Episode 247 – Lanka wakes up to Hanuman’s fury!!!


We had witnessed in the previous episode, one of the prominent happenings in the entire Ramayana story wherein Hanuman is on a rampage mode to destroy the entire city of Lanka. He couldn’t digest the insult that Ravana had done to him as well as Mother Sita. On the contrary to what Ravana anticipated, Hanuman quickly frees himself from the arrest and starts to burn each and every house in the city! House after house and palace after palace are being totally destroyed by Hanuman singlehandedly! Here he once again makes a strong statement to Ravana that one single Hanuman is enough to take on and destroy the entire city of Lanka!

As Hanuman burns houses and palaces, people residing in all these people suddenly wake up and unable to realize what is going on around them, run around to save their lives and their belongings. The sounds of various buildings and belongings exploding are deafening at the moment! There are innumerable casualties – Hanuman sees people falling from the roofs of buildings onto the ground! Unable to bare the heat, precious ornaments like gold, silver, etc., precious building materials like granite, etc. start melting down and giving away! Thus within minutes, the rich city of Lanka is being reduced to rubbles! Those people who were boasting about their richness and wealth were reduced to just poppers! The entire city is getting filled with hues and cries of people and the city now starts to appear like a ghost town.

As Hanuman sets Lanka on fire, he goes to the shores of the ocean to put off the flame that is burning in his tail. As he does that, he gets ready to fly back to Kishkinta. However, as Hanuman is about to take off, he suddenly remembers Mother Sita who is in the Ashoka Vana. Thinking about her, he now becomes afraid and frustrated with himself. Hanuman started thinking, “Oh my goodness! What madness have I done? Upon which idea did I blaze down the entire city of Lanka? Without remembering the fact that Sita is still in the Ashoka Vana? As far as I’ve seen, the entire city is under flames! There might be no way that Sita would have escaped! What a blunder! So far I had worked so much and tirelessly to find the whereabouts of Sita, talk with her, understand her feelings, etc. But within just a few minutes, I’ve spoiled my entire hard work! What a dumbhead am I! What all can happen if a person gives room for anger to take over! An angry person can do any wrongdoing in this world with ease – He would even kill his own parents and teachers! Today I’ve set a bad example to this world that because of anger, the entire mission can be gone for a toss!”

“Kruthhah paavam na kuryaath kah kruthhohanyaana kurvapi!

Kruthhah parushayaa vaachaa narassaadhu nadhikshipeth!!”

Getting more frustrated with himself, Hanuman thinks further, “Now how will I go and stand in front of my Lord Rama, Sugriva and Lakshmana? What will I answer them? The moment Rama hears that Sita is no more, what would he go through? Seeing Rama suffer immensely, will Lakshmana keep quiet? Both the brothers would immediately kill themselves! Upon seeing this, Sugriva and Co. would immediately kill themselves too! So because of this one Hanuman’s fury and anger, the entire Ikshvaaku Dynasty along with the Vaanaraas are going to be finished! What a shame!”

As Hanuman was thinking thus, he listens to the celestial beings talking among themselves, “Oh wow! This one Hanuman has managed to bring this Lanka under his complete control! What a miracle! What is more miraculous in this whole episode is that, despite Lanka burning down to ashes completely, Sita is alive and is completely safe without any injury!” As Hanuman listens to this, he is relieved to a great extent! He now thinks, “How come Agni Bhagawan would touch Sita? Mother Sita is an epitome of chastity and purity! If Agni Bhagawan touches her by any chance, he would rather be burnt down rather than Mother Sita! Hence, to think that it was with my power and strength that I had brought Lanka under control is wrong! It is only because of the grace of Mother Sita and Lord Rama that all this has happened!”

Thinking thus, Hanuman’s happiness and satisfaction knows no bounds. His mission has been fully accomplished! Now he decides to travel back to Kishkinta to see Sugriva and Rama. But before he commences his journey, Hanuman decides to meet Mother Sita once again and seek her blessings!

What did Sita say upon seeing Hanuman for the second time? What did Hanuman do after that? Let’s wait for the action to continue in the next episode! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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