Episode # 236 – Eight categories of people with whom money lending/borrowing is extremely dangerous!!!


In the previous episode we had commenced a very important discussion wherein Vidura is currently explaining about different categories of people with whom we should never maintain any kinds of money transactions – It might be lending money or taking money! He says that it is extremely dangerous to encourage money matters with these people and we should try and avoid such things. In the last episode we had witnessed four such categories of people – A “happy” king, a prostitute, a government servant and a son/daughter. For our readers’ convenience, we shall have a re-look at the sloka once more as we proceed into the remaining categories.

“Grineeraajaa punschali raajabruthyaha puthroh braathaa vidhavaa baala puthraa!

Senaa jeevi udhruta bhootireva vyavahaareshu varjaneeyaaha surethe!!”

We’ve of course witnessed the first four of the categories, and now we shall move on to the fifth category today.

Braathaa” – Here Vidura explains that we should never maintain any sorts of money exchanges between our brother/sister! We might wonder why is Vidura dropping such a bombshell! The important point here is that, at some stage when the brother or sister gets married, they would have a family of their own, and if we go and ask for money or lend money to them, it would be equivalent of a money transfer between us and a third party! Moreover, although they might seem to be a third party, the stigma of being a brother or a sister would not allow us to ask them to pay back our money if in case they default! We can see this a lot happening in today’s world! How many relationships between brothers or sisters get broken down due to the want of money? It might be due to a fight for the parents’ property or even for a normal money lending. For instance if our brother is in the want of money owing to lack of income, we might lend some money to him today. But what is the guarantee that we get our money back after few days? Even though tomorrow if our brother gets a good job in a good organization and starts to earn handful money as income, what is the guarantee that he would repay our money back? If he does that, it would be fair-enough! But if he doesn’t repay, will we be able to ask for that money from him directly? Won’t we feel uncomfortable in doing so? It is all because of the stigma of relationship and we would always have the fear of spoiling that relationship between our brother and us! This is why Vidura explains that it is pretty dangerous if we’ve to have any sorts of money truncations with our immediate brothers or sisters!

Vidhavaa baala puthraa” – Here Vidura explains that it is not very good to lend/receive money from a woman who is a widow and also who has a child with her. This is an extremely tough situation for a woman to be in, and it is not advisable for us to maintain any sorts of money transactions with such a woman.

Senaa jeevi” – Here Vidura explains that we should not encourage any form of money transactions with those people who are in the armed forces of the country! This is because the job of being in the army is quite a sensitive and a delicate position and if there might be some sort of an allegation that the army officer or anyone has some illegal money transaction of any sort, it becomes a serious issue pertaining to the national security! Of course we’ve seen quite a few instances of such sorts happening today too. This is where the opponents or the enemy of the modern day smartly create something called as “honey trap” wherein they use women and money power to deduct all kinds of defence and other key secrets by seducing the key officers in the army and allied positions in the Defence sector. This is why Vidura is explaining that it is not advisable to get into any sorts of money dealing with those people who are in the Army or Defence sectors as this might lead to unwanted controverisies pertaining to National Security!

Bhootireva” – Here Vidura explains that we should be careful with those people who were once rich, but have lost money recently and have become poor! This is because, these kind of people would still have that greed and desire to earn back their money that they had lost! Hence there is always a possibility that if we happen to lend money to such people, they might never return it back to us! Possibilities are very high that they might cheat us of our money, just because of their greed to see money in their hands again desparately by hook or crook!

Thus Vidura has clearly explained eight different categories of people with whom it might be extremely dangerous to lend/borrow money! Of course what we’re now seeing is just a list of what Vidura is saying here. We’re yet to go deeper into each point to analyse why Vidura is saying each of them. If we go into that deeply, we would have to do “Vidura Neeti” for an entire lifetime! J Of course I’m trying to give a deeper insight for atleast the important points that Vidura is trying to emphasize. However, it is upto the readers to think and assimilate each and every point and to analyze them for a better understanding!

We shall take this forward in the next episode and gradually move on to Vidura’s next important point of advice. Stay tuned! 🙂

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