Episode # 157 – Our today’s happiness & sufferings are due to our past “Karma” (Actions) – Sanaathana Dharma’s important explanation!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an extremely important explanation with regards to our “Aathman” or the “Soul” wherein we reiterated the point that the “Aathman” is one thing that is permanent, although it is invisible for our naked eyes. Our physical body is temporary, with innumerable differentiations that create innumerable issues in today’s world. If we’ve to be united as a world and if we’ve to ensure that peace should reign throughout the world, we should see all living beings as one and this can be done only if we understand the significance of the “Aathman”.

Moreover, we also witnessed that our physical body that we’ve got today in our hands, is due to our past actions in our “n” number of previous births that we would have taken. Each time we take birth in this world, our body changes, but the “Aathman” within each of the physical body that we had taken so far, and would be taking henceforth is the same! If we understand this fact in the right sense, lot of unanswered questions pertaining to the “Karma” theory could be answered. Hence, the previous couple of episodes were extremely important in making us understand this important concept of the “Aathman” or the “Soul” and its significance.

So till now we’ve understood that our present birth as a human being (in whatever way, background, etc.) is only because of our deeds that we’ve performed in our past births. If we’ve to go one step further still, we can classify these deeds into two – Good deeds (“Punya Karma”) and Bad deeds (“Paapa Karma”). If we’ve committed more of “Punya Karma” in our previous births, we would get a birth of a high-class human being with all richness in this world. This is one of the main reasons why we find few people who lead a luxurious life in today’s world. Whereas if we’ve performed more of “Paapa Karma” (Bad deeds) in our previous births, we’re going to reap the punishments for all of those in this birth and this is why some people undergo immense sufferings during this lifetime in whatsoever ways. Hence if we’ve to lead a luxurious life and also according to the principles of “Dharma”, we should perform lot of “Punya Karma” (Good deeds).

Of course when we take birth again and again, each time we’re born with a different physical body and we’ve to start everything afresh. We cannot remember what kind of good or bad deeds we would have committed in our last birth/s. Hence there should be someone to teach us the “Dharma”, the important life principles, do’s and don’ts in life. Now who is going to teach us all these things? Of course our parents are going to be our guiding light until a certain age till we grow up and mature. But once we’re matured, the learning should never stop. But how do we get to know more about our “Dharma” and from where do we get to know all this? Here is where our Vedas, Ithihasas, etc. come into play. Irrespective of we taking numerous births in this world, these scriptures of Vedas, Ithihasas, etc. remain the same throughout and are permanent in nature. This is why we always say that “Dharma” can never be destroyed and this is also the reason why we call the religion of Hinduism as “Sanaathana Dharma”. Thus the name “Sanaathana Dharma” is popular because the content that Hinduism propagates are extremely high in philosophy and substance, and it is one thing that never changes irrespective of whatever happens in this world!

If we’ve to look at our present-day lives in this way and introspect our present human birth, most of us (I would still say all of us) must have committed innumerable “Punya Karma” in our previous births to first of all be born as a human being in this world. As we know, human beings are the only species on the earth, who can enjoy life to the fullest with whatsoever ways, as compared to other animals. Secondly, it’s not enough if we’re just born as a human being. We’re so fortunate that we’ve been born to good parents and we’ve got an opportunity to have access to such high scriptural values of our “Sanaathana Dharma”. We should think for a moment here as to how many millions of human beings in this world do not even know what is our “Sanaathana Dharma” and its significance. If we’ve to compare ourselves with all of them, how fortunate we are to know about all these important scriptures that inculcate ways to lead a happy and a peaceful life! Hence we should realize that it is only because of our good deeds (“Punya Karma”) in our last birth/s, we’re born as human beings, who have direct and easy access to our “Sanaathana Dharma” in some way or the other.

Thus the important lesson to be learnt is that, “Aathman” transcends from one birth to the other and has no start or end to it. “Aathman” is permanent, whereas our physical body is temporary and it is only for this particular birth. This current physical body and the happiness, sadness, sufferings, luxury, etc. that we experience today is all because of our good/bad deeds that we’ve committed in our previous birth/s.

However there is one more clause to it here – Even if we try to diminish our “Paapa Karma” or “Punya Karma” in some way or the other, it only keeps mounting on and on through some other way in this birth. Hence the next birth of ours would again be based on what kind of deeds (good or bad) we do today! Why does this keep happening this way always? We might ask that can’t there any end for all these “Paapa” and “Punya Karmas”? Why is it rolling one after the other again and again? How many births are we going to keep on taking and suffer this uncertainty? Let us answer these important questions in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂





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