Episode # 51 – “Education for living & Education for life!” – An important explanation!!!


In the last couple of episodes we’ve seen an extremely important discussion on an attribute called “Patience”. We witnessed how significant is patience for our present day in various walks of life as well! This is exactly what Vidura too has explained thousands of years back! From these kinds of detailed discussions we can see how our ancestors have had a real long-term vision that the future generations would require such important pieces of advice. It is with this reason in mind that they’ve authored our important scriptures of our “Sanaathana Dharma”. The Ramayana and Mahaabhaarata are just tips of a huge iceberg amidst the huge ocean of our “Sanaatana Dharma”. Thus we can clearly infer here that our “Sanaathana Dharma” cannot be equated to any other scripture in the world in terms of its richness in culture, value systems, ways of living a righteous life, etc.

Having said thus, we are currently in the process of witnessing a few of the important value systems explained in the great Mahaabhaarata text wherein Vidura is explaining some important attributes of a righteous king to King Dhirdiraashtra. We’ve so far witnessed the important attributes of a “Panditha” as well as a “Mooda”. These indirectly means that we should imbibe the attributes of a “Panditha” and fine-tune them and should eliminate those attributes of a “Mooda” from us.

Now moving on further, Vidura now explains the returns that we would get by following each attribute that he has explained so far. In the modern day we expect a return for whatever action we do, isn’t it? For instance, we go to a bank and invest a certain sum of money. The first question that we ask the banker is “What would be the return that I would get for this money that I invest today?” Similarly, so far, Vidura has been explaining that we need to uphold and follow innumerable attributes. But immediately we might ask a question here, “Oh! But what would be the return that we would get if we follow these attributes?” Vidura explains thus:

“Eko dharmaha param shreyaha kshamaa ekaa shaanthirutthamaa!

Vidyaa ekaa paramaa tripthihi ahimsaa ekaa sukhaavaha!!”

Here Vidura says that if we follow the “Dharma” in our day-to-day life meticulously, all kinds of “Mangala” (Auspicious happenings) would reign into our life. If we follow the attribute called “Patience” (Kshamaa), we would be able to obtain the ultimate “Peace of mind” in our life. If we’ve to get satisfaction and joy in our life, we need to obtain good education and knowledge (“Vidyaa”) and finally if we’ve to be comfortable in our life, we need to follow non-violence (“Ahimsa”).

Now let us look into the sloka in a deeper depth – The first attribute“Dharma”. Only if we follow and uphold the principles of our “Dharma”, will we be able to experience auspicious happenings in our lives. These auspicious happenings might be anything that is good for us – For instance, getting good parents, teachers, wife/husband, sons/daughters, etc. with an impeccable character and who also follow the path of “Dharma” meticulously. For obtaining all these, we require the divine grace of Bhagawan. And how do we obtain it? We do so by meticulously following the principles of “Dharma” what Bhagawan has formulated for us.

Now looking into the second attributePatience. We’ve discussed this with innumerable instances and have brought out the significance of this important attribute. Hence I’m not going into detail on this again.

The third attributeVidya – Here, “Vidya” means education, knowledge, acumen, etc. In the modern day, we need to realize that there are two different types of education, as explained by Satguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi“Education for living & Education for life!” It has become an irony in the modern day wherein we tend to focus only on the “living” part and not the “life”. We only tend to focus education on earning money. But is only money enough for a happy life? Many a time, we fail to realize that the answer for this question is a “No”! Of course I’m not saying here that we shouldn’t earn money. Money is important for maintaining a decent standard of living. However, how much money do we require? Anything in excess is always going to create politics and fights. How many families are we seeing today getting disintegrated because of issues pertaining to property, lands, gold, etc.? The situation has gone even worse wherein the children spar with each other and neglect their parents completely because of the property dispute! Is this the respect we give for our parents? Just because of not distributing property equally, do we go to the extent of insulting our parents and chase them away from our home at an older age? Let’s think about this!

Thus, if we need to get the mental satisfaction and joy, we need to obtain the education for life, more than the education for living. This is where we need to understand morality, value systems, etc. If we channelize our minds into these aspects, automatically our mind would become cultured and thus would be able to obtain the highest satisfaction and joy.

Finally we shall look into the fourth attribute – “Ahimsa” or “Non-Violence”. Here, “Ahimsa” does not only mean that we shouldn’t engage in physical assaults and fights with others. We should also ensure that we do not mentally and verbally assault others. We should realize that words are more powerful than weapons. As the famous Thirukkural (in Tamil) says,

 “Theeyinaal sutta pun ullaarum – Aaraadhe naavinaal sutta vadu!”

This means, even those wounds that are caused due to physical assaults would disappear some day, whereas those wounds that are caused by our atrocious words and language would never vanish throughout our lives! Hence, we need to be extremely careful with the choice of our words. We should structure our talk in such a way that we should never ever insult anybody or anything in any context or situation. If we follow this meticulously, Vidura explains that this would give us a very comfortable and a peaceful life.

Hence for today, let us introspect these four important points and check if we follow them meticulously. We shall wait till the next episode to look into Vidura’s next explanation. Stay tuned! 🙂

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