Episode # 194 – Knowledge without implementation neither benefits the world nor us! – Vidura Neeti’s important message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another extension of the discussion on the important message of “unity”. Here Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra extremely badly that he is the culprit fuelling the fight between the Kaurava and Pandava brothers just for his own personal stakes. Vidura repeatedly explains the importance of “Unity” in the kingdom and that his heart pains upon seeing infighting within the family! He conveys the important message that the kingdom of Hastinapura would prosper further only if the two groups of brothers stay united by understanding each other.

Thus by completing this explanation, we come to the end of the fourth “Adhyaaya” (Chapter) of the Vidura Neeti. We still have four more “Adhyaayas” to explore into. In the upcoming “Adhyaayas”, Vidura is going to narrate more analogies and examples to highlight and drive home all his advice to King Dhirdiraashtra. I shall give an introduction to the fifth “Adhyaaya” in today’s episode.

We might be wondering as to why is Vidura “wasting” his time here, to make King Dhirdiraashtra understand the “Dharma”, although he knows that King Dhirdiraashtra is an incorrigible person! There are two purposes here – One is of course, as all of us know, this whole scripture of Mahabhaarata (and also Ramayana) is not just to explain the story part of it. Each event in the storyline conveys certain unique messages to mankind and to the future world. Thus, we should focus on those messages keenly and try to understand and implement those important messages in our life. In other words, all of us are entangled in the trap called “Samsaara” and “Maaya” (Illusion) in this world. But how do we get liberated from these traps and how do we reach Bhagawan from here? One of the ways and perhaps the easiest and the best way is to understand our scriptures thoroughly – Especially the Ramayana and the Mahaabharata. This is the very purpose for which this entire blog series titled “The Indian Dharma” was founded. Our Sanaathana Dharma is an epitome explaining the different ways in which a human being should lead his/her life in the path of “Dharma”, which would not only benefit him/her but also the whole world. This is one purpose.

The second reason is the continuation of the above purpose – If we know and understand everything from the Ramayana & Mahabharata and if we do not put our understanding into practice, what is the use of learning all of it? Hence implementation is the key here! Understanding the “Dharma” is 50% and implementing the “Dharma” is the remaining 50%. Thus we should make sure that we not only understand the principles of our Sanaathana Dharma, but also try meticulously to implement them in our daily lives. If we are weak in the implementation part, nobody in this would believe or trust our words. Why do we focus so much on Vidura’s words and why do we hail Vidura’s advice like gold? It is only because Vidura preaches the Dharma and is also an epitome of the same Dharma that he preaches. Whatever message he conveys in each sloka of the Vidura Neeti, he himself is an epitome of each and every message that he conveys! Such a “Panditha” (Learned Scholar) in Vidura was also down to earth, when Bhagawan Krishna paid a surprise visit to his small house. He was so overwhelmed with devotion and love towards Bhagawan that he unknowingly offered the skins of the bananas rather than the actual fruit. Such was Vidura’s immense devotion to his Lord!

Whereas if we contrast this same thing to the characteristics which King Dhirdiraashtra exhibited, it would be so funny! When Bhagawan Krishna came to King Dhirdiraashtra and the Kaurava group as a messenger to broker peace between the two rival groups, King Dhirdiraashtra wasn’t interested in the peace-making agenda! Rather, he somehow wanted to pull Bhagawan Krishna to his side and prevent him from leaning towards the Paandavas. So what did King Dhirdiraashtra do? He suggested to Vidura (who was present near him at that time too) if he can give 10 villages from his Hastinaapura to Bhagawan Krishna as a token of “gift”, so that he leans towards Duryodhana and Co.! Upon hearing this, Vidura did not know whether to laugh or cry! He replies back, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Till date I was under the impression that only your external eyes are blind. But today I came to know that your internal eyes are also blind! You do not have even an iota of common sense in you – What are you saying? Are you going to give 10 villages to Bhagawan Krishna? If you give five of those villages to the Paandavas, this whole crisis could easily be put to rest forever! You wouldn’t give the Paandavas an inch of the land, whereas you’ll give Bhagawan Krishna 10 villages isn’t it? Fantastic! This is why you and your sons are facing doom and are going to continue facing doom in future too!”

From this we can see that the act of “Bribing” had existed even in those days! 🙂 Today we’re complaining about bribery, corruption, etc. But all these were present even in the “Tretha Yuga” itself! From this, the message is clear that it is important that we focus both on understanding and implementing the Dharma as explained by Vidura.

Saying thus, Vidura now commences the fifth “Adhyaaya” wherein as mentioned before, he is going to narrate different analogies, stories, invoke different people’s advice and narratives to make King Dhirdiraashtra understand the practical and the ground reality. We shall wait till the next episode to formally commence the interesting Adhyaaya – 5 of the Vidura Neeti! Stay tuned! 🙂

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