Episode # 361 – “Enough is enough” – How do we develop this mindset within us? Vidura has an answer!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another important point that Vidura has commenced explanation on. This time it is on something called “Satisfaction” and how significant is it for a human being. Here Vidura is using a string of beautiful analogies to bring out this important point and its significance. He says, just like how a fire never gets satisfied with the amount of oil or ghee or wood that it is burning, just like how an ocean is not satisfied by having more and more rivers emptying their waters into it, our human beings are never satisfied, irrespective of how many ever desires that we try to satisfy ourselves with! With these beautiful analogies, he tries to corner and slam King Dhirdiraashtra for his indifference towards his crooked son, who is an embodiment of unwanted desires and perverted intelligence. Vidura lashes out at King Dhirdiraashtra by recalling all what Duryodhana has done to the Paandavas till date and illustrates how his desires are driving him away from the path of “Dharma” and because he lacks satisfaction in anything whatever he does, he gets unduly motivated to commit more and more sins. Vidura sends out a strong warning to King Dhirdiraashtra that such heinous sins and crimes that Duryodhana is committing every passing day, are only tightening the noose around him, inch by inch. With all the sins that he’s committing, Duryodhana is on the verge of strangling himself to death, and doesn’t need an enemy to come and kill him physically.

How applicable is this for the modern day? In the current scenario, all of us keep running and running behind something, every passing day. Right from the time we get up from bed, till the time we hit the bed back to sleep, we keep running! It might be amazing to know that if someone stops us suddenly and asks us the reason for our everyday running, we would not even be able to give a valid answer! But still, we keep running! Now why do we do this? Why can’t we stop and pause for a while and give some time for our own sef? The reason behind this question is that, we’re lacking that internal satisfaction within us, which is of prime importance. Just because we can never satisfy ourselves with what we are and with what we have, we keep running behind something or someone, in a belief that we would achieve whatever we’re missing in life. Sadly enough in most cases, although we keep running here and there, searching, we’re never going to get what we’re really missing. This is because, we’re unable to satisfy ourselves with what we get and what we have! Even if, for instance, someone gives us a gift of Rupees 10, for something good that we might have done, we would immediately feel bad that this person did not give us Rupees 100 and he just gave us Rupees 10. If suppose, that person would have given a prize money of Rupees ten thousand, what are we going to say? Are we going to feel happy about it? Again, we would start cribbing! We would say to ourselves or to our friends thus: “Oh! This person is a miser! Why can’t he be generous and give us atleast Rupees 50,000? What can we do with these 10,000 rupees that he has given? Doesn’t he realize the cost of living in our place today?” Thus, the limit is endless. Irrespective of how much ever money we’re going get, we’re still going to keep cribbing! This is a common phenomenon in any organization too – When it comes to salary matters such as increments, bonus, etc. employees mostly would never get satisfied with whatever amount of money that the organization might give! They would only keep asking for more and more money!

This is exactly what Vidura explains here. When he says that “Satisfaction” is of prime importance for human life, we should learn to draw the line at some point with respect to our needs and wants. If this does not happen, it would be very difficult to attain peace of mind and spiritual growth. At some point, we should be able to prepare our mind by making a decision of “enough is enough”, especially with respect to money and other forms of worldly luxuries. Of course I’m not saying that earning money is wrong and we shoud shun it. Money is important and is essential for our healthy and a good standard of living that we need to maintain for ourselves and our family. But beyond that, if we start craving for more and more money and wealth, this is where the problem arises. This is what Vidura is explaining to King Dhiridraashtra too – If King Dhirdiraashtra and his son Duryodhana are able to develop this satisfaction in them, both the Kauravas and the Paandavas can rule Hastinapura kingdom together with mutual consent and the entire kingdom along with its subjects would be very happy and peaceful! Rather, if Duryodhana is not going be happy with the due share of the kingdom that he is supposed to get, and if he is going to go after the share that the Paandavas are supposed to get legitimately, there is no stopping him from ending up in a huge disaster!

So for today, let us ponder over this important point of “Satisfaction” and reflect this point upon our daily lives. Let us make a conscious decision in life as to what are our necessities and what are our luxuries. Let us try to satisfy our necessities (of course), and try to cut down on our luxuries slowly bit by bit. This would be a good beginning, if we’re to progress up the spiritual ladder. We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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