Episode # 30 – Leaders should “listen” keenly and avoid “loose talks”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed two more important attributes of a “Panditha” as explained by Vidura to King Dhirdhiraashtra. We witnessed that those who tend to “pass the buck” on to others by involving themselves in “blame-games”, would never succeed as a leader. A leader should know to see the good in everybody or everything and only then he can spread the positivity to his team or organization. He should learn to take positives out of problems too and also should not underestimate anybody or anything. Also in due course, we witnessed that “Perfection” is a very important attribute for a “Panditha”. Yes, multi-tasking is important but at the same time we need to prioritize and focus on attention on a particular task at a time so as to attain perfection in it.

Now moving on further, we’re going to see few more important attributes of a “Panditha” today, as explained by Vidura to King Dhirdhiraashtra.

“Kshipram vijaanaathi chiram shrunothi!

Vignyaayachaartham bhajathe na kaamaath!!

Naasam prishto vyupayunkte paraarthe!

Tath pragnyaanam prathamam pandithasya!!”

 This sloka explains quite a few important characteristics of a “Panditha”. We shall see each of them one after the other:

“Kshipram vijaanaathi” – A person who has a tremendously high grasping power. A Panditha should be a person who is shrewd enough to understand anything and everything with extreme ease!

“Chiram shrunothi” – A person having a tremendously high listening and reasoning capability. As leaders, we should develop the attribute of “listening to others”. This is extremely important for the success of a leader because, if he/she lend ears to subordinates or employees, it is a way to assure and instil confidence in them in a way that there’s someone to listen to their views and/or grievances.

“Vignyaayachaartham bhajathe na kaamaath” – Whatever task has been taken in hand, a “Panditha” would definitely finish it with perfection.

“Naasam prishto vyupayunkte” – A “Panditha” is a person who doesn’t open his mouth and talk unwantedly and unnecessarily when there is no requirement! Now this is an extremely important attribute and it needs some amount of description. Many a times we have this habit of talking in between when others are talking. We tend to do this just like a ”show-off” that we also know something about this particular topic! This is an absurd behavior! Many a times I’ve observed myself, whenever I’m going for a conference or a seminar I see many people talk in between while the presenter is presenting his/her work. They tend to ask “doubts” or question the presenter even before he/she finishes talking! This is an extremely bad habit and by doing so, they are demeaning their own respect amongst others! Thus we should realize that at any point in time we should never “show-off” ourselves by talking too much! It is to be noted here that I’m not saying that we shouldn’t talk at all! Let us be very clear here – We should ensure that we talk only when it is required to. If we just keep on blabbering something or the other continuously, others would not respect us!

Moreover, many of us have this habit of “gossiping” about others – We often involve ourselves in talking about others by saying that, “He did this! She did that! He is behaving in this fashion!”, etc. Let us think for a moment – What do we gain by involving ourselves in such unwanted talks about somebody else? The hard fact is that we lose lot of productive time and energy that could be put to use to achieve something significant! Thus we should understand here that we should talk only when required to talk, and try to avoid unwanted talks and gossips. This would show our ignorance as well as expose our shallow thought process. There is a bigger danger to this – If in an organization we are engaging ourselves in unwanted gossiping about various employees, it results in something called as “Organizational Politics”, which has the potential to even ruin our professional career! We would lose respect and trust in front of our boss or even amongst the top-level management. Hence we need to be extremely careful in what we talk, when we talk and where we talk! Even if someone approaches us for gossip, we should be smart enough to avoid those kinds of people. This is extremely important for us to become successful leaders! This is exactly what Vidura is trying to explain here too by the phrase “Naasam prishto vyupayunkte” wherein, unwanted talks should be avoided at any case! 

Thus for today, let us think over and introspect within us, all the above attributes of a “Panditha”. We shall continue witnessing more attributes through the next sloka, for which we need to wait till the next episode! 🙂 Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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