Episode # 144 – “Controlling our senses is like a king controlling his ministers and his army!!” Vidura explains!!!


In the previous two to three episodes we had witnessed that Vidrua has started to lash out at King Dhidiraashtra owing to his indecisive approach and towards his unrighteous outlook towards the kingdom of Hasthinaapura. As all of us know that this is due to King Dhirdiraashtra’s excessive affection towards his son Duryodhana, that even if Duryodhana walks the path of Adharma, King Dhirdiraashtra is not in a position to correct him and mend his ways! In lieu of this, Vidura is trying to make King Dhirdiraashtra understand that if he goes on like this, he is in for a big disaster – Both for the kingdom as well as for his dynasty and his sons.

In that way, he is using various methodologies to make King Dhirdiraashtra understand the practical situation. He initially started with some mild pokes, then transformed them into valuable advises, and now he starts to lash out on King Dhirdiraashtra, hoping that he would be able to mend the king’s ways in some way or the other. Now we are at a stage where Vidura is lashing out and lambasting King Dhirdiraashtra – In the previous episode Vidura slammed him by saying that if one doesn’t have a control of his five senses, he is going to be doomed in no time! This warning is of course not only for King Dhirdiraashtra, but for all of us in today’s Kali Yuga! All of us are going behind our senses in some way or the other in the modern day and we should somehow try and create a control on that! For this, we need to use the power of discrimination that Bhagawan has gifted us with, try to analyze which is good and which is bad and then move forward accordingly. We should realize that all these material desires for which our five senses go behind, are all traps laid by Bhagawan to make us fall! In fact, he is checking our perseverance whether we are able to walk towards Vaikunta without falling into any of the traps!

For instance, there would be some worldly pleasures that we would go behind every time, there would be fights between two religions or even between two communities of the same religion – Of course all of us know today that there is a constant strain between staunch Hindus and other people of other religions. This is alarmingly becoming more and more these days. I shall talk about this in a later episode when the apt context arises. If this is the case, there might always be a fight between Shaivites and Vaishnavaites within Hinduism itself. We should remember that all these so-called fights between and within religions that we have today, are all traps laid by Bhagawan to check if we’re falling into them or not!

Now what should we do? Given that these traps are evident now, we should try and avoid these traps to reach Bhagawan in Vaikunta. How do we do that? Irrespective of whatever happens, we should never lose our focus on Bhagawan. We should always have Him at the center of whatever actions that we do in life. In fact, the biggest advantage of being in the Kali Yuga is that, we’ve got the easiest method to attain Bhagawan! This methodology is nothing but “Naama-Sankeerthana”, which in other words, “Chanting the name of Bhagawan repeatedly”. This is the reason why “Satgurus” and “Aachaaryas” always stress upon the importance of chanting our “Manthra” as this is the easiest way to attain Bhagawan’s feet.

Now moving on further, Vidura continues thus:

“Avijithyaha aathmaanam amaathyaan vijigeeshathe!

Amithraan vaajithaamaathyaa sovashaha parigeeyathe!!” 

Here Vidura is going one step further to drive home his previous point on the controlling of the five senses. He again uses an analogy to explain this point – Keeping the five senses under control is like a king keeping all his ministers, army chiefs, etc. under his control at any circumstance! If a king is successful in keeping all his ministers and other important personnel around him under his complete control, only then he can unitedly take on the opposition and win wars against them. Whereas, if this king is going to let all his ministers loose, the unity is gone for a toss and this is becomes a cake-walk for the enemy to invade the country and defeat it.

Similarly, Vidura advises King Dhirdiraashtra again thus: “Oh King! Please try to have a control over your mind and senses! The mind is like a mad monkey and it is our bound duty to control it’s activities and intentions!”

If we explore the Ramayana in this particular aspect, the reason why Ravana lost the battle to Lord Rama, is not because of the lack in strength or power. The only reason is because Ravana failed to control his senses and he let them go behind Mother Sita. Thus the failure to keep his senses under control led him to his downfall, although he was a mighty king with all the luxuries in the world! We can see this illustrated in the Valmiki Ramayana text in the “Yuddha Kaanda” wherein immediately after Ravana’s death, his wife Mandodhari comes crying near him! Rama is standing in front of Ravana’s body with his huge bow as she cries aloud by saying thus:

“Vyakthameshu mahaa yogi paramaathma sanaathanaha!” 

Mandodhari cries thus, “Oh Ravana! From all what had conspired till today, I’ve realized who this Rama is! I wonder how did you fail to realize this truth, despite you being a scholarly person! Oh Ravana! You did not succumb to Rama’s valor or strength. Even now I do not have any doubt on your strength! I know that you are powerful enough to defeat Rama easily! You are a great warrior! You are a scholarly person in all the “Shaasthras” (Scriptures)! But how did you land up in such a huge downfall? You succumbed to your own senses! You succumbed to the failure in controlling your senses at the right time! If you would have had complete control on your senses, you would have definitely been an invincible person in this world! You desired for another person’s wife and that is what created your downfall and finally your demise!”

Thus the message here is very strong and clear – We should have our senses under our complete control and if this is not the case, we would meet our downfall very easily! Hence for today, let us once again ponder over this important point and try and mend our ways in the right direction! We shall wait till the next episode to witness more from Vidura! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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