Episode # 25 – When Bhagawan appears in front of us, all our sins get washed away!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode we had witnessed a special mention about “detachment” and how Bhagawan Krishna meticulously stressed on its significance so as to make spiritual progress. In fact, the same point has been echoed by Sage Pauraanika also in his reply to his disciples as to how do we still succeed in our spiritual pursuit, despite being amidst the treacherous Kali Yuga. In fact, Sage Pauranika has been giving various solutions to this problem wherein he spoke about creating a self-awareness about Bhagawan by reading and understanding about His significance, visiting various “Punya-Kshetras” across the Bhaarata Desha (India), which would help us in gaining more understanding of the various “leelas” (divine activities) that Bhagawan has performed, and now we’ve spoken of unbundling of all our worldly attachments by developing a strong sense of “detachment” from all of them!

Of course, “detachment” is one of the toughest tasks to do in this Kali Yuga, but we should start somewhere, isn’t it? We cannot keep saying that it is tough and brood over it! 😊 So let us try and get rid of these attachments by enhancing our knowledge about Bhagawan and His significance and by doing so, we would slowly start progressing towards the path of Dharma. If we’re able to do this in a steadfast manner, no matter what obstacle comes our way, we would be able to overthrow every kind of obstacle that comes in between our spiritual journey and keep chugging along!

If we’ve to take this discussion a little deeper, we are now living in this Kali Yuga like a superfast vehicle tied to a tree with a strong rope, unable to move forward! This vehicle is capable of cruising at 200 kilometers per hour, but is unable to move an inch forward because of this rope that is tied to its wheel. Now, this vehicle will be able to move forward only if the rope is cut down, isn’t it? Similarly, we are also like this superfast vehicle that is tied to the tree by the rope. Our sins and worldly attachments are like this rope. It is only if all these are “cut-down”, will we be able to cruise on the spiritual path at our maximum speed. It is not that we are capable of cruising our way through. It is only that we are tied to the tree of “attachments” with the rope. Once we’re able to cut down this rope, we’re detaching ourself from the obstacle and thus, we move forward towards Dharma. Now how do we “cut down” this rope? The only option is to know more about Bhagawan by reading about Him, by visiting His temples, etc.

This is why we’re insisting that we focus our attention in reading this great text called Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. As we’ve seen in the past few episodes that Bhagawan Krishna Himself is residing in Kali Yuga in the form of this sacred text, what more of an assurance do we need beyond this? The moment we take the book in our hand, start reading the slokas and the commentaries with total trust on Bhagawan and with complete involvement, we would automatically get tears of joy in our eyes. The moment we’re in this state, we would automatically start experiencing Bhagawan standing right in front of us with a beautiful divine face, with a flute in hand, with a peacock feather in His head and with a bluish body clad with a silky and a shiny attire! This is what “Bhakti” exactly is! This is what Bhagawan expects from us as we move forward in the path of spiritual growth! The moment we’re able to experience the divine presence of Bhagawan, we do not need any further push! We would automatically start cruising along the path of spiritual growth, as the rope called “sins” is cut off from our legs! The moment Bhagawan comes in front of us, all our sins get washed away! We’ve seen this concept of Sanaathana Dharma earlier during our Ramayana project as well, wherein when Bhagawan Rama appeared in front of Hanuman for the first time, all of Hanuman’s sins were completely washed away automatically and Hanuman sank into tears of joy upon seeing his “hero”! So as ardent followers of Sanaathana Dharma, we should always keep this point in mind, as we move into the Bhaagawatha Puraana text.

Moving on thus, as Sage Pauraanika finishes his answer for this particular question, he lets out an important message as well. He says thus:

“Paarthivaa dhaaruno dhoomaha tasmaad agnistrayeemayaha!”

Saying thus, Sage Pauraanika concludes the answer for this first question from his disciples. However he continues to say that this is not the end here. He says thus, “Oh disciples! This is just the beginning of a long question-answer session. This session is not only going to help clearing your doubts and clarifications on various issues pertaining to this Kali Yuga, but is also going to serve as an important ‘document’ for innumerable generations of people to take birth, as we progress into this Kali Yuga further and further! So keep your mind and ears open and listen to all what I’ve got to tell all of you!”

It is with this interactive session between Sage Pauraanika and his disciples, the Bhaagawatha Puraana commences. Now let us go into more details of this conversation.

“Bruvaanam samsthooya muneenaam dheerga satrinaam!

Tasya puthro mahaa yogi samadrig nirvi kalpakaha!!”

These slokas actually mark the beginning of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana and also the interaction between Sage Pauraanika and his Sishyas. But before we go into this, there are two small stories that are part of the “Paadma Puraana”, that talk about the significance of this great Shrimad Bhaagawatha text. We What are they? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! We shall go into the Bhaagawatha Puraana text, as we look into those couple of stories. Stay tuned! 😊

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