Episode # 151 – “Cheating people for land & property completely destroys all of our future generations!” Sudhanvaa’s STUNNER!!!


We are at a really critical juncture in the story that Vidura is currently narrating to King Dhirdiraashtra. He’s trying to establish how important is for a leader to be honest, straightforward and truthful, irrespective of the circumstance. As we’ve seen yesterday, Sudhanvaa and Virochana are locked up in a tight contest to establish each other’s supremacy in front of Kesini, for whom the “Svyamvara” is going on. Initially we had witnessed that Virochana and Sudhanvaa were engaging themselves in a brief war of words and finally they decided to pledge their whole life to prove their supremacy. The judge for this event is none other than the great Prahlada, who is the father of Virochana. Sudhanvaa was still fine with this fact because of the only confidence that Prahlada was an embodiment of Dharma and will always stand by the truth at whatever situation. Even if the contestant is his own son, Prahlada was expected to take a neutral stance and judge the contest.

As the two contestants approach Prahlada to get his consent to judge the contest, Prahlada is both surprised and nervous together when he sees both these two bitter rivals coming together! His first question to his son Virochana was that whether he had become friends with Sudhanvaa! Virochana then explains the situation to his father about the contest of supremacy with Sudhanvaa and requests his father to judge the contest.

“Udhakam madhuvarkam vaa pyaanayanthu sudhanvane!

Brahmanyah varjaneeyosi shweta gofhpeevareekruthaa!!”

As Prahlaada meets Sudhanvaa, he gives a nice healthy white cow as a gift to him, makes him seated in a high chair, worships him by falling on his feet and gives him all the respects that are to be done to him. Now Sudhanvaa replies to Prahlada and Virochana thus, “I’ve got all these respects while I was on the way. Oh King Prahlada! I’ve not come here to receive all these respects from you at the moment, however I appreciate your gesture! I’ve come here trusting your firm stance towards Dharma and Truth. I have full confidence on you that you would talk only the truth and nothing else!”

“Puthra eko mama brahmasthvamscha saakshaad ihaasthithaaha!

Thayor vibhatathor prashnam kathamasthvat vidhodbhaveth!!”

 Upon hearing this from Sudhanvaa, Prahlada poses a counter question to him thus: “Oh Sudhanvaa! One one hand you are a great “Brahma-Gnyaani” (The person who knows the ultimate truth of this world)! I cannot disrespect you in any way, whereas on the other hand, Virochana is my own son. I can’t disrespect that fact as well! Given these two challenges, what do you expect me to do? Which side do you want me to take? Both of you asked me the question. But did any of you think about my position and my situation? Don’t you guys know how tough is my situation right now?”

Hearing thus from Prahlada, Sudhanvaa replies him back thus:

“Graam pradadhyaasthourasaaya yadhvaanyath saath priyam dhanam!

Dvayor vibhatatostathyam vaachyanthamathivamsthvaya!!”

 Sudhanvaa replies thus, “Oh King Prahladha! I never asked you to take sides! I think you’re mistaking my request. All what I’m asking you to do is that you’ve to be neutral and give what both of us truly deserve! Did I ask or demand for your property? Did I ask for your money? Did I ask for your love? You might give all these things to your son Virochana! If you do this, you’re not giving up your son. All I’m asking you to give me is truth and Dharma! If you’re giving that to me, it implies that you’re not giving me up! All I’m requesting you to do is to protect the Dharma and the truth and this is my biggest expectation from you! To go one step further, I’m not even interested in marrying Kesini. All I’m interested is Dharma and Truth to be upheld!”

This answer from Sudhanvaa leaves King Prahlada in a deep thought! He is impressed with what Sudhanvaa has requested him. On the other hand, he has his son Virochana who is claiming his supremacy with arrogance. Now after a deep thinking, Prahlada replies thus:

“Athayo naivah prahbruuyaath sathyam vaa yadhivaanrutham!

Ye tath Sudhanvan pruchhyaami dhuvivaktaastha kim vaseth??”

 King Prahlada frames his reply in the form of a question towards Sudhanvaa: “Oh Sudhanvaa! If at all by any chance I utter a lie, what would happen to me at this stage? Please let me know! You are the most respectable person here and you should educate me on this!” Sudhanvaa replies King Prahlada thus:

“Yaam vaathri adhivinnasthri yam chaiva aksha paraajithaha!

Yaam cha bhaaraa abitapthaangaha dhurivasthaamathaam vaseth!!”

 Here Sudhanvaa gives a categorical reply that shocks Prahladha a bit. He says thus, “Oh King Prahladha! You’ve asked a valid question. If you fail to stand by the truth at this stage, you’ll receive the following: Firstly the difficulty that a first divorced wife of a husband faces, when he marries another woman! Secondly, you’ll experience a difficulty as that of a person who had lost a game of gambling and lost all of his property in it. I’m saying this because, your only property is “Sathyam” or “Truth”! If you give up this important property of “Sathya”, it is equivalent of you losing all properties in this world. Moreover, you’ll also face a level of difficulty which a person pulling a heavy loaded truck under the hot sun!”

Sudhanvaa continues further still: Here we’re going to see what all difficulties one would face if we lie on the following aspects in life.

He says thus, “Oh Prahladha! If a person is lying or spreading false information with respect to any living being in this world, his next five generations would experience suffering! Especially, if that living being is a cow, the next ten generations would experience difficulties! If a person tries to be selfish and is lying in the context of horses, the next hundred generations of this person is going to experience difficulty! If a lie is uttered in the context of a husband-wife relationship, this person suffers difficulty for the next thousand births! Finally if a lie is uttered with respect to land and property (“Bhumi”), the suffering is so huge that all the future generations of him and his family would experience immense suffering! Here, Kesini is equivalent of Goddess BhumaDevi and hence Prahlada! If you’re going to utter a lie in this aspect, all your generations before and after you are going to experience immense suffering! Hence be careful in what you’re going to utter!”

As this particular context comes, Vidura purposefully stops at this point and looks at King Dhirdiraashtra tantalizingly! It should be noted here that King Dhirdiraashtra is playing the plot only with respect to the final aspect, that is, Bhumi (Kingdom). Thus the significance of today’s episode that all of us should realize is that, if we deny anybody’s moral right with regard to property or land, all his generations before and after are going to be depleted or would suffer immensely!

So for today let us ponder over this important point and introspect on our activities. Let us realize the significance of cheating someone with respect to property and land and do the needful accordingly! Now is Prahlada’s turn to give the reply and both Sudhanvaa and Virochana are eagerly waiting for him to give his verdict. Along with Sudhanvaa and Virochana, we shall also continue to wait till the next episode to listen to Prahlada’s important reply! Stay tuned! 🙂

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