Episode # 322 – “Prevention is better than cure” – Vidura’s interesting explanation!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an extended discussion on Vidura’s one of the most important points that he talks upon – A person would be hailed by the world if he follows the tough path of “Dharma” even during difficult and testing times. Thus taking this point forward for an extensive discussion in the past couple of episodes we had witnessed examples from both Ramayana and Mahabharata, how characters like Ravana, Vaali, Duryodhana, etc. met their ghastly ends of their lives owing to taking “short-cuts” to achieve whatever they wanted to. By doing so, they forgot the path of “Dharma” and since their end goal was the only prominent thing in their minds, they were ready to do anything and everything, even if it is “Adharma”, to achieve it. This is what Bhagawan Krishna too emphasizes in the Bhagawad Gita that we should focus on the path to to reach the goal, rather than on the end result or the goal every time. The moment we get obsessed with the end result, we would start taking “short-cuts” to somehow achieve it.

In the modern day too, we are witnessing innumerable successful people and organizations fail because of this reason. There might be successful leaders, who for some reason or the other would have gone behind “short-cut” sources of making huge money, only to go and land up in the net of the Income Tax officials. This act of theirs not only affects their personal brand image but also takes their organization’s reputation for a toss! Similarly in the field of sports today, it is pathetic and painful to witness in the modern scenario that many highly talented sportspeople taking to illegal ways of earning huge sums of money in the short-term. They involve themselves into a wide variety of illegal activities like doping, alcoholism, match-fixing with few bookies, etc. This is because such people’s ultimate aim is to only make large sums of money and that has become their primary goal in life, more than playing for their respective countries. If this large sum of money is given easily by few illegal bookies, these people just wag their tail and go behind it, thus bringing about extremely bad reputation to the country they represent!

This is exactly what Vidura and Bhagawan Krishna advise us here – It is very easy and tempting at that point in time to go behind money, name and fame in an illegal way. But however if we get caught by someone somewhere, our entire life is gone for a toss! Our entire professional career would be damaged! Our organization or country or team would risk a huge reputation loss! Thus if at all we come across such “tempting offers”, rather than blindly going behind them, we should make it a point to think twice before we act. The moment we start thinking, we would start realizing the ill effects of what is coming in future. Hence the important message from the past couple of episodes and today’s first half of the episode is that, there is no short-cut for success in any domain in this world. All we’ve to do is to work our way up the ladder of success. Hard work would never fail us at any point in time. This is why Bhagawan Rama “walked the talk” at every instance of his life to prove to the world that although the path of “Dharma” might be treacherous, ultimately this is what would lead us to permanent and sustainable success, which the world would hail us for!

Having said such, we now move on further with Vidura’s next important point. He now gives a very interesting explanation to the famous modern day proverb – “Prevention is better than cure!” Vidura explains thus:

“Aayatyaam prathikaaragnyaha tataathe dhrida nischayaha!”

Here Vidura points out to King Dhirdiraashtra that a “Panditha” or a “Learned Scholar” is a person who is able to detect and foresee problems before they come by and take preventive steps to mitigate them at the right time. This is where Vidura cautions King Dhirdiraashtra and apprises him of all the problems that are going to come through for him and for the Hastinapura Kingdom. Vidura says thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! With your inaction, the following problems and threats loom large on you as well as our kingdom – Firstly, you’re running into a breach of “Raaja Dharma”, which is going to haunt you till the end of your life. Secondly, the way in which you’re giving a free-run and an undue advantage to your son Duryodhana is extremely dangerous and is going to have severe repercussions in future. Thirdly, you had given a promise to the Paandavas with regards to sharing the kingdom between the two groups. Now with your son’s opposition, you are trying to move away from your promise, which is a huge mistake that you’re committing! Fourthly, you’re infliciting illegal and undue torture on the Paandavas just for the happiness of your son Duryodhana! Fifthly, a woman had been publicly insulted in your courtroom, which is one of the most heinous crimes ever in this world! Hence for all these actions of yours, there are going to be severe repercussions in future. Hence King Dhirdiraashtra, please realize this and wake up from your slumber! Prevent all those ill-effects that are going to arise, by doing remedial corrective actions now!”

This is an extremely important point that is not only applicable for King Dhirdiraashtra, but also for all of us. For today, let us start pondering over this important point and in tomorrow’s episode we shall take this forward for a detailed discussion on what we can learn from this important point of Vidura! Stay tuned! 🙂

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