

Even in our daily life, if we get something very easily, we wouldn’t realize the significance of it. Only if we’re made to run to get that something, we would be able to realize the significance of it. For instance, in olden days, people used to slog and work hard to earn even a small sum of money and pay the school or college fees for their children. Thus, if people undergo their education in that situation of money scarcity, they would be able to realize the significance of what they’re getting and thus would be serious enough in their studies. However now what is happening? We’re witnessing in many places, people spending lakhs of rupees on their children’s education very easily, owing to the higher standards of living that we experience today! Now the real question to be asked is that, whether today’s children are realizing the worth of the education that they’re receiving? Just because they’re getting all what they require at their doorstep, (thanks to their parents), most of the modern-day children today never take anything seriously! This is indeed an alarming concern as we move forward. This is what is happening with modern-day governments in some Indian states too – Giving everything to people as “freebies”! Such societies would never be able to prosper as these kinds of “schemes” would only make people lazy! They’ll never understand the hard way of earning money legitimately and lead a decent lifestyle.

This is exactly what Sage Sukhaachaarya doesn’t want to do with King Parikshit – He could have suggested the easy methods first up, and thereby attain Moksha. But he did not want to do that. He initiated King Parikshit into the tough path of penance, and thus made him realize that attaining Moksha is not a joke! He had to slog for it and finally when he himself came running back multiple times saying that he couldn’t walk the tougher paths, Sage Sukhaachaarya initiates him into the easier path of listening to Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. Thus, the message from this important episode is that, nothing good or valuable in this world can be obtained for free or very easily! We need to slog out the hard path, so that we put our efforts in the right direction and obtain that valuable item.

It is now Sage Sukhaachaarya replies to King Parikshit thus, “Oh Parikshit! You don’t need to go this path of penance. You can attain Moksha by the following different way:

“Paramparam vaishnavamaagatthi tadhyannethi neetheedyadhuh kshyasukshavaha!

Svapaarshnee appedya budham tatho nilam sthaaneshushat soonyam adhikramahkalaha!!”

Sage Sukhaachaarya still doesn’t want King Parikshit to go so easy! He again suggests a less-tougher path and continues thus, “Oh Parikshit! If you’re not able to imagine Bhagawan in the form of the entire world, imagine Him in the form of a small boy, blue in color, with a beautiful and a charming face, a peacock feather on the top of his head, a flute in his hands and dancing in front of you with all his ravishing beauty! Imagine this form of Bhagawan and go, try and meditate!”

Accordingly, King Parikshit goes back to his seat, tries to imagine Bhagawan in this beautiful form and starts to meditate. Is he successful this time atleast? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 😊 Stay tuned! 😊


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