Episode # 270 – Implementation of Dharma is more important than having profound knowledge – Sanaathana Dharma’s key message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an extension of the introductory note of the 39’th Adhyaaya of the Vidura Neeti. Here we are starting to look into the conclusive remarks from Vidura. Yesterday we had witnessed Vidura’s complete focus on his duty without attachment or expectations of any sort from King Dhirdiraashtra. He was neither expecting an appreciation nor a reward from his king. Although Vidura knew that whatever he’s telling would not please King Dhirdiraashtra in any way, he still continued on his accord just for the sake of “Dharma”. At certain times, some principles of “Dharma” might be extremely harsh and unbearable to listen and to digest. But this did not deter Vidura from going ahead and talking about it.

Even in our lives today this statement holds good – If either our parents or our teachers or any elders render some valuable advice, we would not be able to digest all of it, just because of the fact that certain things might “poke” our conscience very badly! This is exactly what happened in King Dhirdiraashtra’s case too – His excessive attachment towards his crooked son Duryodhana served as a screen of blockade for him to think beyond his shell. Whatever “Adharma” Duryodhana did to the Paandavas went completely blindfolded in front of King Dhirdiraashtra! This was one of the main reasons that led to his downfall and subsequently the destruction of the entire Kaurava clan. But this did not deter Vidura to talk the truth! Such is the dedication and a detached attitude Vidura had towards his king.

It should be remembered by the readers that King Dhirdiraashtra was suffering from lack of sleep at around 11-11:30 PM at night, when he called Vidura to render advice. Subsequently Vidura came and told whatever he had to say till 3-3:30 AM the next morning. All this Vidura Neeti conversations went on for around 4-4.5 hours in the midnight. However we might wonder why it takes such a long time for us to see the Vidura Neeti in the form of around 270 episodes till date (We’ve not completed yet), and that too we’ve not witnessed all the slokas in this package! We’ve only witnessed selected slokas with their meaning and relevance. It should be understood that in those days, the conversation between people were in the form of slokas! Since people of those ages were highly educated and brilliant, they did not require this much of explanation and relevance what we’re witnessing today. We’re understanding atleast a little bit of it only if we read through enormous amounts of explanations with relevant anecdotes and examples. But for the brilliance that Vidura and even King Dhirdiraashtra had for that matter, these sorts of explanations were not required!

The reason why I’m saying all this here is that, it is not important if one has a high level of knowledge and understanding on something. It more depends on how this person views it in terms of which is “Dharma” and which is not! In other words, if knowledge of Dharma is present in a person but if the subsequent implementation of it is absent, there is no point in having that knowledge at all! Thus the lesson from this episode is that, more than the knowledge part, implementation is very important, in terms of Dharma. Of course I’m not saying that knowledge is not important here. Knowledge is necessary and is wealth. But along with the knowledge, implementation should also go hand in hand. We should always have that fear within us whether at any point in time we may deviate from the path of “Dharma”. Once this fear is in our mind constantly, this would lead us to self-awareness and we would automatically start doing the right things.

It can be witnessed in India that there is a good amount of spiritual knowledge and understanding, but simultaneously the economic growth too is becoming robust of late! This is the unique speciality of our “Bhaarata Desha” (India) that we have both spiritual growth and economic growth happening at tandem! 🙂 With the amount of foreign travel I had done till now, I have hardly seen any other nation in this world that does both together. Many countries might be economically robust and sound, but would lack in spiritual growth and in understanding the real truth of the “Aatman”. This is the reason why we see many people from the western countries lining up towards India to visit our temples, ashrams, matts, etc. in search of spiritual enlightenment. This is why we as citizens of our great Bharata Desha can be proud that we have the ultimate truth to give to the world! Maybe we can put it this way – It is only because Bhaarata Desha has a good spiritual foundation and growth, we’re able to clock in high economic growth too! However, the growth story of India is slower as compared to other nations in the world. India is like a sleeping lion. Unless and until the lion is sleeping, other animals would make merry around it. However when the lion wakes up from its sleep, we would see that all the animals would run away in fear, isn’t it? Similarly if India wakes up from its slumber, this country would send shivers to other countries worldwide and would make them run for their money! Thus we see that there is no dearth for the spiritual knowledge and enlightenment in India, thanks to the robust “Sanaathana Dharma” that governs it. Few people of course might stray away here and there and spread some false propaganda. However, we should never give into their fake agenda and lose our identity. This is also very important for us to keep in mind as we move further.

As we’re witnessing in both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, there are certain characters in the story who are to be adopted as role models for our lives and to be followed. For instance, Bhagawan Rama himself, the devotion of Lakshmana, chastity of Mother Sita, “Bhakti” exhibited by Hanuman and the other Vaanaras towards Bhagawan Rama, Arjuna, Yudishtra, etc. These people followed the princples of Dharma and got enlightened at the end. However there are other characters too which we should also understand, but in a way that we should not conduct ourself like these people. For instance, Ravana, King DHirdiraashtra, Duryodhana, etc. These people deviated from the path of Dharma and we know what happened to them finally. Hence we should realize that we should not fall into this category of people as well. Hence our Sanaathana Dharma conveys both ends of the spectrum and it is upto us to choose our right track and proceed with our life.

So for today, let us ponder over these important points and let us realize the significance of our “Sanaathana Dharma” slowly as we progress every day towards spiritual growth! We shall continue to witness the 39’th Adhyaaya’s overview and subsequently move into the details of it in the next episode to come. Stay tuned! 🙂


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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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