Episode # 82 – Who can be an “Astrologer”? Vidura explains!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed a very important explanation by Vidura with regards to “excessive sleep” and it’s detrimental effects on us. In the yesterday’s sloka, Vidura had mentioned six different aspects that one should avoid in his/her life, so as to attain success. He commences the first of the six aspects with “excessive sleep”. The five other aspects that follow are those that revolve around this particular aspect of “excessive sleep”. For the convenience of the readers, we shall recall the six aspects again – “Nidraa” (Excessive sleep), Tandra (Giddiness because of excessive sleep), “Bhayam (Unwanted fear), “Krodha” (Unnecessary anger), “Aalasyam” (Laziness) and “Dheerga soothrathaa” (Procrastination).

Now moving on further, today we are going to see the next six aspects explained by Vidura in the subsequent sloka. What is Vidura going to talk about today? Let’s witness.

“Shadimaan purusho jahyaath binnaam naavamivaarnave!”

 Here Vidura explains thus: Just like we would strive hard to escape to save our life when we detect a hole in a boat while in the midst of the river, similarly, if we need to strive hard to escape from danger in our lives, we should avoid the following six categories of people. In other words, to avoid unnecessary problems in life, we should never encourage friendship with six categories of people. Now what are those six categories? Vidura says,

“Apravaktaaram aachaaryam anadheeyaana rigdijam rakshithaanam raajaanam!

Bhaaryaancha apriyavaadineem graamakaamamcha gopaalam vanakaamamcha naapitham!!”

Since there are quite a lot to explain in this sloka, we shall split the explanation into two episodes. Today we shall witness the first three categories of people.

The first category of people – Apravaktaaram aachaaryam”If we have a teacher who is scholarly and expert in innumerable aspects of life, however he is unwilling to share his knowledge and expertise with his students, we should avoid him completely. Such people are useless in this world. A person who is scholarly in something, has to share his knowledge with others, so that the skill would grow in the world and get popular. For instance, if a person is an extremely talented musician and has an expertise in the various aspects of Carnatic Music, it is his duty to share his expertise to the world. It is only then the art form called “Music” would grow and get popularized in the world. This is exactly what Vidura is explaining here – If a person is unwilling to share and teach his scholarliness to the world, we should avoid him. We should rather go to a teacher who is voluntarily coming forward to teach us.

The second category of people – Anadheeyaana rigdijam”Here the word “Rithvik” means “Pandit”, who is qualified to perform “Yagnya” and all the high level spiritual offerings to Bhagawan. To be a “Rithvik” one should possess an expertise and scholarliness in the “Vedas”. It is only those people who are scholarly in the Vedas, should be “Rithivks” and should perform “Yagnyas”. In today’s world, unfortunately we find so many people calling themselves as “Righviks”, yet they do not have any knowledge on the Vedas. Moreover, things have become so commercial today that people are using these spiritual practices to make money!

For instance, we can see so called astrologers today who are making a killing out of innocent people! What is “Astrology” in the first place? In Sanskrit, it is termed as “Jyotisham” or “Jyotisha Shaastra” and this is part of the Vedas. “Sheeksha”, “Vyaakaranam”, “Chandaha”, “Niruktham”, “Jyotisham” and “Kalpam” are the six different “Angas” (Part) of the Vedas. Thus we can see clearly here that only those people who has done the “Veda-Adhyayanam” (Attained scholarliness in the Vedas) should come as astrologers. Today the scenario is pathetic in the way that many people are proclaiming themselves as professional astrologers even without knowing a single phrase in the Vedas. It is to be noted that, doing such things are a big blunder and we should tend to avoid such people in our lives. Nowadays, we can see many so-called “astrologers” appearing on popular television channels and try to “market” themselves so as to make money! I can assuredly say that atleast 90% of these people is fake! Why am I making such a sweeping statement? It is because, many of the so-called astrologers use their television appearance to gain popularity and charge hefty amounts from people who come to them with real life problems. In other words, these astrologers use other people’s problems to make money! In fact, these astrologers have a wide network of people associated with them, so that all the “Parihaaras” (Compensatory prayers) are performed only with their network of people and not with anybody else. Isn’t it business? Can Vedas be used for business purpose? It is for this reason we should avoid such people and Vidura is exactly explaining the same thing here!

The third category of people – Rakshithaanam raajaanam” – A king who is responsible for the welfare of his kingdom, runs away from his responsibility – Such people should be avoided as well. In other words, we can note here that those people who run away from their responsibilities are to be avoided completely!

So for today, let us ponder over these three categories of people. There is some more explanation required for the third category and with that, we shall take forward the next three categories in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂

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