Episode # 16 – Why is it important for us to learn Sanskrit and / or Tamil languages???

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of our discussion on few selected and important “Dhyaana Slokas”, which establish and re-establish the sacredness and the divine significance of this great text called Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. In that sequence, the last episode saw discussions on couple of slokas wherein we established the fact that even if we’re able to read, understand, comprehend and implement the contents of one sloka out of the several thousands of slokas, this itself is one of the greatest achievements that we can do in our life! Hence, it is imperative that it is our bound duty as ardent followers of our “Sanaathana Dharma” to spend time and focus on this great text. Secondly, we also witnessed that at places where there are no chants of Bhagawath slokas and “Puraanas”, and at places that are devoid of talks about Bhagawan’s greatness, Bhagawan Krishna ceases to exist. This is an important sign of warning for all of us that whatever we do in life, we should definitely allocate some time for Bhagawan every day. We should make sure that we sing His praises, read about Him, talk about Him, enjoy His bliss and understand how does His grace works.

So with this accord in detail, we shall now witness what this text called Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana offers us. We shall commence our discussion from the first “Skandha” from now. I’m sure that our readers are now familiar with the structure of this text and would be having a brief idea of what are we going to talk about in each of the seven parts. With this basic knowledge, we shall now move into the contents of the first Skandha. I shall touch upon few important slokas all through the way as we discuss the contents in detail. It should be noted that all the 18,000 slokas of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana are in Sanskrit only. Here, one can ask immediately here as to why do we have to witness the slokas, given that we do not have adequate knowledge in the Sanskrit language and why don’t we just witness the messages and the meanings of these slokas only. It should be remembered that Bhagawan Krishna has mentioned that He is present in the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana, in the form of slokas only. Hence, if we’ve to feel the presence of Bhagawan Krishna, we’ve got no option but to look into the slokas that are in Sanskrit. Of course, we’re going to see all the descriptions and inferences in English. But having said that, not everything in this world and especially in our Sanaathana Dharma literature can be fully experienced in English alone. Moreover, we’ve to accept the hard fact that English is a foreign language and is not conducive to understand and appreciate the significance of certain aspects in our Sanaathana Dharma literature. However, because of various reasons, we would try and witness all explanations in English, along with the slokas that are in Sanskrit. This would give us the double benefit of understanding the meaning and also to invoke the presence of Bhagawan Krishna along with us as we read through. Thus for readers, even though we might not understand the slokas upright, it is always good to read through the slokas as we read the other English contents in each episode. This is a mandatory requirement as we move into the text.

But having said that, all of us, as ardent followers of our Sanaathana Dharma should make a conscious effort of learning Sanskrit and / or Tamil languages. This is also a mandatory thing as we move on, because, not everything can be understood and appreciated in English and other foreign languages. We need the basic knowledge of either Sanskrit or Tamil to understand and experience the divinity of our Sanaathana Dharma Literature, because all of these texts are in either of these two languages. Hence, it is always better for us to learn these ancient languages so that we can appreciate the significance of our Sanaathana Dharma literature more. Thus, the message from this part of the discussion is that, we’ve to first look into the main sloka, and it is only from there, we should derive the meanings, contents and the messages. This is how we follow the path of “Dharma” that Bhagawan has laid down for us to reach the ultimate “Moksha”.

Hence for today, let us understand this important fact as we move on and in the next episode, we shall straightaway jump into the contents of the first Skandha of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. Stay tuned! 😊


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