Episode # 328 – “Goddess Lakshmi runs away from people who fail to manage their accounts properly” – Vidura’s interesting explanation!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an extended discussion on why we should keep ourselves motivated all the time. We stressed upon the point that we should never give up at any point in time, just because we’ve encountered a failure or a setback in whatever we do. We should motivate ourselves and try to bounce back from the failure that we’ve encountered and this is what is more important. As mentioned yesterday, failure can occur to anyone at any point in time and it is normal. The important point here is how do we react to the failure – Whether are we going to sit in a corner and keep sobbing about it or are we going to take it as a challenge and bounce back strongly than never. Here is where Hanuman stands as an epitome. The way he encountered setbacks and the way he motivated his way forward to win over the setbacks is a great lesson for all of us to learn and ponder upon. Hence it is important that we lend a thought on this point and try to implement it in our daily personal, professional and spiritual lives.

Now moving forward, Vidura explains the next important point here – He says that Goddess Lakshmi never even comes closer to these following categories of people. As we might be knowing here, Goddess Lakshmi is the one who is worshipped as the Goddess of Wealth. Now who are those people to which Goddess Lakshmi never goes nearby? Vidura explains thus:

“Athya athi aaryam athi daathaaram athi shooram athivratham!

Pragnyaabhimaanam chaiva shreerbhayaan noba sarpathi!!”

Here Vidura lists the important categories of people to whom Goddess Lakshmi never comes near! The first category as Vidura explains is “Athya-aaryam” – Vidura drops the bombshell first-up here! He says that Goddess Lakshmi never comes near those people who are extremely pious in nature, who is an embodiment of all good characteristics required for a peaceful “Saathvic” life and who is a “Saadhak” (An extreme spiritual aspirant). Here we should be very careful in understanding the context in which Vidura is explaining this point. It doesn’t mean that if we have a good character and a noble heart, we wouldn’t be able to earn any money! It means that, if we are “Saathvic” in nature, we would be able to sustain with whatever amount of money we have in hand. In other words, we wouldn’t crave for more and more money if we have the “Saathvic” character in us. This is how we should understand this point. Thus it is not that, good people would completely be devoid of any money. It is only that, good people wouldn’t crave for more and more money and wealth.

Next, Vidura explains “Ati dhaataaram” – Here Vidura explains that Goddess Lakshmi never goes near those people who do not have the habit of maintaining a clear account of both income and expenditure. Thus Vidura clearly explains the point that when we earn money, it is not important as to how much money we are earning. The more important question is how we maintain our accounts properly and understand the sources of income and expenditure clearly. Many of us are struggling today with our monetary matters just because we’re unable to balance our income and expenditure. This is where problems start and all of a sudden we realize that we’re running short of money to meet our family expenses. We start taking debts and loans subsequently and with time these debts keep multiplying if we’re not tight on our monetary aspect. This is where many families start fighting with each other and ultimately complicate problems. Hence the message here is that, such things should be avoided and for that, we need to have a tight control over our expenses and should try to balance our income for whatever spending we do. I’m of course not saying that we should be stingy. Readers shouldn’t mistake my words here. All I’m saying is that we should learn to manage our expenses as per the flow of income. Just because we should replicate someone else’s posh lifestyle, we shouldn’t create an unwanted mess for ourselves.

Next up, Vidura explains “Ati sooram”If a person is excessively physically strong, Vidura says that Goddess Lakshmi never comes near. This means that if a person involves himself only in exhibiting his physical supremacy over others in whatever he tries to do, Goddess Lakshmi becomes scared and ultimately runs away from that place. We’re witnessing many such cases in today’s scenario and this doesn’t need much explanation. All of us have seen the state of affairs of those who try to “turn the world to their favor” using their physical strength and supremacy and how they suffer towards the end!

Hence for today, let us ponder over these three important points. We shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to continue this interesting discussion forward and witness more on this! Stay tuned! 😊


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