Episode # 249 – “You’re encouraging Duryodhana to meddle with a dangerous fire!” – Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


The last couple of episodes witnessed an important discussion with regards to Vidura’s explanation on the significance of mental strength to a person. Vidura advises King Dhirdiraashtra that with adequate and a sound mental acumen, one can easily defeat an enemy in such a way that this enemy would never be able to stand up against him any time in future! In the previous episode we had extended this important point of discussion to the current day wherein our Hindu “Sanaathana Dharma” is being challenged baselessly and in a cowardly manner by some fringe elements. As discussed yesterday, we as ardent followers of Hinduism should spend some time in mastering our scriptural texts along with their significance, so that neither we fall into the trap of the hidden agenda of the anti-Hindu & anti-India groups, nor we would let other innocent people around us fall prey to these goons! Thus with our strong and sound mental acumen, we would be able to transform ourselves into a force to reckon with for the fringe groups, so that they would feel scared to wag their tails in front of us in future!

Now moving on further, Vidura explains the next point and this time he’s conveying yet another poking message to King Dhirdiraashtra that the following four categories of living beings in this world should be treated with utmost respect. Vidura explains thus:

“Sarpaascha agnischa simhascha kulaputrascha bhaarata!!”

Here Vidura explains clearly that these four categories of living beings should be treated with respect “Sarpaha”, means snakes! Even today we have the practice of worshipping snakes in a big way as part of our “Sanaathana Dharma”. We always keep hearing from elders that few “Astrological Doshas” are because of the cruelty shown to snakes by either our ancestors of our family or by ourselves in our previous births! We call it as “Naaga-Dosha” wherein according to the astrological science, the evil effects of troubling or killing a snake transcends through generation after generation in a family. This is why even today we would witness in some families that people in successive generations (grandfathers/grandmothers, fathers/mothers, sons/daughters), suffering with similar kinds of issues – These issues might pertaining to their physical or mental health, or also pertain to marriage, child birth, etc. Hence it is always advised by astrologers and also by our elders that we should be extremely careful while dealing with snakes (if at all we happen to do so). It is better not to kill or harm them, even if we do not respect them in any way.

Next category that Vidura is invoking here in this context is “Agni”. Normally we worship the “Fire” in the form of “Agni Bhagawan” as many of us might be aware of. We worship this fire as long as it is inside the “Homa-Kunda” where the fire is lit. However, if the fire spreads out by and large outside the “Homa Kunda”, it becomes a big danger, isn’t it? Hence if we respect Agni Bhagawan, He would in turn bless us with all prosperity in this world. If we tend to disrespect Him, all of us know what danger He can cause to us! 🙂 Hence by explaining this point, Vidura indirectly pokes at King Dhirdiraashtra by conveying the important message that his son Duryodhana is trying to insult and disrespect Yudishtra and his Paandava brothers, who are equivalent to Agni Bhagawan. Just like the fire that burns inside the Homa Kunda without creating any problems to anybody, the Paandavas are bearing up all the tantrums that Duryodhana is throwing upon them. However, if the fire called Paandavas is going to grow out of control, it is going to destroy the whole setup called “Kauravas” by burning them down to ashes! Hence Vidura cautions King Dhirdiraashtra to take immediate action to stop this danger from brewing larger!

Third, Vidura explains that “Simha” (The Lion) should be treated with respect. All of us know that the lion is the “King of the forest” and if we happen to meddle with the mighty lion, all of us know what would be the repercussion for that! 🙂

Finally Vidura invokes the important point – “Kula-putrascha”! Here Vidura directly and tantalisingly conveys the message to King Dhirdiraashtra that his son Duryodhana is unwantedly flaunting with fire! Here he directly explains the point that Duryodhana is unaware about the might of the Paandavas and their significance. Vidura laments that Duryodhana is totally underestimating the Paandavas and is trying to play his dirty tricks on them for no fault of theirs. Vidura says thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Little does Duryodhana understand that he is going to face severe repercussions for whatever bad actions he’s doing! As every action has its own reaction, the effects of all his bad actions are pending now and it’s going to be high time that these reactions are going to burn him down to death! Hence King Dhirdiraashtra! Please mend your son’s ways! Duryodhana should learn to respect his Paandava brothers and should come out of his ego! Else it’s going to be a tough challenge ahead for his life. Little does he understand that he’s playing with fire! If that fire called “Paandavas” explodes big time, Duryodhana would be burnt down to ashes in no time!”

So for today let us understand how Vidura is trying to convince King Dhirdiraashtra and make him understand that he and his sons need to respect the Paandavas and not to run riots with them unnecessarily! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next important point! Stay tuned! 🙂

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