Episode # 309 – “Wealth will never sustain if your ministers are corrupt!” – Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


The last couple of episodes had witnessed an extremely important discussion wherein Vidura explains six important “doors” or “gateways” through which our wealth would vanish away from us. Hence it is important for all of us to identify these six doors and try our best to close them one by one, so that our wealth remains intact without any problem. So far we’ve discussed five important doors namely, “Madham” (Arrogance), “Nidra” (Excessive Sleep), “Avignyaanam” (Lack of Self-Awareness), “Aatma-Sambhavam” (Lack of control on our expressions & moods) and finally “Dushta amaartheshu vishrambham” – If a king keeps corrupt people as his ministers. We’ve been discussing the last point that we mentioned just now, half-way in the previous episode and we shall take this forward today. Subsequently we shall witness the sixth important door and its significance.

When it comes to the point on corruption, it might be surprising for us that this menace had been existing even during “Mahabharata” times and this phenomenon is never new to the world! Saying thus, Vidura by using this context, indirectly warns King Dhirdiraashtra that all his “so-called” educated and high-profile ministers are having their own personal agenda to be fulfilled and because of that they are directly or indirectly supporting Duryodhana’s atrocious activities. Vidura explains thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! This is a serious warning for you! As a king, it is your duty to evaluate each and every minister of yours and make sure that they fall well within the permissible limits to be ministers. However, I don’t see you doing any sorts of such evaluation to check the credibility of your people around. If you have ministers who are money minded and selfish, what is the purpose of having such a huge kingdom and wealth under your possession? Given an opportunity, all of them are going to loot the kingdom in no time and this is their mindset! If this is the case, how is your wealth going to sustain?”

Launching a scathing attack on King Dhirdiraashtra, Vidura continues thus, “Oh King! Look at the irony here! All your so-called “educated” ministers have their own personal agenda to fulfil and are least bothered about the welfare of you or the people of Hastinapura! Just because of their closeness and relationship with your crooked son Duryodhana, they’re prepared to do anything and everything for him. I’m observing right from the beginning – When the Paandavas were subjected to so much of illegal punishments and torture, none of your ministers either advised you or Duryodhana! All of them were quiet! For instance, when Duryodhana enacted the ploy of burning down the Paandavas inside the wax palace, all your ministers supported his atrocity! When the infamous gambling game took place, your ministers were only aiding the game to happen, instead of stopping it. When Draupathi was insulted, all of your ministers enjoyed it by applauding and laughing aloud at the poor and helpless woman! Even now, when Duryodhana has exiled the Paandavas for no fault of theirs, not even a single minister opened his mouth and opposed it! When Bhagawan Krishna came to meet Duryodhana and yourself, none of them dared to give even the basic respect to Him! What kind of behavior is this? My question here is that, are they even fit enough to be called ministers to a great king? It just means that your ministers are just a set of selfish goons who are only interested in their personal agenda and nothing else! Imagine if this is the condition today, what would be the condition if at all Duryodhana wins over the Paandavas and captures the whole of the kingdom for himself? What kind of atrocities would happen in Hastinapura? Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! The moment I think of all these, my mind and body starts to tremble with fear! But here you are as a king, who is least bothered about all this and you still keep supporting the atrocities of your crooked son! This can’t get more pathetic than this!”

Hence the message from the above point is very clear – If we entrust our wealth or money to someone who has his/her own personal agenda and is corrupt, we just have to forget about all our money! Hence it is important that we either handle all our money matters by ourselves or if we’ve to entrust it to someone, we need to carefully evaluate and choose the right person for it. This is not only applicable for King Dhirdiraashtra who is utterly careless in all these things, but also to all of us. Thus we should be very careful here.

Slamming King Dhirdiraashtra thus, Vidura with a heavy heart, moves on to the sixth and the final door that needs to be shut to safeguard wealth. He says, “Vishrambam dhootascha aakuchalaalapi” – If a king has messengers who are inefficient and useless, the wealth would start exiting through them. As a king or a leader, it is important to have the right people as messengers. Else, all secrets pertaining to business, money, profits, etc. would be leaked out to the public domain, which is extremely risky and dangerous! Hence while choosing people to be messengers or representatives, we need to be extremely careful and selective.

Thus these are the six doors that need to be shut so that our wealth stays with us intact! Vidura gives this as a beautiful accord with loads of meaning within each of the six aspects. So for today let us introspect all these six important points and we shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to witness the next point of discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂

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