Episode 256 – Rama’s hug – Hanuman’s biggest prize!!! End of “Sundara Kaanda”!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Hanuman is narrating to Rama, all the instances and incidences that had happened during his visit to Lanka. He emotionally narrates to Rama, what all Sita said to him that are to be conveyed to Rama and Lakshmana. Upon hearing this, Rama is unable to control his tears as well as his anger towards Ravana, who has inflicted this much of tribulations to his beloved wife. He thus takes a pledge in front of all the Vaanaras saying that he would be the ultimate person who would reduce Ravana to ashes and liberate Sita from Lanka. He requests Hanuman to take him immediately to the place where he has found Sita.

At this moment we also witnessed the very important event wherein Hanuman hands over the ring (Choodaamani) that Sita had given to Hanuman (to be offered to Lord Rama as a token of her love for him). As Hanuman hands it over, Rama’s heart melts, melts and melts further in such a way that he is initially unable to look at the “Choodaamani” for a few moments. He recalls his day of marriage with his beloved Sita and recalls the history of this “Choodaamani”.

It is at this point that Rama wants to gift Hanuman with something for all the selfless service that he has rendered to him and Mother Sita – But unfortunately he couldn’t find any. It is at this moment that Rama gives Hanuman a big hug and says, “Oh Hanuman! For all the selfless service that you had done to me, this hug is what I’m capable of giving you! I am virtually powerless to give you a better gift than this! Hence, oh Hanuman! Please treat this hug itself as my greatest gift for all what you’ve done selflessly for me!”

What is Hanuman’s feeling when he receives Rama’s hug? He is equally overwhelmed! Hanuman is in tears of joy! He is so happy that his hero (or his Lord) is hugging him directly! What more can Hanuman ask for?

Here is a very important life lesson for all of usReceiving Bhagawan’s grace directly is the best gift we can ever receive from Him, rather than wealth or money and all other physical gift items! If Lord Rama himself has to feel helpless to compensate Hanuman for his selfless service and if Lord Rama himself his calling Hanuman and hugging him wholeheartedly with him, what better gift can Hanuman ask for? Since Hanuman is an “Aachaarya” or the “Supreme spiritual Master”, he understands the significance of Lord Rama’s gesture – A hug from Bhagawan speaks volumes than those of materialistic gifts!

Hence, the important lesson that we can learn from this Lord Rama-Hanuman episode is that, if we devote our actions towards Bhagawan in a selfless way, Bhagawan would recognize and acknowledge our selfless efforts through the best way possible! Moreover, we should not be doing service by “expecting” something in return from someone (including from Bhagawan). This is because Bhagawan knows what is best for us and at what time! Thus if we are sincere and selfless in our approach in every sphere of our daily life, Bhagwan knows when, where and how to shower His divine grace upon us! This is exactly happening in this context too – For Hanuman’s selfless service towards Bhagawan, he gets the highest reward from the Lord himself at the right moment! If Bhagawan himself has to come and say to a Jeevaathma (Hanuman in this case) that he stands helpless for what Hanuman has did to him, this is the biggest achievement of Hanuman’s selfless devotion and service to Mother Sita and Lord Rama!

Thus moving on, after Hanuman finishes all the explanations, it is now time for the strategy for further action to be planned. With this section, the all-important “Sundara Kaanda” comes to an end! We have taken almost 60 Episodes to witness the “Sundara Kaanda” in minute detail. With the divine grace of Lord Rama and Mother Sita, we have now successfully covered five “Kaandas” of the Ramayana – right from the “Baala Kaanda” till the “Sundara Kaanda” and we have been witnessing important lessons for life and modern-day Management from each of the “Kaandas”.

From the next episode we shall move into the last Kaanda, which is the “Yuddha Kaanda” wherein Vaalmiki Maharishi is going to explain to all of us, the significance of “Unconditional Surrender” and the victory of “Dharma” over the “Adharma”. Let’s stay tuned to commence the “Yuddha Kaanda” from the next episode! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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