Episode # 27 – Sage Naarada meets a 20-year-old “mother” of two 90-year-old “sons” – A peculiar incident!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had commenced on a very interesting event that took place during the advent of this Kali Yuga, where Sage Naarada is trying to express his displeasure with regards to what is happening in this world, after the departure of Bhagawan Krishna to Vaikunta. As Sage Naarada is going along with a sad face and a worried look, unhappiness was written all over his facial expressions. This kindled the feelings of some other sages who were residing in Sage Naarada’s path. So they stop him and ask him the reason for his sadness. Upon this, Sage Naarada claims that ever since Bhagawan Krishna had left this world to Vaikunta, he wasn’t able to see any sort of good activities that are happening as per the Dharma that Bhagawan Krishna taught to people. In this accord, Sage Naarada even says that he had visited many “Punya-Kshetras” and even there he found the same story. Sage Naarada gives an account of several Punya-Kshetras that he had visited, which we had witnessed in yesterday’s episode. Finally he starts describing about one important “Punya-Kshetra”, which is Mathura, situated on the banks of River Yamuna in the north-Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This is the very place where Bhagawan Krishna spent all of us childhood days, along with the nearby places of Gokula, Brindavan, and the likes. Here is where, Sage Naarada spots a unique incident and he tries to explain this incident to the Sages with whom he was talking with. We shall witness this unique and peculiar incident in today’s episode.

As the Sages were listening to Sage Naarada, he starts narrating that peculiar instance thus: “Oh Sages! As I was passing through this place called Mathura, which is incidentally the place where Bhagawan Krishna spent his childhood days, I saw at the bottom of a big tree, a young woman in her 20’s, lying beside two men who were very old and probably in their 90’s. I was surprised as to why this small girl is lying beside two old men and I went down to enquire some details. When I asked her about the two men sleeping by her side, I was stunned with her answer! She says that those two old men were her own sons and now for some reason, they’re totally unconscious and lying on the ground! She’s trying hard to wake them up, but she couldn’t!”

Sage Naarada becomes skeptical at this point as to how can a 20-year-old girl become a mother of two 90-year-old men! However he doesn’t vent out his skeptics at this point, as she requests his help to awaken these two “children” of hers! Sage Naarada also tries his best to waken them up – He tries chanting some slokas, Bhagawad Gita, Vishnu Sahasranama, etc. but in vein! These two are never going to get up for anything that Sage Naarada is going to do! As Sage Naarada is also perplexed with what is going on, he asks this girl about her background story! Now the girl narrates her past and how has she come to this point along with her two “90-year-old-sons”!

The girl says thus: “Oh Sage Naarada! I was born long back in this world along with a friend of mine. I’m living a life in this world ever since “Krita Yuga”. I’ve passed through the entire Krita Yuga, Tretha Yuga, Dvaapara Yuga and now I’m living even inside the Kali Yuga. However, as I was living in the previous three “Yugas”, I was living happily with my sons and also with one of my very good friend. Eventually during the end of the Dvaapara Yuga, my friend left me by saying that her time has come to leave and if at all I want some help regarding something, she would definitely come and do the needful! Eventually, I had also become older along with these two sons of mine. However, since I was also roaming around with these two sons, when I reached Mathura I suddenly became young again! However, my two sons are unable to become young like how I had become! Moreover, both of them are unconscious at the moment and I’m trying hard to wake them up and make them young like me! Somehow this is not happening!”

As Sage Naarada listens to this “peculiar story” from this girl, he thinks for a while and suddenly realizes what had exactly happened with his “Gnyaana Drishti” (Unique sense of understanding the past, present and future together). It is to be understood by readers here that this girl who is supposed to be in her 20s, was actually an old woman! Her sons too thus were very old. But upon reaching this particular place, she had been transformed into a young woman. However, the sons couldn’t be transformed the same way how she was!

As this girl was narrating this story, Sage Naarada comes to an understanding that she has narrated a huge important event that had happened in the past, but in an indirect manner, that sounds very peculiar! It is at this point upon seeing these three of them, Sage Naarada realizes this whole background story like a “flashback”! What is this “flashback” story? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊






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