Episode 370 – SAHUNI, the “King-maker” – How did King Dhirdiraashtra walk into his trap?



In the previous episode, we had witnessed Vidura’s angry display yet again, wherein he slams King Dhirdiraashtra for his indifferent attitude. He takes this opportunity to remind him of few of his predecessors in the likes of Ravana, Kamsa and Hiranya Kashibu and issues a stern warning by saying that all these kings who once led luxurious lives in the past, had to meet terrible ends due to their sheer arrogance and misbehavior owing to various reasons. Vidura thus slams King Dhirdiraashtra of following the same footsteps of these people in meeting a treacherous end.

Thus, the message from this segment of Vidura’s accord is that, by looking at some of our predecessors, we should learn how not to lead a life in this world. Of course, there are good examples like Bhagawan Rama, Krishna, Prahlada himself, etc. wherein we can learn how to follow the path of “Dharma” to attain the highest spiritual stature of “Moksha”. If we take the “Bhagawad Gita” itself, all of this is clearly explained by Bhagawan Krishna. Apart from this, by traversing through Bhagawan Rama’s life, we shall nbe able to understand how not to deviate from the path of “Dharma” at any instance and at any catastrophic situation that we might come across in life. Similarly, if we consider Prahlaadha, we can obviously learn how to be steadfast in the path of “Dharma”, irrespective of whatever hurdles might come and hit us. Prahlaadha is the perfect example to illustrate the fact that if we have unshakable faith over Bhagawan, He would somehow protect us by all means.

As mentioned above, these are some good examples that we shall keep as benchmarks in our day-to-day lives. Similarly, there are certain bad examples too that we might come across in our Ithihaasas and Puraanas and from these, we should learn how not to lead a life along the path of “Adharma”. The likes of Duryodhana and his brothers, Ravana, Kumbakarna, Hiranyaaksha, Hiranya Kashibu, etc. illustrate the fact that if we’re exhibiting arrogance and ignorance towards righteous people, we would be dealt with very severely by Bhagawan.

Similarly, even in our day-to-day lives, we might come across innumerable good and bad examples in both our personal and professional setups. It is always better to maintain a neutral stance in all this, and understand which is good and which is bad. Our sense of discrimination is of prime importance here. If we’re able to maintain a neutral stance by not taking sides towards one set of people, we would be able to clearly make the distincition as to who is right and who is wrong! This is very important, especially in the corporate setup. There might be different kinds of people that we might come through at our workplace and it is important that we do not get carried away just with certain sets of people, only because they are pleasing and attractive for us at that moment. We should think twice before getting into closer relationships with people at our workplace as this is like a double-edged sword! We should be very careful not to get into a trap of a bad companionship and eventually spoil our name and reputation in our organization.

This is where we need to apply our sense of discrimination and this is exactly what Vidura is advising King Dhirdiraashtra here. The problem with King Dhirdiraashtra is that, he is going into a huge trap that is laid by his brother-in-law, Sahuni. We’ve witnessed this in one of our previous episodes as to how Sahuni wanted to take his revenge on the whole Hastinapura Dynasty and how he executed his wicked plans by making Duryodhana as his puppet! The moment Sahuni realized that Duryodhana was desparately after the Paandavas for capturing their share of the Hastinapura kingdom, he used Duryodhana’s urgency and ignorance to his full benefit and started to corner King Dhirdiraashtra on various issues, including the infamous game of gambling that took place in the public courtroom. Thus, at every instance, Sahuni was a “king-maker” in various decisions that King Dhirdiraashtra had to make, including the torturous exile that was metted out to the Paandavas on the behest of his son Duryodhana. In fact, it was Sahuni who created that situation in such a way that King Dhirdiraashtra had to fall in line with him and to obey whatever he and Duryodhana said! Sadly enough, King Dhirdiraashtra never realized the plots that Sahuni had made to satisfy his revenge of pulling down the Hastinapura dynasty and King Dhirdiraashtra right royally fell into the trap! This is where, he should have applied his sense of discrimination as a righteous king! Rather than encouraging his son Duryodhana to get along with Sahuni, he should have taken stern steps against it .Of course, this should be backed up with real-time data and evidence that Sahuni is trying to play spoilsport! Thus, we can see clearly that King Dhirdiraashtra had miserably failed in terms of trusting and going behind the wrong person, without the sense of discrimination. Thus we can realize here, that going behind bad companionship is ultimately going to pull us down at some stage!

Hence, these are all the bad examples that we come across in the Mahabhaarata itself, and we should try to learn our lesson, not to lead our lives in such ways! So for today, let us sink in this important point and let us try to open up our sense of discrimination to understand exactly who is right and who is wrong and which is “Dharma” and which is “Adharma”. This episode should be an eye-opener for all of us with respect to this important point of Vidura! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 😊

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