Episode # 36 – Was Bhagawan Krishna a “Brahmachaari” & a “Satya-Vratha”? An important clarification!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had officially commenced to witness the contents of Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana text, wherein we started with the episode about King Parikshit and is background story. It should be remembered that it was only upon the request of King Parikshit that this entire text of Bhaagawatha Puraana was recited for the first time by Sage Sukhaachaarya. As mentioned in yesterday’s episode, King Parikshit comes as part of the family generation of Arjuna – One of the five Paandava brothers. Arjuna’s son was Abhimanyu and Abhimanyu’s wife was Utthara. It was for Abhimanyu and Utthara, Parikshit was born. Of course, we know that Abhimanyu was killed during the Kurukshetra war, as part of the “Chakraavyug” plan by Duryodhana and Co. It was during this time of Abhimanyu’s demise, Utthara was pregnant. Soon after the war came to an end and after Duryodhana was killed, Ashvatthaama (son of Guru Dhronaachaarya) wanted to take revenge on the Paandavas for “illegally” killing his father. Thus, he targets the Paandavas, the Upa-Paandavas (sons of the Paandava brothers) at a time when all of them were asleep in the middle of the night. Ashvatthaama employs the powerful “Brahmaasthra” to kill each and every person in the Paandava camp. As all the Upa-Paandavas were getting killed one after the other, the Brahmaasthra comes in search of Parikshit, who was still in the womb of Utthara at that time. The Brahmaasthra, as per the instruction of Ashvatthaama enters inside Utthara’s womb too, and starts to destroy the baby from within.

It is at this time, all the ladies present there, including Kunthi (Mother of Paandavas), Draupathi, Utthara, etc. run to Bhagawan Krishna to seek refuge. They plead and beg Bhagawan Krishna to intervene somehow and stop this disaster from happening further. It was a point wherein all the Upa-Paandavas were killed, except Utthara’s child. The ladies pray to Bhagawan Krishna that if this Utthara’s child is also killed, the entire generation of the Paandava brothers is going to be destroyed completely! Hence they request Bhagawan Krishna to somehow intervene and stop this disaster from happening. All of them pray to Bhagawan Krishna thus:

“Krishnaaya vaasudevaaya Devaki nandanaaya cha!

Nandagopa kumaaraaya govindaaya namo namaha!!”

This is one of the most important slokas that is part of Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. All of us should byheart this sloka and recite it every day. It is believed that if we chant this particular sloka, Bhagawan Krishna immediately runs and comes to us, so as to solve all our difficulties. Thus as the ladies chant this sloka and pray wholeheartedly, Bhagawan Krishna decided that he has had enough with this Ashvatthaama. He immediately employs his “Chakra” and directs it into Utthara’s womb. The “Chakra” is now going round and round into the womb, thus serving as a protection to the baby from the wrath of the Brahmaastra and also neutralizes it completely. However as Utthara delivers the baby after a while, the child was like a stationary piece of burnt wood! It seemed that this baby did not have any life in it! It is at this point, Bhagawan Krishna goes near the child, touches its hands and feet with His fingers. He thus caresses the baby with His hands.

As Bhagawan Krishna caresses the child, he makes a huge statement thus, “If it is true that I’m a ‘Brahmachaari’ and I’ve always spoken the truth at all times, let this child come back to life!”

As Bhagawan Krishna proclaims thus, people around Him were all surprised to bits! Here’s a person who has married around 16,000 girls in His life and here’s a person who has seemingly told ONLY lies all his life till date and here’s a person who has played all possible tricks in this world according to His will and wish! How on earth can He proclaim that he is a Brahmachaari and has never uttered even a single lie? 😊

However, there is an important message for all of us here – Bhagawan Krishna “appeared” to be amidst all the worldly pleasures, but He was smart enough, not to involve Himself with any worldly pleasure at any point in time! He was a “Paramaatma” and was a class apart from all others who were around him! He clearly knew that He was a “Paramaatma” (Bhagawan) and rest all of them were “Jeevatmas” (Normal people like us) and also knew how to differentiate between the two categories! Thus, although he “appeared” to be married to 16,000 wives, the relationship between them and Bhagawan was so pure and not of any worldly category like us! All 16,000 people who were with Bhagawan Krishna, were none other than His ardent devotees and they were of the highest category of spiritual progression! Moreover, whatever Bhagawan Krishna spoke about, might “seemingly” be lies and playful in nature, but every word that He spoke and every action that He performed, had an enormous amount of reasoning behind them! Thus, it is not right to call Bhagawan Krishna as a “liar” or “womanizer” as many of us tend to brand him today!

Moreover, if we look at the spiritual context of it, all “Jeevatmas” of this world are wives of one “Paramaatma”, which is none other than Bhagawan Krishna Himself! Thus in a way, all of us, irrespective of whether we’ve taken the physical form of a male or female, are all wives of Bhagawan! This is what the “Aalwars” and various “Aachaaryas” have preached through their writings and commentaries too! In fact, there is a separate term to explain such a concept in Tamil poetry called “Naayikaa Bhaava”. Here, the poet imagines himself as a woman and composes hymns on Bhagawan in such a way that she is in love with Bhagawan and is trying to attract His attention towards her! This can be commonly witnessed in many places all along the “Divya-Prabhandham” text – A master-compilation of hymns in praise of Bhagawan Vishnu, sung by all the Aalwars together. Thus, “Naayika-Bhaava” is one method of showing ardent devotion towards Bhagawan, and is considered to be one of the highest levels of spiritual growth!

Thus moving on, as Bhagawan Krishna touches the child and makes the proclamation, the child immediately comes to life and later on, was named as “Parikshit”. So for today, let us ponder over this important point in spirituality and let us try to understand that Bhagawan Krishna was really a ‘Brahmachaari” and a “Satya-Vratha” (A person who always talks the truth). We shall wait till the next episode to witness what happened subsequently from this point! Stay tuned! 😊



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