Episode 251 – “Decision making” – Duty of “Leaders” or “Messengers”???


In the previous episode we had witnessed that the celebrations at the Vaanara camp had begun! All the Vaanaras are extremely pleased with the victorious news that Hanuman had given them. As they are discussing the next course of action to be taken, we saw that Angadha gave a suggestion that they should go to Kishkinta only after defeating Ravana and Co. while bring Sita with them. However, Jaambhavaan and the other seniors in the team were not supporting Angadha’s suggestion. They were sensible enough to explain the fact that they are just “messengers” and the role of a messenger is to just execute the tasks that are handed over. The messenger should not do the decision-making.

This is again a very important learning for usIf we are a negotiator or a messenger, our job is only to execute the tasks that are given to us. The leader is the person who owns the right to make (appropriate) decisions at any time. A messenger can never act as a leader under any circumstance.

For instance, whenever we visit great Aachaaryas or “Mathaadhipathis” (Leaders of important religious “Matts’”), they would be the ultimate people to be respected and we can never attain that status ever in our lives. Nowadays in the modern scenario, all of us tend to have this feeling: “Oh! Aachaaryas and Spiritual Masters are also human beings – We are also human beings. What is the big difference now? Why should we follow them whole-heartedly? Why should we “designate” ourself to be their followers?” We should note clearly that “Aachaaryas” and “Spiritual Masters” are of a very high status. They’ve gone through innumerable experiences to get to that level. We need to respect that in them.

Moreover, in some “Ashrams” and “Matts”, spiritual leaders come as a generation, one after the other – Either from the same biological family or the disciple family. Now all of us tend to ask, “Oh! How can we accept those people who come as descendents from the same family? If one person in the family is at the top level, does that imply that the others would also be equal to them”?

Here we should note that we are not looking for candidates to fill job vacancies! This tradition of the spiritual leaders coming through generations is accepted and practiced for thousands of years now. Thus, if someone of that status has appointed the next person to succeed him or her, it is because of some high reason. We are nobody to question that! We should just accept it and move on. If they have to be questioned, people higher than them reserve the right to do so! As far as we are concerned, we should just follow our duties and tasks and move on. Why are we experiencing the Ramayana story in this much of a detail everyday? The main purpose is to relate the experiences of the Ramayana story with that of the great “Aachaaryas” and “Gurus” and follow the principles laid by them for a better quality of life. Hence, our focus should always be on this, rather than asking unnecessary questions and arguments.

Thus, Hanuman and Jaambhavaan convince Angadha and all of them make the decision – To go immediately to Kishkinta and to convey all the happenings to Sugriva and Rama. The next course of action would be according to their decision. Now moving on, as the Vaanaras set out to fly towards Kishkinta, they make victorious sounds all through their way! They aren’t able to control their happiness and satisfaction that they are in currently! As they near Kishkinta, they spot a beautiful forest by name “Madhu-Vanam”. Vaalmiki Maharishi gives a beautiful explanation of this forest in the “Sundara Kaanda”. Sugriva owns this “Madhu-Vanam” and he is protecting it by taking great care of it. There is a security guard by name “Dadhimukha” who is taking care of it on Sugriva’s behalf! He is protecting this beautiful forest and restricting any entry into it.

As the Vaanaras approach this particular place, they get tempted upon seeing the beauty of it. They now wish to celebrate their victory by entering into this forest and drinking the honey (or alcohol) that is abundant in the trees of the forest. Accordingly, the entire Vaanaraa camp requests Jaambhavaan, Hanuman and Angadha to allow them celebrate their victory! At this point, Hanuman too gets tempted and makes an announcement: “Oh friends! Come on! Let us celebrate! If someone comes and stops us, I shall take care of them with my strength!”

As these words come from Hanuman, Angadha and Jaambhavaan did not say much! They too accepted the celebrations and the party begins! 🙂 The entire Vaanara camp enters the forest, start plucking the fruits, squeeze it, drink the honey from the fruits and throw the skins of the fruits all around the place! The entire forest is being explored and the enjoyment continues!

What happens next? Was Dadhimukha able to come and stop the Vaanaraas from destroying the forest? What happens to Dadhimukha and other security guards? The action continues in the next episode! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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