Episode # 28 – Decisive “Action Plan” – Key for successful leaders!!!


In the previous episode we had discussed an important quality of a “Panditha”, which is nothing but “Secrecy”. Eventually we also witnessed that a leader can be successful not only by his hard work but also with his smartness and acumen. For this smartness to prosper, “secrecy” in terms of strategy and planning is extremely important. We’ve witnessed in the previous episode few instances wherein leaders from different walks of life, be it sports, politics, science, etc. have been successful by keeping their mission secret and shielded from the outside world until the mission is accomplished successfully. Thus, secrecy is extremely important and it is not me who is saying this – It is Vidura who is saying this, thousands of years back! Here we can see the richness of our Indian Scriptural texts – We should realize that our ancient Hindu texts not only pertain to the religious aspects or spiritual perspectives of a human being, but also describes the ways in which a person should live his/her life in this world, successfully.

Now moving on to the next sloka in the same sequence, Vidura narrates to King Dhirdhiraashtra the following:

“Yasya krithyam na vignanthi seethamushnam bhayam rathihi!

Samudrirasamriddhirvaa sa vai panditha ucchyate!!”

Here, Vidura explains that a successful person (“Panditha”) is the one who is completely focused only on his mission, irrespective of whatever happens around him! It might be burning hot, or freezing cold, or scary with respect to innumerable sets of problems – This man cares a damn to all of them! And this man can be assured of success!

For instance, if we have to attend a music concert today evening, however it is raining cats and dogs outside! At one point in time we would start thinking within ourselves that, “Oh! It’s raining so heavily outside and if we now have to go in the rain for the concert, we might end up falling sick! We have a whole week of work awaiting us! So why to take risk by venturing out in the rain? Let’s stay put at home only!” This is one way of approaching the situation. The second way of looking at it maybe, “Oh! So what if it rains? This concert is one of its kind and we are fortunate enough to have this person coming to our place to perform! Hence it’s our bound duty to be present at the venue irrespective of whatever happens! If we get sick, so what? We can cure it by going to a doctor or by taking a few strips of tablets! But if we miss this concert today, we won’t be able to listen to such a wonderful concert again in our lifetime!”

We can see the difference very clearly – In the first case, we are trying to resist ourselves from going through for the concert by falling into the obstacle!

Now moving on further, Vidura explains the next important aspect of a “Panditha”:

“Yasya samsaarini pragnyaa dharmaarthaa anuvarthathe!

Kaamadhartham vrineetheyaha savai panditha ucchyathe!!”

 Here Vidura explains to King Dhirdhiraashtra that in order to be successful, a person should focus on the way to achieve the success, rather than wasting time by daydreaming about the taste of success! To explain it more clearer, I shall give an example: For instance, I’m wishing to start a restaurant that would cater to a particular locality. While doing so, my focus should fully be on how to start the restaurant and how to multiply the business that I would get out from it, rather than sitting in the corner of the wall and daydreaming that “Oh! If I start a restaurant tomorrow, I would start earning 300 rupees per day. Out of which, I can put 200 rupees into enhancing the business further and thereby earning 600 rupees! Out which, I can put 500 rupees more to enhance my business further and build a bigger restaurant, catering to the need of more people! Eventually over a period of time, I can build a huge restaurant and have crores of rupees as turnover!If we daydream in this way, nothing is going to move an inch forward! Rather, we should get to the ground, soil our hands, slog hard with all our blood and sweat, and establish the restaurant for the money to flow in. This is what is an important characteristic of a “Panditha” – Vidura says that a “Panditha” is a person who focuses his entire effort in building up the mission and successfully executing it, rather than sitting in a corner and daydreaming about the success that might come some day in future!

Here, the readers should not mistake the above statement – It is not wrong to have high dreams and expectations for ourself. These dreams might serve as a motivation for us to work hard. I’m not talking about this. However, wasting all the precious time “Only” in sitting and daydreaming is wrong. If the dreams are not converted into reality, then what’s the use of dreaming? Hence, we should be able to convert our dreams into a suitable action plan and chug along to succeed in our mission! We can see examples in our own nation – Our “Father of the Nation”Mahatma Gandhiji, was only focused on getting independence for our country. He was planning innumerable missions, strategies, etc. and executed them successfully too! We would’ve heard and read a lot about it. However, did Gandhiji ever think and daydream of experiencing and enjoying the independence even a day before 15’th August 1947? He did not, because his focus was only on the action, but not in the end result. This is what we need to learn from great leaders like Gandhiji.

Thus for today, we’ve seen two more important aspects or characteristics of a “Panditha” as narrated by Vidura to King Dhirdhiraashtra. Let us think about it and introspect within ourselves! We shall wait till the next episode to find out more! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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