Episode # 12 – King Dhirdhiraashtra expresses his anguish to Vidura!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed another significance of Vidura that apart from being a scholar in Dharma, he was also an epitome of “Selfless Devotion” towards Bhagawan. We illustrated this important quality of Vidura with an example of his life, wherein Lord Krishna visits his home and how he exhibited selfless and innocent Bhakti towards the Lord. Vidura’s Bhakti and unconditional surrender even moved Lord Krishna into tears! Such is the significance of Vidura and thus it becomes important for us to know and understand his divine words through the “Vidura-Neeti”.

Thus the Vidura-Neeti’s main purpose is to educate and train our minds to focus towards our Dharma and never to deviate from the path. Many a times, we might observe that we are in some form of a hurry and tension towards something! Our mind is never stable at any point in time. It is in order to stabilize and re-stabilize our mind and bring its focus back on Bhakti, unconditional surrender and the righteous paths of life, Vidura-Neeti offers us real-time solutions and acts like a medicine to clear the “disease” called “instability” of our minds.

Thus moving on to our main context, we shall commence with the scene wherein King Dhirdhiraashtra has called upon Vidura to seek some advice from him as to how to regain his lost sleep. As per the instruction, Vidura arrives at King Dhirdhiraashtra’s chamber and sees his king in a very sad and a pitiful condition. Immediately he enquires, “Oh King Dhirdhiraashtra! You do not seem to be in a happy state of mind! You seem to be pretty dull! What’s going on? What is bothering you? Maybe I can be of help to you if you can share your concerns with me!”

As mentioned before, we are at the 33’rd Adhyaaya of the “Prajaakara Paruva” within the Udyoga Parva of the Mahaabhaarata, wherein this context occupies center-stage. Now we shall start with the 33’rd Adhyaaya.

“Dvaastham praahamapraashaha Dhirdhiraashtro maheepathihi!

Viduram drashtum icchaami tamiha aaniha maachiram!!”

 Thus through the above sloka, King Dhirdhiraashtra calls for Vidura to come and meet him immediately. Thus Vidura comes inside, pays his respects to his king and says,

“Viduroham mahaapragnya sampraaptasthava shaasanaad!

Yathi kinchana karthavyam ayam asmih prasaadhimaam!!”

Thus Vidura asks King Dhirdhiraashtra as to what is the issue for which he has been called for. King Dhirdhiraashtra explains to Vidura thus:

 “Sanjayo vidurah praagnyaha garhayithvaacha maamgathaha!

Ajaaha shathrohossvo vaakyam sabhaa madhyecha vakshasi!!”

 King Dhirdhiraashtra describes the situation to Vidura – “Oh Vidura! I’ve called you here for a reason! I had sent Sanjaya as our messenger to reconcile with the Paandava camp. He has come back with some important news. I asked him to talk about it immediately, but rather he was angry at our stance with regards to the Hasthinaapura kingdom split. He scolded me left, right and centre in my courtroom and went to take some rest after his long journey. Tomorrow morning he would again appear in the courtroom and explain the important news that he has brought. In this meanwhile, I’m so tensed as to what would that news is? Is the war becoming inevitable? I do not know! I’m totally confused and that is why I called you to seek some advice”.

“Tasmaadya kuruveerasya na vignyaatham vachomayaa!

Tanmedahathi gaathraani tada kaarsheeth prajaakaram!!”

 Thus King Dhirdhiraashtra expresses his anguish through the above important sloka. He conveys to Vidura that he is extremely tensed and is unable to rest even for a minute peacefully. “I’m tensed as to what would this Sanjaya speak in front of the entire courtroom and how would my people react to what he says! Will a situation arise wherein this Hasthinaapura kingdom has to be split between the Paandavas and the Kauravas? I’ve protected this kingdom for so many years as a united entity and now this unity is slowly fading away due to all the rivalry that is going on. Thus, thinking of all this, it feels like as if I’m sitting on fire! It feels as if my body is burning! Hence, I’m unable to rest and sleep even for a moment with peace! (Tada kaarsheeth prajaakaram!”) Hence, Vidura! I would require you to come up with some advice for me as to how to handle this complex situation and come out of it!”

It is from this point that Vidura starts to talk to King Dhirdhiraashtra and the “Vidura-Neeti” commences from here. We shall wait till the next episode to find out what is Vidura going to talk about and how is he going to advice King Dhirdhiraashtra! Stay tuned! 🙂


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