Episode 264 – Vibhishana announces his surrender to the Vaanaras!!!


In the previous episode we were witnessing very important points pertaining to “Sharanaagathi Dharma” and one such point is the significance of the term “Anjali”. We saw in due course as to how Vibhishana is trying to exhibit his “Anjali” towards Lord Rama and how Sugriva and Co. misinterpret Vibhishana’s unconditional surrender to Rama. Today let us continue to see if Vibhishana is able to meet up with Rama and express his “Anjali” to him!

As we move on with the next set of events, Vibhishana is now very near to the coast wherein the Vaanara army is getting ready to fight him down. Sugriva instructs all the monkeys to be alert and attack Vibhishana as he comes to the shore.

“Thharam theeramaasaadhya kasthayeva vrathistatha!”

Thus Vibhishana is at the coast now, but upon seeing the Vaanara army ready to attack him, he is not able to move forward. Now if Vibhishana has to go ahead and meet Rama, he has to negotiate with these Vaanaras first. Vibhishana starts to talk in a high tone from where he is, so as to address the entire group of the monkeys. He speaks thus:

“Ucchyamaanam hidham vaakyam vipareethamivoushatham!

Soham parushithasthena daasa varcha avamaanithaha!!”

Now Vibhishana says, “Oh monkeys! Please show some mercy on me! I’m Vibhishana, who is the brother of Ravana, the king of Lanka. I was insulted and exiled by Ravana when I advised him to bring Sita back to Rama. I was humiliated by Ravana very badly! At the end, Ravana chased me out of Lanka forever!”

“Tathvaa puthraancha dhaaraancha raaghavam sharanamgathaha!!”

Thus Vibhishana continues, “I’ve come here to fall on the feet of Lord Rama and surrender myself to him! I have left all my family including my wife and my children in Lanka! I’ve abandoned everybody and come with the only aim of surrendering at Lord Rama’s feet! Oh Vaanaras! Please tell Lord Rama that this poor Vibhishana has come to see him! I wish to meet him immediately!”

“Nivedayatha maam kshipram vibheeshanam upasthitham!

Sarva lokha sharanyaaya raaghavaaya mahaathmane!!”

This is a very important sloka that explains Vibhishana’s intent of complete surrender to Lord Rama’s feet!

“Nivedayatha”“Oh Vaanaras! Please tell!” Here, Vibhishana addresses the entire group of Vaanaras that was standing there! We might ask here, why did Vibhishana address the whole gathering and why not Sugriva alone? Why not Hanuman alone? First of all, Vibhishana does not know who is Sugriva, who is Hanuman, etc. from the entire Vaanara group! So, if he has to select someone randomly and talk to him and if he is not a very important and an influencial person in that group, then his mission would not succeed! Hence, Vibhishana addresses the whole Vaanara group at a stretch!

No no… That is not the only meaning for this! There is a deeper meaning too – “Nivedayatha”! – Vibhishana addresses the whole Vaanara group because he wants all of them to go to Rama together and announce Vibhishana’s arrival! Vibhishana thinks that if all the Vaanaras go in unison and explain his case to Rama, his surrender would be much easier!

Thus Vibhishana says to the Vaanaras, “Oh friends! Please go and tell Rama that I have come! (“Nivedayatha maam kshipram”) Here, Vibhishana says, “Maam Kshipram”, which means, “Tell immediately”! Sugriva asks back, “Why are you in such a hurry?” For which, Vibhishana gives an important reply: “Oh Sugriva! At this moment, my mind is under my control and I want to surrender to Rama! But since I’m born and brought up in a clan full of demons (Raakshasaas), my mind may be fickle! Hence, before my mind changes itself to be fickle, I would like to surrender myself to Lord Rama’s feet!

This is why we always keep saying, if we have to do our spiritual practices, we should start doing immediately and not postpone it to some other time! Because, we would never know if our mind would change its stance after some time and go into something else. Hence, it is better to go and surrender to Bhagwan’s feet at this very moment itself, without postponing it further!

Thus, Vibhishana expresses his wish to all the Vaanaras that he wants to surrender at Lord Rama’s feet. Does Sugriva and the Vaanaras approve Vibhishana’s words? Do they trust him? What is Sugriva’s reaction? What did Hanuman say? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode! 🙂

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