Episode 292 – Rama vs. Ravana – The marquee battle begins!!!


The stage is now all set  for the marquee event to commence!! The arrogant Ravana is preparing himself to take on the compassionate, but powerful Lord Rama to settle scores! In the previous episode we had witnessed that the benevolent Lord Rama had given Ravana one final chance to realize his folly, yet the arrogance and overconfidence makes Ravana blinded! He refuses to relent and to add fuel to the fire, he insults Lord Rama very badly. Now Rama decides that enough is enough! The event is about to get going.

Vaalmiki Maharishi gives a detailed accord of the marquee battle. The war between Dharma and Adharma commences. As Lord Krishna explains in his Bhagawat Gita,

“Parithraanaaya saadhunaam vinaashaayacha dushkruthaam!

Dharma samsthaabhanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge!!”

Here too, Lord Rama is all set for destroying the “Adharma” (Unrighteousness) once and for all.

“Vibhedha hrudhayam tasya raavansya dhuraathmanaha!

Sasharo raavanam hathwaa rudhiraarthru gathacchabhihi!!”

As the war begins, Ravana starts the proceedings first. He commences his attack with his sharp arrows from his powerful bow. As the arrows come by, Lord Rama is also ready with his counter-attacking strategy. He successfully counters every arrow that comes from Ravana’s bow. The battle knows no comparisons! It was an intense and a fierce one! Both Rama and Ravana are invincible in their own ways! The Devas (Celestial Beings) are watching this war from above! It is for this event that they had been waiting for the past thirty-seven years. They were waiting patiently for Rama to take on Ravana.

Initially as Ravana attacks and repeatedly attacks Rama, Lord Rama never gets angry! He allows Ravana to exhibit his power, although he is hit badly! At one stage Ravana himself gets puzzled! He thinks within himself, “How do we make this Rama angry? Doesn’t he get angry at all? How do I make him lose his calmness?”

Thinking thus, Ravana turns his attention towards the Vaanaras. He now concludes within himself, “Yes! Now let me attack these monkeys one by one and put them to death! Let me see how Rama counters me now!”

It is at this point that Ravana hits Hanuman unexpectedly with a sharp and a powerful arrow! Since Hanuman wasn’t anticipating this from Ravana, he gets hit and falls on the ground! Ravana follows it up and pounds Hanuman subsequently with innumerable arrows! Now Hanuman is at a stage wherein one more arrow would cost his life!

Upon seeing his ardent devotee, Hanuman in such a condition, Lord Rama has had enough! He could tolerate all the blows that Ravana has given him so far. However, Lord Rama isn’t able to tolerate an inch more when his dear Hanuman is hurt! This was it! The fire in Lord Rama has woken up at last! Now Rama decides to teach Ravana a lesson. He lets out a huge war cry in front of the whole crowd, fuming in anger! He now fumes at Ravana, “Oh Ravana! Finally the moment has come! Now you’re going to see who this Rama really is! Till now I’ve given you all the chances to relent and realize and you’ve failed to do so! Now experience the other side of Rama! Let the world today understand what can Rama’s fury do!!!

Saying thus, Lord Rama quickly raises his bar! His fighting escalates to a different level altogether! Rama makes a thundering noise with his bow, in such a way that the entire world comes to a complete standstill for a moment! Bhagawan is in full fury! He releases one arrow after the other in lightning quick speed, that Ravana couldn’t even make adjustments to his strategy to counter Rama’s attack. One arrow spilts into ten, twenty, fifty, hundred, thousand arrows! Ravana has no clue to counter Rama’s carnage! Weapon after weapon falls on the ground from Ravana’s hands! All his strategies are being proved useless in front of Rama’s fury!

Finally Ravana is reduced to a state wherein there is absolutely no weapon left in his repertoire to counter Rama! His powerful bow is broken down into pieces within minutes! His sword “Chandrahaasa” is reduced to rubbles! Lord Rama manages to counter even the powerful and the invincible “Asthras” that Ravana tried to employ! Now what does Ravana do? He is completely weaponless! He is reduced to nothing!

Here too, Lord Rama’s benevolence comes to the foreUpon seeing Ravana weaponless, Rama stops the war all of a sudden! The war has now come to a grinding halt! But why? According to the “Raaja-Dharma”, if the opponent king is weaponless, it is not fair to continue the war any further!

Hence Lord Rama calls off the war and tells Ravana, “Go home for today and come equipped tomorrow morning!” This is one of the greatest qualities of Lord Rama, which marks him to the highest level in Leadership!

So for today, let Ravana go back, rejuvenate himself and return to the battlefield. And by the way, is he going to still continue the fight tomorrow? Or, is he going to relent atleast now? What happens next? The action continues in the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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