Episode # 350 – “If you aren’t listening even to Bhagawan, who is going to protect you henceforth?” Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another extension to Vidura’s final pieces of advice to King Dhirdiraashtra that he has to somehow come out of his selfish attitude and should develop the mindset to share his belongings with the Paandavas, who are his near and dear sons. This is perhaps the only solution to the brewing issue that is going to lead to a nasty and a disastrous war between the two rival camps. Vidura is advising King Dhirdiraashtra that as the seniormost member of the family and of the kingdom, he should have the maturity to take a neutral stance, analyze the situation and act accordingly, rather than taking sides, just because his sons are involved. Vidura is pleading King Dhirdiraashtra to consider and re-consider the Paandavas as his own sons and not like third-party people and this would create peace and happiness in the Hastinapura kingdom.

Thus with this point, Vidura completes the 39’th Adhyaaya of the Vidura Neeti and now we move on to the last and the final Adhyaaya – the 40’th. This is a small one and here Vidura places some impactful and remarkable words of advice for King Dhirdiraashtra. Vidura commences the 40’th Adhyaaya thus:

“Yobhyardchirasahbirasabhyamaanaha karohthyartham shakthi mahaapayikthvaa!

Kshipram yastham samupaipi santham prasannaahi sukhaahi santhaha!!”

Here Vidura explains clearly to King Dhirdiraashtra that whatever task that he has currently undertaken is never going to yield any victory, because he is trying to disregard all the words of advice of good people. In this case as we might have seen all through the Mahabharata story, there were innumerable people who advised King Dhirdiraashtra and Duryodhana to mend their ways and follow the path of Dharma. The list of good and kind-hearted people are too long – Starting from Bhishma himself, who is considered as the “Pithaamaha” or the senior-most member of the Hastinapura royal family, Dhronaachaarya, the greatest teacher of Hastinapura kingdom, Sanjaya, Bhagawan Krishna himself, and now Vidura! Inspite of all these people explaining the Dharma to King Dhirdiraashtra, he is still discarding all their pieces of advice and going down the path of Adharma. Such people can never be straightened and their doom becomes inevitable.

This is exactly what Vidura explains here. He slams King Dhirdiraashtra thus, “Oh King! Till date, over the past so many years, there were innumerable people who had tried to stop you from doing Adharma and re-direct you to the path of Dharma. Unfortunately, you’ve not paid heed to any of them and you still continue to do what you want, even knowing the fact that you’re walking down the dangerous path of Adharma! Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Please take my words here – If you’re disregarding the golden words of advice of people who follow Dharma, you’re going to meet a disastrous end very soon! If you’re not going to follow their words of advice carefully, your entire Kaurava clan is just going to be reduced to rubbles very soon! Leaving aside all of us – Myself, Sanjaya, Dhronaachaarya, Bhishma, etc., Bhagawan Krishna himself is coming to you and is advising you on the Dharma! How fortunate you are to listen to pieces of advice from Bhagawan himself? What more do you want in life to change yourself and to mend your ways? If you’re not paying heed even to Bhagawan’s words, then nobody can ever change you and nobody can ever protect you!”

Slamming thus, Vidura continues his words of advice to King Dhirdiraashtra, “Oh King! Please realize the fact of this world that if you take up any task, that is against the advice of the great scholarly people and Mahatmas, this task is surely going to fail and is going to end you up in a great disaster! Please try to obey Bhagawan Krishna’s words and try to take a step forward to doze down this brewing issue between the two camps. Please part with your ego and try to divide the Hastinapura kingdom as per the earlier agreement with your brother Paandu. If you had given a word to someone, it is your duty to stand by your words and not to go back on them! By going back on your own words, you’re only ending up cheating someone, which directly implies that you’re walking the path of Adharma and nothing else! So please understand the repercussions of your actions and try to mend them now, before things become too late! Please remember one thing – You can never defeat the Paandavas because Dharma is in their side, in the form of Bhagawan Krishna! At any point in time in this world, Bhagawan will always stand by the Dharma and he would ensure that Dharma would have the upper hand always. Hence, there is no point in you or Duryodhana in standing up in arms against Dharma in anyway. You are surely going to be defeated for it. Rather than taking this disastrous path, please think and act in a progressive manner so that your kingdom and your sons can be saved!”

Thus the lesson that we can learn from this episode is that, if we’re trying to go against the words of our elders and Mahatmas, we are going to meet up with disaster at some point in life, wherein there is no point in regretting for it later. Hence it is advisable that we mend our ways to follow the words of our elders and whoever is trying to advice us towards the path of Dharma. We shall wait till the next episode to extend this discussion forward and witness the applicability of this point in our everyday life! Stay tuned! 😊

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