Episode # 363 – “Desire – Greed – Fear – A vicious sequence for a human being” – Vidura asserts!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another important extension to Vidura’s explanation on Satisfaction and how significant is it for our daily life. Yesterday we witnessed a phenomenon that is catching up big-time in our society, which is extra-marital relationship. In this regard, we witnessed the important advice of Mother Sita to Ravana in the same context wherein she asserts that it would be pleasurable at that moment to go behind the wife / husband of others, however in the long run, this would only ruin our lives completely without any mercy. All these things prop up only because of the lack of satisfaction that we have in our minds. If we’re able to limit ourselves with utmost satisfaction, in terms of money, wealth, luxuries and people, peace of mind would automatically start reigning into our lives, and ultimately, we would be happy throughout! Hence, we should make it a point that we adhere to this important advice that Vidura is giving us. Although King Dhirdiraashtra eventually did not pay heed to Vidura’s important words of advice, it is not that we too should walk the path of King Dhirdiraashtra. We can always keep these points in mind and follow them meticulously to make our lives happier. Of course, all of us know what happened to King Dhirdiraashtra and Co. by ignoring Vidura’s advice.

Now moving on further, Vidura comes to the last message here – He finally ends his piece of advice by asserting that in this world, for us to live at peace we need to let go of three things – “Kaama” (Desire), “Bhayam” (Fear) and “Lobham” (Greed). Vidura says thus:

“Na jaathu kaamaan na bhayaan na lobhaath dharmam thyaah jeevitasya hethoho!!

Here Vidura explains to King Dhirdiraashtra that a person who is devoid of the above-mentioned three characteristics, he / she can live in this world for a long time and with ultimate peace of mind. He advises King Dhirdiraashtra to follow this path that leads to “Dharma”. It is only because of the desire (“Kaama”) that King Dhirdiraashtra and Duryodhana are having over the Hastinapura kingdom, are all problems arising here. This desire doesn’t stop here. If this desire is allowed to grow further and further without any control, this becomes “Lobham”, which is nothing but excessive desire or greed. Over a period of time, this desire converts and transforms itself into greed and possessiveness, that we become crazy enough for what we are wanting in life! Eventually because of this craziness, we tend to take any possible way, irrespective of “Dharma” or “Adharma” to get our things done and satisfied. Eventually at a point when we realize that we’re going to get into trouble because of our unwanted activities and behavior, we are going to develop the fear (“Bhayam”) within us. What if someone catches us red-handed for all what we’ve done? What if we’re going to be severely punished for our wrong-doing? What if our future and our family get affected because of our wrong-doings? These kinds of fears sink inside us as we go down the path of “Adharma”.

Thus, if we watch closely enough, we can witness a sequence here – It all starts with “Kaamam” (Desire). As we go behind our desire, it gets transformed to something called “Lobham” (Greed) and along its path, we also give into “Krodha” (Anger). As we’re walking the path of “Adharma” because of all the three above-mentioned characteristics, we result in “Bhayam” (Fear) of repercussions at a later stage. This is where, King Dhirdiraashtra is getting entangled inside right royally here! It is to be remembered by readers here that it is mainly because of his affection towards his son (Which is a form of “Kaama” or desire), that King Dhirdiraashtra never questioned the activities of his son Duruyodhana ever since his childhood days. He stood by Duryodhana and back him up in whatever nonsense he did to the Paandavas. Now this affection towards Duryodhana has transformed eventually into “Lobham”, wherein is affection has become excessive, thus leading to something called “Putra-Vaatsalya”. At this stage, King Dhirdiraashtra realizes that his son has become his full center of focus and had eventually approved whatever illicit action that Duryodhana along with his uncle Sahuni staged during that infamous gambling episode. Eventually as time progressed further, King Dhirdiraashtra’s excessive “Putra-Vaatsalya” has only pushed him into the fear of a possible backlash from Duryodhana, if at all he questions him at this stage for all the atrocities that he has committed to the Paandavas. Thus even as Vidura advises him point after point, King Dhirdiraashtra is unable to digest anything, only because of the fear (“Bhayam”) of backlash from his son and the fear of him being deserted or even killed by his own son. We can clearly see the sequence here with respect to King Dhirdiraashtra’s life itself. This is exactly where Vidura is trying to pull King Dhirdiraashtra from this mindset. He’s trying to give a helping hand to King Dhirdiraashtra to overcome this vicious cycle and try to question Duryodhana for what he is doing! Eventually, this would open up an avenue for brokering of peace between the Kaurava and the Pandava camps.

So for today, let us ponder over the sequence of events that conspired in the Mahabharata story and let us try to link it to this point which Vidura is emphasizing here! It is extremely interesting how Vidura sequences his points one after the other and lays the “punch” to King Dhirdiraashtra, who even then, does not want to correct himself and mend his ways! We shall wait till the next episode to ponder over this further in the present-day scenario! Stay tuned! 😊

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