Episode # 319 – “Don’t underestimate the Paandavas to be as crooked as Duryodhana” – Vidura fumes at King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation of the point of discussion wherein Vidura is asserting himself to King Dhirdiraashtra that as a wealthy king of a prosperous kingdom, it is his bound duty to take care of his near and dear ones to an extent that atleast they shouldn’t go through unwanted suffering and torture. Here Vidura names and shames Duryodhana for all the atrocities he is committing towards the Paandavas and slams him for such an inhuman approach towards his own brothers. Saying thus, Vidura reiterates his point of view to King Dhirdiraashtra that time is running out for him to mend Duryodhana’s ways. If such behavior continues, war is going to be inevitable and the entire Kaurava clan is going to be wiped out because of one person’s ego and restraint.

As Vidura advises thus, King Dhirdiraashtra feels internally that Vidura’s words make real sense, but is still scared as to how is he going to take his words to action and mend Duryodhana’s ways. He’s terribly scared of a huge backlash from his son, if he tries to talk against him and his actions. Thus, King Dhirdiraashtra is still yet to be convinced that he needs to act now and it is now or never! Sensing this, Vidura moves into his next point of advice as a continuation. Here he praises the Paandava brothers for their honesty and their straightforward approach, although they had lost their wealth and due share of their kingdom through illegal means to Duryodhana. Vidura explains thus:

“Apaneetham suneethena yortham prathyaanineeshate!

Mathi maasthaaya sudhridaam tatakaah purushah vratham!!”

Here again, Vidura continues to slam King Dhirdiraashtra. It seems that for the past few slokas in this “Adhyaaya” Vidura is in full slamming mode! He gives King Dhirdiraashtra left, right and centre for his indifferent approach and foolish behavior. This is no exception too. Vidura says thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Look at how the Paandavas are conducting themselves! Although they had been cheated by Duryodhana, harassed by him illegally against the Raaja Dharma, insulted by him, etc. in the public forum in front of everybody in the courtroom, look how they conduct themselves! Youdhsitra and Co. have that dignity and ethical morale, which your crooked son Duryodhana completely lacks! Your son is only interested in somehow grabbing power from them and is completely turning deaf ears to the Raaja Dharma. How can a king be successful if he acts with such a restraint? Look at the Paandava brothers – Even at a crucial stage wherein they’re facing huge problems, they’re acting with so much of ethics and good values. This shows their upbringing towards the path of Dharma. This shows their straightforward approach towards things. If they would really have wanted to fight for the kingdom and grab it back from Duryodhana, they could have also got into all sorts of illegal means and ways and got it from him. However they didn’t do anything of that sort. It only shows their magnanimity and not cowardice!”

Vidura continues to paise the Paandavas’ behavior and attitude and at the same time slam King Dhirdiraashtra thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! You’re saying that the Paandavas could have asked or adopted any sort of means to get their due share of the Hastinaapura kingdom either from you or from Duryodhana. But you’re failing to understand that such a methodology to obtain the kingdom would be against the Raaja Dharma! Your son Duryodhana might be crooked in nature, but don’t expect the Paandavas to be as crooked as your son! They’re following the right procedure for this. Hence don’t underestimate them for their kindness that they’re showing towards you, despite of all the sufferings that they’re forced to experience. If a person is trying to retrieve whatever he has lost, in a straight and a legitimate manner, he is considered to be the greatest hero in this earth! Sadly as a king, you and your son do not realize this fact! You’re only interested in provoking others and grabbing all their wealth illegally!”

Slamming thus, Vidura conveys an extremely important point for all of us here – He says that if we’re showing the legitimacy in our approach to recover our illegally lost wealth or name or fame or whatever it might be, the world would hail us as one of the best human beings! This is a highly relevant message for all of us to ponder about and put into practice in our daily lives as well. We shall expand this important point further with more examples in the next episode and then move forward to the next point of discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂

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